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Annabella's backstory

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So here's Annabella's backstory i liked writing hers more then mikeys and gee's because every aspect of her i created.

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Annabella's backstory.

Name:Annabella Ophelia Adams (AKA Belle)




In a relationship with:Bob Bryar

Siblings:Octavia Adams (deceased)


Born:June 20th 1819

Annabella's story.

Annabella Octavia Adams was born June 20th 1919 into a very well knowen and respected family.She was always a spoiled child and got everything she asked for dresses,chocolates,toys,instuments anything she desired her parents would get her she was their angel.

On august 19th 1829 when she was 9 years old her mother gave birth to her baby sister Octavia Adams.

Octavia and Annabella were the best of friends and loved each other dearly ,they were a happy family and had everything they ever wanted.

But tragedy struck the two sisters when their parents died in boat accident they were heartbroken.At the time Annabella was 19 and her sister was 9.They had no living relatives and were on their own.Octavia was to young to work in her sisters mind so Annabella set out looking for a job but she couldent get anything it was impossiable.

Annabella started losing hope quickly until she came across something that could make her loads of money.
Her parents had always frowned on prostitution but it payed well and Annabella was desperate for money so she took the job,everytime she finished work she would return to the little one roomed flat that she had and would be disgusted with herself.
Octavia soon found out what her sister was doing and felt bad she never got a job,she begged her sister to let her do it as well but Annabella forbid it not wanting her sister to be corrupted.
Octavia was furious and decided to take matters into her own hands she got the same job as her sister secretly.

It went well Annabella never found out what her sister was doing secretly that was until she was 20 exactly one year later when the owner of the prostitutes came to inform Annabella of some news.

Annabella was distraght when she found out her sister had been murdered by a client and that she had secretly working behind her back.

Annabella gave up prostitution and got with a guy she met in a store downtown.But the relationship turned sour he beat her constantly and she just wanted her sister back,she finally settled on suicide.She had been cutting already for months since her sister died this would put an end to her pain.
She had planned on jumping off the bridge near her home but was stopped by two men who convinced her to join their circus.

She loved been in the circus more then anything in the world and then Bob joined.

She fell in love with Bob and finally after months of keeping it a secret she told him and they've been together ever since.

Even though shes happy she still longs for her sister but shes let go now.
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