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Doll gets a suprise and its fancy...

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Hi! This one goes out to astrozombie13 for beeing so awesome and an inspiration to me so go and read her story its really awesome its called 'I Thought I Heard You Say Something' shout out to her applause


''Frankie we dident know that you felt so strongly for her...'' Gee said unsure of what to feel about it yet, i could see it in his eyes.

''We'll now you guys know and im ready for what might happen if we get caught cause... i think i love her...'' I said the last bit almoast inaudible, I turned on my heel and rushed out of the room fast, I had some stuff too plan...

Morgan POV

I had gotten home and was now down in my room, i had not heard from Frankie since the phone call this afternoon. I was listening too Foo Fighters when i heard a knock on my door so went over there and opened to see Mikey standing there.

''Hey dude whats up?'' I said smileing and motioning for him to come inside.

''Not much but Frankie told me to give you this he held out an envelope for me to take, i accepted it and looked at it 'To Morgan' the front text said. I almoast forgot Mikey was here until he spoke again.

''I have to leave but ill see you Doll..'' Mikey said and we hugged and i closed the door behind him as he left, I returned to my bed and crossed my leggs and opened the envelope to see what the letter inside said.

My love

I realised we had been together more than an month and still not been on a date, I'll pick you up at Alicias at seven thirty.

Love Frank

It felt like my stomach just did 3 backflips with a split as encore, I looked at my clock 5:45 Shit! I grabbed a bag fast and threw some clothes into it and my products and ran up my stairs after grabbing my cellphone. I ran into mom in the livingroom as she was doeing some greet the sun yoga thing but dident stop when she saw me.

''Where are you goeing in such a hurry to honey?'' I stopped mid run and looked at her.

''Movie night at a new friend of mine she just moved here her name is Zaria Armstrong i might be late home. My mom did not even look at me as i told her a that, it had become so easy to tell a white little lie.

''Okay you have fun and bring her over some day i whould like to meet this girl.'' I smiled and started thorwards the door.

''One more thing honey!'' I stopped again. ''Good your makeing new friends those Way boys and that girl dont seem so well... good for you.'' I sighed...

''Mom you dont know them!'' I yelled as i shut the door behind me and started sprinting thorwards Alicias house that Mikey was bussy moveing into so i think i should call it Mikey and Alicias house. I almoast ran down an old lady on my way there but shouted apologies over my shoulder. I arrived at Mikey and Alicias place but Mikey wassent there when i got there so Alicia opened.

''Finally your here!'' She said dragging me into the house.

''Well i had to run a mile and a half im not exactly in shape.'' I said with my breath heavy and sweats breaking out on my forehead.

''Lets get you in the shower fast its already 6:17.'' Alicia said dragging me though the house thorwards the shower, i greeted bunny who came to see what her 'mom' was goeing on about.

''You know? Well ofcourse you know!'' i said facepalming myself as i awnsered my own question. We got into the bathroom but Alicia left me and closed the door when i started stripping of my clothes and got into the warm shower. When i was done i got out and wrapped the towel i had gotten from Alicia earlier arround myself and dried of. When dried i walked out of the bathroom in nothing more but my towel.

''Alicia where are you?'' I shouted standing in the middle of the hall, Alicia nowhere to be seen.

''Im in here!'' Alicias awnser came. ''In the bedroom!'' She continued cause 'here' wassent so defined to be honest. I made my way to her room where she had taken my bag and i dressed myself in my black dress with 3 quarter arms and a zip up back. It reached just below mid thigh and it was a tight strechy dress so it hugged my hips and i wore black converse cause i forgot any fancy shoes and Alicia was not my size in shoes. Alicia helped me with my hair so it was straight but wishy wavy like not curly but wavy and side parted like usuall. And i left it loose swinging down past my shoulders. For my makeup Alicia did a black smoky eye shadow but not over the top like you usually see, still classy and sexy. My lips where a nude colour and i was officially ready and the clock was now 7.23 PM and Frank was gonna be here in seven minutes.

''Gosh this is gonna sound so girly and stupid but im actually a bit nervous.'' I said as me and Alicia was sitting in the middle of her bedroom floor, she smiled at my words.

''Aww I was nervous like fuck on mine and Mikeys first date but it went great we had such a great time.'' I smiled at her attemp to cheer me up and felt alittle of the nervousness dissapear.

''Thanks 'Lic it helps a lot.'' I smiled at her and the door bell rang, I was starteled and jumped. I got up with Alicia and she told me to wait here as she got the door. I waited a minute for Alicia to call on me wondering what took so long.

''Doll get out here your man is waiting!'' I smiled 'my man!' I felt so giddy and happy. I snickered over my sudden girlyness and went out of the room and thorwards the front door of the house, when i turned the corner I saw Frankie. He looked so handsome with a black suit and black dress shirt and a black tie tie, he was also holding a red rose and still his converse on i smiled widely and looked up at his face as i approached. Frank looked at me and his mouth half open.

''Wow... just wow i mean you look amazing!'' Frankie said as i finally stood infront of him and he took my hand and kissed it wich made me laugh. He handed me the rose and i put it in his coats chest pocket.

''Well Mr. Handsome you are so cheesy.'' He smirked and winked at me and we went out of the house.

''Dont do anything i whouldent do now kids!'' Alicia joked.

''Now that dont leave much does it?'' I said with witt and Frankie laughed as Alicia pouted like a puppy.

''See you Alicia!'' Frankie said as he closed the car door on my side and walked arround to get in himself, such a gentleman!

''So where are we goeing?'' I asked hopeing for him to give me a hint.

''Well its a surprise.'' Frankie said simply and the rest of the ride we where listening too some rock radio, first foo fighters - These days and then Hinder - American nightmare. By the end of American nightmare we had pulled up by a resturant that was called Delmonicos and Frank shut of the engine and we got out, We got inside the resturant and now i saw how fancy and expencive it was by the snorky host who was now looking at us and the set tables. And not the mention the people who where sitting there!

''Uhhm Frankie, this place seems really expensive..'' I said suddenly selfconsious in this new enviorment.

''I know i wanted to make this special.'' Frankie said smileing at me, he took my hand and walked up the the host.

''Table for two under the last name Iero.'' Frank said as the host looked us over obviusly disturbed by Franks tattoos and he must have noticed me beeing younger than him cause he looked at me twise then at Frank and our joined hands.

''Well right this way.'' He said with a dissaproving face and lead us to a table in the middle of the resturant wich made me even more selfconcious.

''Are you okay?'' Frank asked me as we sat down and got our menues handed to us, i hesitated a bit contemplating wether to tell him or not.

''Nah im fine..'' I said a bit unsure, he looked at me and continued.

''You sure i can see somethings wrong...'' Frank said.

''Okay truth is this place is makeing me really uncomfterable and im not that fancy high maintainance resturant girl... A normal diner whould be perfect.'' Frank smiled and laughed.

''Well good cause truth is i dont like this place either so lets go.'' I laughed as we locked hands and left the place but stopped when we ran into the snobby host again.

''Leaving are we?'' The host asked.

''Yeah the place is not exactly right you guys gotta get that stick out of your ass.'' I said as the host and nearby guests looked appalled and shocked, I heard Frank snicker as i big the host a good day and we ran out of the resturant laughing.

''Thats amazing, his face it almoast went purple when we where leaving!'' Frankie laughed and i broke out laughing with him again, we got back in the car and drove into a chinese drive in and oreder noodles and other great food. When we had gotten our order we took the highway and drove to New Dorp beach blasting the radio and singing along. I fed Frankie some chicken and noodles once in a while as he was driving and teased him as he couldent reach it makeing me laugh.

''Dont be mean I need my food!'' Frankie pouted and i kissed the corner of his mouth and handed him his chicken and noodles and he made the final turn to the beach and we stopped. We took our somewhat warm food with us and sat down in the moonlight in the sand and watched the ocean.

''Now this is a real date.'' I said smileing and Frank put his arm arround me.

I am sorry for my earlier lack of updates cause i am finally getting to it again and well this is a longer chapter as a treat. This is also part 1 if you may call it that...

I confirm this chapter


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