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American Girl Chapter 23

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There you go :) one long post; that should keep you going until Tuesday yeah?:3 Awesome:D see ya then :)

"Put this on." Alex sighed, dumping a dress that was a replica of the one from the Helena video on the bed beside Zaria; and helping her remove the blindfold.

"That dress is beautiful!" Zaria gasped when she saw it.

"It's your dream wedding dress..." Alex mumbled.

"This would be wonderful and romantic if it wasn't for the fact I have to marry that cunt." She sighed, tears starting to fall again.

"Don't cry, please?" Alex sighed, "Want me to help you with the dress?"

"Please." She sighed.

"Come on then," Alex smiled.

"Turn around then!"

"Zaria, I've fucking raped you; I don't think I need to turn around." Alex snapped.

"Sorry..." She mumbled, stripping down to her underwear and climbing into the dress as Alex fastened up the back. "Thank you."

"It's fine sweetie, want a hand with your make up?" He asked her.

"No, I'll just put a little bit of eye liner on."

"You sure?" Alex asked.


"Alright, Kylan isn't getting dressed up mind... He told me to put on my best suit."

"You think we are gonna be the ones getting married?!" Zaria exclaimed, adding a little more eyeliner.

"Perhaps... Do you think he knows I'm kind to you?" Alex asked.

"I don't know, I really don't. But fuck it; I'm scared Alex." Zaria sighed.

"I know darling, I know. Anyway, time to put the blindfold back on." Alex smiled.

"Do I have to?"

"Yep. Kylan doesn't want you to know where you are, and he doesn't want to risk anyone knowing who you are." Alex answered.

"Seriously?" Zaria sighed, picking up the blindfold as Alex helped her put it back on.

"Unfortunately. The girls are already in the cars. Let's go." Alex sighed.

"This room is nice though." Zaria smiled, as Alex lead her down the stairs.

"Yeah, this is a good house." Alex shrugged. "Shame it's on the top of a mountain."

"It is?" Zaria asked, as they walked out of the house and she was pushed gentley into a car.

"Yep." Alex nodded. "Drive." He added looking to the driver.

In 40 minutes they had arrived at their destination and Alex was helping Zaria out of the car.

"Well doesn't she look devine?" Kylan laughed, licking his lips.

"Stop it Kylan. We're in the house of the lord." Alex snapped.

"Oh yeah, I forgot how religious you Mafia types are." Kylan laughed.

"Shut up." Alex snapped,

"Can we get this over with?" Zaria snapped, trying to make sense of her surrounding as struggling due to her lack of vision.

"Sure thing, let's go inside." Kylan smiled as they walked in and started up the asile.

"Can I know who I'm marrying then?" Zaria asked.

"Sure ya can." Came a thick Irish voice from the other end of the church. Zaria gasped as Alex removed her blindfold and she saw Jay standing at the alter.

"You did this?! You had me kidnapped and raped? My siblings drugged and scared for their lives?" She screamed.


"And now you just expect me to marry you?" She yelled.


"Jay, I loved you! I really did! I'd hoped you be the one to come to my rescue and now it turns out that it was you that had me taken in the first case? There is no way I'm doing this. You can't make me. If you had just asked me, if you had just waited a year and then asked Gerard when I was 16 I would of said yes! But you did this to me? Why?"

"Because you're too beautiful to risk any one else falling in love with you and taking you away from me." Jay smiled.

"Jay this is wrong. I'm sorry; you had these bastards fucking rape me!" Zaria yelled, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Did you know about this Alex?" She yelled, rounding on the one man she had believed was her blessing in desguise.

"No, I swear I had no idea. I was kept in the dark on most things to do with this whole thing." Alex replied.

"Bandit, Cherry we're leaving." Zaria said, picking up Cherry and taking hold of Bandit's hand.

"You think you're gonna go this easily?" Kylan laughed. "I still want my information."

"What the fuck do you want to know?! I saw you and your men kill my Aunt and my cousin! That's it! That's all I fucking know!" She screamed.

"No, you know the information that we want! We were torturing your Aunt to get it and in the end had to kill her. Tell us." Kylan roared.

"I don't fucking know what you're talking about." Zaria screamed. "If I knew don't you think I would of told you long ago?"

"No, because your Grandmama told you never to tell a soul." Jay laughed.

"How do you know that?"

"Jodie told me." Jay smiled, walking close to Zaria and wrapping his arms around her. "You look beautiful by the way."

"Get your hands off me." She spat, tearing herself out of his arms.
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