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Frankie Baby

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Gerard POV this time, Life on tour?

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Gerard POV

Frankie.. i litterally felt like folding in half when he metioned the whole skittles thing. Oh well, we were inna very wierd unreal place. I thing iloved this mother fucker and obiously i wanted to show it you know? But no. impoosible i fle tlike i was 12 again.. our buncks were on top of another, not to mention all within a 3ft range appart. What do we get to do? Nothing. Nothing at all. The day evertually turned to night and i was left starring at Frankie Across the bunks, to my suprise he fucking turned. Frankie tounged the air and then smiled at me, i shook my head but then signaled him to come over. I quickly brought him closer to me kissed him. Goddamn it felt like i hadnt kissed him in years. This wasnt lust this shit was love. My fucking world felt like it wasnt moving as i left him intrude my mouth with his tounge. All this time i had my eyes closed, it was too much for me to open them and see his lips moving to mine. He backed away letting a deep, hot breath slide down my neck. Fuck. i immediatly had to relieve Frank of his pants and do it quick. Frank let me slide my hands slowly down his chest to his boxers

... And here comes Bob
Um hey Ger.. and Frank

Oh Bob i was having the most horrible dream. Frankie forced out puppy eyes and Bob just starred

Boys go to sleep.. i dont wanna hear anything.. Anything. Understood?

Goddamn Bob scarred me like he was my dad. Smoke break! Frankie followed me as we crawled out of bunks and out to the side of the bus. Most everyone was amazingly still awake, including our temporary nieghbors Mindless Self Indulgence Kitty and Steve both sat outside both with ciggarette in one hand and beer in the other.
Hey guys (i almost forced out) Where is Jimmy and uhh.. Lins

"inside" Steve replied

Doing what? I asked, almost knowing it was none of my bussiness.

"Fucking" Kitty replied "There inside fucking.. ewww.. but anyways. they kicked us out a while ago"

"We heard moans!" Steve smiled excidedly

I knew Lyn-z Wasn't innocent.. I just had to look at Frank and laugh becuase he looked like he had just heard heard the worst news of his life. We quickly left almost running back to our bus

''Holy Shit man''... Frank mumbled at me out of breath

Thats some intense shit Frankie. I watched Frankie carefully light a ciggarette. He then layed his hands on my shoulders pushing me back into the wall fo the bus, he kissed me letting the smoke travel from his mouth to mine. I could help it, i moaned like a bitch when he started to grab for my pants. And right when the coast was clear, i saw the window of the bus hesitently open.

"Done yet, your gunna give me the most horrible nightmares Ger.. he cut himself off and reworded it; Frerard your giving me nightmares."

I noticed Frank standing there wide eyed and slightly shaken up

"Okay were done.. for the night" Frank looked at Bob expecting some expert comeback but we were obiously all too tired. Me and Frank did the walk of shame all the way to our bunks.

"Morning Gerard"
Morning Michael..
Hey um Jared? i dont know ive known you since likie fucking birth and you just called me by the wrong name. Anyways, ill be with Bob over at Taking back sundays bus. I watched mikey strut away and laughed thinking how he was always so shy on stage and then by me he would like burst with words. Soundcheck was in 1hour so i figured i would find some kind of shower.
It was five minutes before the show and we were all just sitting back stage waiting for a cue or something like that. Ray was jamming out and playing right along with it and so way Mikes, Bob say contently using the laptop we all shared( Mostly Bob) Frank was across from and was currently staring at me. Im pretty sure Mikey even noticed, i couldnt stand it. I called Frank over saying we needed to talk and we found the nearest room and went in slamming and locking the door behind me. I pulled him ontop of me and gave him the best kiss i could make without running out of breath, our cue was givin and Ray came to get us. We both stumbledo ut and noticed the boys were staring.

''What did you guys do in there''.. Ray asked

Grabbing all the cokes before you heartless assholes do! (I tried to make it as snarky as possible)

Alright... where on stage like right FUCKing now.

I sneeked a kiss on Little Franie before coming into peoples view
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