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American Girl Chapter 22

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Arriving in Italy.

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I know this is short; but I have the worlds shittest day today and I really don't want to stay awake much longer. So I'm gonna leave you with the stupidly short chapter. I felt bad for not posting anything in a few days so I figured you'd like a little bit of it rather than nothing at all. Now, if you all can excuse me; I'm going to go and sleep away the rest of the weekend :)

"Welcome to Italy." Kylan grinned. Zaria sighed, silent tears rolling down her cheeks. "Now, obviously as you are all the children of members of My Chemical Romance; theres a world wide search for you. Duh. Plus those little MCRmy freaks will recognise you. So bitch your name is Amy. The kids are Charlotte and Laura."

"Fuck you." Zaria choked out.

"Ah, there's time for that later." Kylan laughed as they walked along the street where the cars were waiting. Zaria sighed and climbed in, fastening Bandit and Cherry into the carseats that she guessed Alex had insisted on.

"We'll go in the other car." Thomas and Kylan said.

"You can take care of the whore, yeah Alex?" Asked Kylan.

"Sure thing," Alex nodded as they all climbed into their correct cars. "You okay?" He asked Zaria when they were in the car. She simply nodded as both of them knew there were bound to be cameras in this car that Kylan was watching from a screen in the other car.

"Zar?" Bandit whispered. Zaria glanced at the child, a look of panic in her face.

"Shut the fuck up bitch." Alex yelled at the toddler. Salty tears ran down Zaria's cheeks but she didn't bother to wipe them away. She simply sat there letting the tears flow silently down her cheeks. She knew that there was no way anyone could save them now. She was all alone, with no one to turn to; no one to help her; no one to guide her and no one to help her save her siblings.

That was what worried Zaria more. Her siblings. Cherry and Bandit were only toddlers; they didn't need to see this. They were young and impressionable; they didn't need this shit. They needed to be safe; being tucked up in bed with a kiss on the forehead from their parents. Not dragged around countries being drugged, beaten and verbally abused. Zaria wished she could just get the kids home and make sure they were safe. Her life didn't matter too much any more. Her life had been over for a long long time. She had given up years back, and no one or nothing would be able to change that. Zaria was dead inside.

"Zar?" Alex said. Zaria nodded. "Wipe away those tears. We're at the place now, I need to put a blindfold on you."

"What about the kids?"

"They need them too." Alex nodded.

"Can I put theirs on? Please?" She asked hoarsely.

"Yeah?..." Alex said, phrasing it more as a question than an answer. Within 5 minutes they were all blindfolded and being lead from the car into some building that had a lot of steps. It could only be a church. Zaria began to cry more. She was 15. 15 damn years old; and she was being forced into marriage. In Italy. The one place she'd dreamed of going to since she was old enough to understand that there were more countries than America in the world. Many of the countries Zaria had wanted to go to she'd managed to live in; even in the short 15 years she'd been on the planet so far. But Italy was a special one. Her biological parents had gotten married in Italy and Zaria wanted to do the same with that one special person who she would vow to spend the rest of her life with and now she was vowing to spend the rest of her life with a monster. A man, who didn't love kids like Zaria's dream guy, but who hated, abused and raped kids. He drugged them, and hurt them physically and verbally. He was nothing like Zaria's dream guy. And this wasn't going to be anything like her dream wedding.


"Sarah, you know how to read this?" Mikey asked when they arrived back at the MCR family home.

"Sure do; she taught me the code. I saw it and thought it made beautiful pattern. Ever since I've been designing tats with that code.. It's gorgeous. Want me to read the diary aloud or translate it onto paper?"

"Could you do both? Aloud for us and paper for the cops to have a copy of when they get here. And don't start reading until they get here either. They need to hear all this. Word for fucking word." Gerard said.

"Want me to fetch in the coffee then?" Sarah asked.

"No, I think just this one time we'll have to learn to live without it. After all this could show us where our children are and we don't need my husband hyped up on coffee." Jamia sighed. Everyone laughed half-heartedly and then went back to sitting in awkward silence
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