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13 - Long Ago

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13 - Long Ago

The Way brothers supported each other on the way up the stairs, trying to enable the other from falling.
"Mikes," the older whispered as he pushed open the bedroom door and carefully moved his younger brother to his bed.
"She's gone."
That was all that escaped the youngers lips as he stared blankly before him. He was lowered slowly into his bed but he didn't shut his eyes. He simply murmured the same two words over and over again. Almost as if he were trying to get himself to believe the words.
"She's gone," he muttered again.
"Yeah, Mikey," his brother said back, in a hushed voice that he tried to drive the pain out of. "She's really gone."
"She's gone."
Gerard shut his eyelids over agony filled eyes and took in a shaky breath. He could feel the sadness that flew through his veins as he watched his brother turn onto his side and curl his knees into his chest.
"She's gone."
"I know," the older said desperatly before lifting a hand to his heart as if to check that it were still beating. "I know, Mikes."
The older stood and turned to leave the room and then a strong hand encircled his wrist. He whirled back around to see his brother staring at him with wide eyes that pleaded with him.
"Please, Gee," he whispered in a trembling voice.
He sighed and sat down on the bed beside his brother. Carefully he pulled him into his chest as he felt sobs begin to shake the younger man's shoulders.
"She's gone."
"Shh," Gerard whispered softly, and hugged him tighter. "It's okay, Mikes."
"She's gone."
The words echoed more in Gerard's mind as the younger spoke them repeatedly, trying to make himself believe them.
"We're gonna get through this Mikes." Gerard could feel the words slip past his lips and could feel the determination that sunk into his heart.
"How do you know?" Mikey asked, his voice slightly muffled against Gerard's shoulder.
Gerard froze, not knowing how to answer that question even though he could feel the power of his earlier statement deep within him. Was there any way that he could give any absolute answer to that question.
"I don't know how Mikes, but we will, I know we will."
He could hear the youngers breath slowly beginning to even out as he leaned against his shoulder and slowly began to fade into sleep.
"Gee," he mumbled, his voice slurred with sleep as he brother turned to look at him. "I hope you're right."
Gerard stared at his brother for a few more seconds as his breath slowed and he slipped into unconciousness. The older sighed and turned away from his brother, trying to let his thoughts calm themselves.
He could feel deep in his heart that he was right, that they would get through it.
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