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12-I think...

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Im back with a short chapter in Frank's POV obviusly...

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So i sang in the curch infront of 450+ people i sounded shitty but lets face it not many have the balls to do that.... Im proud of myself yeaaay! But anyways this is a chapter from Franks POV about the fight.. Enjoy my darlings!


''Okay I'll talk to you later babe, see you arround.'' I smiled at his words and started walking.

''Yeah see ya babe.'' I hung up and put my blur skull candy headphones on and Big me by Foo fighters started playing. I started makeing my way home thinking of what Gee and Frankie could possibly be fighting over and if someone else was there...

Frank POV

I walked into Gee's room since he had texted me to come over. Ray and Gee was sitting on the couch waiting for me and looking through Gerards comic collection wich is awesome i might add.

''Hey guys what's up?'' I smiled and sat down across them, Gee and Ray put Gee's hellboy comics down and the mood semed to drop.

''Frankie you know we are goeing on tour soon right?'' Gerard started as he stood up and started paceing the room.

''Yeah.... And your getting at something?'' I was getting nervus as Gerard stopped and Bob joined us in the room with Mikey not far behind him.

''Well you know we all like Morgan and well this is so hard!'' I snickered alittle letting my childish side overtake my worry.

''And what we are trying to say is that we dont wanna lose you cause we all know the risks that there is for you and Doll if fans find out and not mention her parents Frank, you'd be dead!'' Mikey said with guilt in his voice, my expression went form normally happy to angry and upset.

''So what you guys are saying is that i should dump my girlfriend?!'' I stood up from the chair i had been sitting on knocking it over in the process.

''Not like that... Its just that well we care about you and we dont wanna see you face those consequenses!'' Ray finally spoke up from his position besides Gerard.

''Dont you think i know the consequenses of beeing with Morgan?'' I felt so frustrated as Bob spoke up.

''Yes we do but are you ready to face them?'' Bob yelled back, he wassent the guy to get so worked up so it kinda set me back a notch.

''For her... Yeah..I mean... I t-think i l-love her..'' I said looking down at my shoes and the mood had made a 180 degree turn, my phone vibrated signaling an incomeing call. I looked at the display It was Morgan so i klicked the yes button and put it to my ear.

''Hello?'' I awnsered.

''Frankie...'' Gee started but i cut him of.

''Shut the fuck up Gee you dont understand!'' I shouted and he went silent again.

''Frank whats happening? Are you guys fighting?'' Morgan asked with worry in her voice... Morgan!!

''Oh shit i forgot to pick you up!'' I searched for my car keys on my pockets and found them on the floor.

''No you finish up with Gee, I was calling to see if something was wrong. I'll just walk today it's fine.'' I relaxed and sighed.

''Okay I'll talk to you later babe, see you arround.'' I said and could hear Morgan walk cause cars where driveing by and it made me feel bad for forgetting.

''Yeah see ya babe.'' She said back and we hung up, I turned back to face the guys.

''Frankie we dident know that you felt so strongly for her...'' Gee said unsure of what to feel about it yet, i could see it in his eyes.

''We'll now you guys know and im ready for what might happen if we get caught cause... i think i love her...'' I said the last bit almoast inaudible, I turned on my heel and rushed out of the room fast, I had some stuff too plan...

Encouraging words are awesome so Rate and Review if you want to im not makeing you. Im so happy im back in writer mood!! No Frank Ieros for all cause he's mine... In my dreams but the real world is cruel thats why i love fiction and now im just rambeling.

I confirm this chapter


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