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11-Hallway friend

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Zaria's here and im so fucking sorry for neglecting you!

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I have slight writers block so sorry for the time lapse. And not like you guys care but im so nervus since im singing in curch tomarrow infront of about 500 people and im solo and im nervus now i feel like either im sick it im nervus but wish me luck please. Well im done bullshitting... Enjoy!


''Whats up.'' Frank said leaning against the wall as i turned arround in the mirror looking at myself.

''Trying this stuff on..'' I said and smiled at him and got closer to him and spun arround.

'''What do you think?'' I said smirking, Frankie breathed out slowly.

''I think your a damn tease thats what i think.'' I laughed and he pulled me in for a kiss that made the bottom o my stomach tingle smile inwardly.

Morgan POV

I was in school waiting for my class to end, it had been a week since we all had been to the mall and i was wearing my outfit that i got that time with pride today haha i love Iron Maiden.

I hurried out as the bell rang and got sent to the floor as i ran into someone or something... My bag was open and scattered some of my stuff, i crawled after them cursing myself siletly for leaving it open. I gathered some papers probarly of the person i bumped into cause that persons name was on it Zaria Armstrong. I stood up and streched out my hand with her papers in it.

''These are youres, sorry about knocking into you...'' I said as she stood up and took the papers, the hall had now setteled down a bit.

''No dont be i never watch where i go, this is yours i think.'' She handed me my beanie that must have fallen of.

''Thanks... So im Morgan by the way, Morgan Bensley.'' I said snickering over the lame James bond referal.

''Nice to 'bump into you' ,pun intended.'' We laughed and she continued. ''Im Zaria Armstrong by the way.'' Zaria was ironicly wearing a green day shirt and black skinnies with green converse her hair was fiery red and hey eyes green tall and slim stature.

''Zaria huh, related to Billie-Joe Armstrong?'' I said as a lame joke refering to her shirt, Zaria laughed and scratched the back of her head.

''Gee i wish thou..'' I nodded understaningly and we walked along the hall thorwards my locker.

''How come i've never seen you arround before?'' I asked cause with her hair she's bound to be noticed.

''Well i just moved here last week yesterday was my first day so im new.'' Zaria said shyly, i smiled.

''Cool im kinda new too i have been here for about a month and 2 weeks i think...'' I said looking up at the ceiling like i was thinking at the last part. Zaria smiled and it seemed like she eased up.

''Awesome so im not totally alone here.'' She said and we laughed together. I had now reached my locker and we both stopped and i opened my locker and she opened the locker besides me, i paused and smiled.

''Hey your my locker buddy!'' I said loudly makeing some heads turn, Zaria looked up and looked at my locker.

''Oh we are, awesome!'' I laughed at her exitement and put some of my books in my locker and grabbed some that i needed to have for my homeworks assignments. I looked at my cell clock, shit! Im late, Frankie's probarly waiting in the parkinglot! I shoved my stuff into my bag and shut my locker makeing sure it was locked.

''Sorry Zaria it was awesome walking into you but i have to go but maybe we can meet eachother here tomarrow or something?'' I smiled at what seems to be a new friend.

''Hell yeah see you arround Morgan.'' She said as i had started to walk and i waved over my shoulder and rushed out of the building, I looked over the parkinglot to find Frankie but he wassent there. What was wrong? I took out my cell and called frankie to see if something had happened.

dial tone....dial tone... dial tone... dial tone...

pick up Frank!

dial tone....dial tone...

''Hello?'' I heard Gee's voice in the backround but i could not hear whar he was saying.

''Shut the fuck up Gee you dont understad!'' Frankie shouted.

''Frank whats happening?'' Sincere worry in my voice. ''Are you guys fighting?''

''Oh shit i forgot to pick you up!'' I heard Frank scramble arround probarly to find his keys.

''No you finish up with Gee, I was just calling to see if something was wrong I'll just walk today it's fine.'' Frank stopped scrambeling arround.

''Okay I'll talk to you later babe, see you arround.'' I smiled at his words and started walking.

''Yeah see ya babe.'' I hung up and put my blur skull candy headphones on and Big me by Foo fighters started playing. I started makeing my way home thinking of what Gee and Frankie could possibly be fighting over and if someone else was there...

This is chapter 11 hope you enjoyed sorry its short i wanted to get something up fast, its rushed and bad sorry and well i sorta have some chapters im my head now the only thing is to write them hope you guys still read my stuff.... Zaria is finally here yeay and well my chemical romance for all my evil spawn :)

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