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14-A friend of mine

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It's a filler not a killer... I play with words, im awesome like that haha...

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This chapter is a filler. A shout out to MyChemFreak cause she's awesome and partly inspired me to start writing again. Read her fic American Girl its SOOOO good!


''Dont be mean I need my food!'' Frankie pouted and i kissed the corner of his mouth and handed him his chicken and noodles and he made the final turn to the beach and we stopped. We took our somewhat warm food with us and sat down in the moonlight in the sand and watched the ocean.

''Now this is a real date.'' I said smileing and Frank put his arm arround me.

Morgan POV

Frank and I are still on the beach enjoying ourselfes. I stood up and held my hand out for him.

''Come with me i wanna see if the watter is warm.'' Frankie smiled and grabbed my hand, we walked down to the watter and we where no longer wearing shoes and socks in Frankies case. I touched the watter with my out streched foot and felt the somewhat warm watter surround it, I screamed in surprise when i felt two hands on my waist and suddenly i was up in the air and Frankie was walking into the watter with me over his shoulder.

''Let me down!'' Frankie laughed as i started slapping his ass in hope for him to set me down. Frankie was not waist level deep in the watter.

''Dont you dare!'' I said as i realised his plan.

''I i think i do.'' Frankie laughed and i flung through the air into the watter, for someone that small Frankie's pretty strong. I flinched as my body went into the watter and yelped as i hurried to the surface for air. Frankie was halfway to shore running in the watter.

''I'm gonna get you!'' I yelled after him and started makeing my way to shore. Frankie stood at shore waiting for me, I ran thorwards Frankie and he started running he was laughing. His laugh rubbed of at me as i ran after him, Frankie stopped mid run and turned arround makeing me run into him and we went down into the sand. I was ontop of him and we where looking at eachother, this felt so cheesy but perfect. I snaked my hand into Frankies hair the other one resting on his shoulder as we kissed, his hand at the small of my back and the other at my neck pushing me closer too him as i was straddeling him over his hips. Frankies tounge went over my lips asking for permission to enter my mouth and i let him in and our tounges where playing and the 'outside world' seemed to fade away leaving me and Frank alone. After i dont know how long of makeing out in the sand we decided to get the sand out of our clothes and hair, we helped eachoter up and started brushing of sand. I shook my head like a dog to get the sand away from my hair, or well the most of it. The ride home was comfterable and silent in a good way. After a while we started talking about a upcomeing show they had here in NJ on saturday before they leave for their America tour of their new album wich was in about 4 days and they'd be gone for a month then get back on a break before they go away again. I will miss them alot when their gone, i snapped out of my thoughts as Frank stopped as a halt infront of my home. We got out and Frankie walked with me to my basement door and i opened the ey with my spare key that i kept in a nearby bush since i had my stuff at Alicias, but she has probarly dropped it of through my basement window i keep openable but only Alicia knows how.

''So this is it, I had a fucking great time '' I said smileing at Frank who smiled back.

''Me too..'' Frankie said and we mett in one last heart melting kiss before i waved him of and got into my room and turned on the light switch. I was right, my bag was indeed below my basement window. I did a happy dance as i heard Franks car drive away, i was smileing like a mad man when i danced my way into the bathroom and started removing my makeup and brush my teeth. When i was finally ready for bed it was like i was knocked out when i hit the pillow but i glanced at the clock before i fell asleep and it was 2.43 am crap....

When i woke up the next day, no scratch that... when i woke up later that day for school i was fucking exausted but i got up and made my way to my closet and pulled out my usual black skinnies, a black tanktop and my gryffindor hoodie it is red,golden and black. I went into my bathroom and washed out the sand that was left on my body and giggeled over my memories. I got out and wrapped myself in a towel and did my morning routine with my hair and makeup and got dressed. I went and got my black long and oh so beloved black knitted scarf and nightmare before christmas messenger back with my stuff in it, I made my way up the stairs and kicked it open to see mom jump my suprise and give me a scowl. It was too early to yell at me about it so i snickered as i sat down at my usual seet at the kitchen island, i took my cup of coffe that my mom had prepared for me and took a big gulp letting it run down my throat and i already felt a bit more awake. My phone buzzed signaling that Frank was here, I stood up and grabbed my bag.

''Have a good day honey.'' Mom said as i kissed her cheek and muttered a goodbye and walked out the door. I got into Frankies car and he started driveing, I got my belt on and turned to him, he looked tired.

''Late night?'' I said snickering and it made Frankie smile.

''Well you should know..'' Frankie said with a grin.

''Yeah im totally up for some sleep right now.'' I said yawning.

''So you're comeing to our show on saturday right?'' Frankie asked still lookeing at the road.

''Yeah ofcourse i am, i have actually never seen you guys play live.'' I said and stared looking through my bag for my phone wich i found with succes and secured that i hadent forgotten it at home.

''Awesome so i'll see you later?'' He asked as the car rolled to a stop and i opened the door and got out.

''Yeah maybe this afternoon.'' I said and waved as Frankie drove away.

''Who was that?'' I heard an acuianted voice say, i turned arround and saw Zaria standing there so i smiled and walked besides he thorwards the school.

''Thats a friend of mine.'' I said smileing.

''He looks famililar but i can't put my finger on it...'' Zaria said gazeing of i warned her as we reached the stairs so she whouldent faceplant, we got inside and went to our lockers and went to have first class together wich was Math. Yeeeay math.... I was replaying the whole date in my head as i looked of on nothing in particular out the window on the left side of the classroom, Zaria nudged me once of twise when the teacher looked over in out dirrection. We left the class when the bell rang and now we had free period.

''Hell to the yeah free period'' Zaria cheered as she threw her books into the locker. I shoved mine in there and we made a break for the libary, we walked in silence of to the 'forgotten' part and sat down on the floor with our backs up against tha wall.

''So whats up, you seem a bit of... not that i whould know really but from the little i know you seem of.'' I smiled thinking back again.

''Well my boyfriend and i went on a date yesterday...'' I said smileing.and a smile began to grow on her face.

''Ohh please tell me im a sucker for romance.'' She said exitedly.

''Okay, but i will not say his name cause it gives it more exitement.'' I said covering the fact that my boyfriend is Frank Iero. Zaria nodded and smiled, her eyes had caught a exited shine to them.

''Okay so first he picked me up at my friend Alicias house cause my parents dossent really like him.'' Zaria ohed and i continued. ''So well he picked me up and we went to this resturant but decided it was too fancy and all bullshit and stuff so we went and picked up chinese food and we went to New Dorp Beach and it was totally amazing, I got home at about 2.30 am'' I finished of with a laugh.

''Hmmm, wait! Aint that beach like 40 minutes away?'' Zaria asked wide eyed.

''Well he has a car, so he drove.'' I said wondering if i had said too much.

''So that means he's either 16 or older...'' I nodded.

''It it someone at this school?'' Zaria asked wide eyed, did not now if i should agree or deny.

''No but lets talk about something else, what bands do you like?'' I asked starting too feel desperate for a subject change before Zaria found out too much.

''Okay but i will find out who that guy is... So well i like Green day, Iron Maiden.... And well you know what? Theres too many to list them.'' I nodded in agreement and we continued the day.

This is mostly a filler and i wanted it out before Astrozombie13 went on camp but i failed... well now you have more when you get home, and well i got some stuff planned for the upcomeing chapters so hang tight and review. :)

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