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12 - We'll Meet Again

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12 - We'll Meet Again

Mikey felt his mind wander as he spoke, no longer knowing what he was speaking to his brother.
He could practically see her.
He could see Elena before him, telling him with such an adoring passion that she loved him. He could feel her gripping his hand, letting him know that she was there with him.
And then it all came flying back to him.
He was no longer staring at his Grandmother, he was sitting in the front room of the house that he shared with his brother. His eyes staring at the far wall while he spoke soft words of comfort to the older of the two.
It was not his Grandmother clenching his hand but his brother who held fast to his hand for a sense of solace that he wanted to feel in his heart.

He could see her before him.
She gently reached towards him and wrapped him a warm embrace. She whispered words of comfort into his ear. Telling him softly that he was never alone, that nothing was his fault. That she still loved him and his brother with ever miniscule inch of her heart. That nothing could ever mar the love that she held for them.
And then all to quickly she was gone.

A shrill ringing broke the silence, breaking the two brothers from their trance. Quickly Ray jumped to his feet and jerked the phone off of the base.
"Hello, " he said softly into the mouthpiece, trying not to disturb the brothers more than they already had been.
The soft tearful voice of Donna Way replied in a voice so quiet that Ray had to strain himself to hear. He nodded, his eyes suddenly swimming once she finished speaking, until he realized that she couldn't see him.
"Okay, I'll tell them," he replied and then there was a hushed thank you before the line went dead.
He placed the phone back on the hook and gently swayed his head, trying to dispel the words from his mind until he realized that it would hurt the brothers so much more.
"What is it Ray?"
He looked up and met Frank's gaze. The shorter could immediately feel something was wrong. Bob stared and could practically read the answer in his eyes. He just turned his head and stared out the window, trying not to let his distress show in his eyes.
Mikey and Gerard turned to him and he froze in his steps back to his seat. He could feel the power of their gaze as they questioned him.
"Elena's funeral is this Friday."
It was a whisper but immediately tears flooded the brother's eyes. At the same time they stared to the ground and tried to calm their nerves.
"I'm going to bed."
They turned to Mikey who spoke queitly in a voice that struggled to keep a constant tone. As he stood his brother jumped up beside him and carefully entwined their arms. When they walked past the three frozen in their seats they could hear the hushed words shared between the two.
"It's gonna be okay, Mikes," Gerard spoke gently.
"She's really gone..."
And then they disappeared up the stairs, carefully holding one another on their feet. Ensuring that the shock didn't collapse their trembling legs as the pain coursed though the nerves in their body, as it each new scrap of information were a jolt of electricity.
Elena was really gone.
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