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6. The Rise and The Fall

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Contains blood. Meeting Bob and Ray, then tragedy strikes. Who comes off worse?

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3 weeks later

Silence enveloped the class as Mr Christophedies, the music teacher, walked into the room, straightening his glasses as he went. Gerard and Leila sat next to each other as usual. During the 3 weeks, the two had become closer and closer and now they were best friends. Frank and Mikey were not in every class of theirs but Leila still said they were friends to her too. She felt like her happy and bubbly personality had returned to her after her years of hell and it was thanks to Gerard, Frank and Mikey for this. “Right” said the teacher, brightly “as you know, all of you are going to do an assessment piece, as I explained last week, in July. This assessment is about musical performance and since you all have been mostly well behaved, I thought we could start now and get some practice of the piece you will play. So get into groups and you may perform and play any genre or song as long it is not rude” Mr C slapped his hands together “off you go then!”

Naturally, Gerard and Leila went together. Leila remembered hearing that Gerard was good at singing and wanted more than ever to hear his sweet voice. She was good at singing, according to Mr C, and was good on the piano, even though she had played it for about a year. Everyone was in at least a group of 5 and, once more, Leila saw the devils in the corner of the room. Ryan noticed her looking at them and swore at her using his hand. She scowled and turned away to see 2 boys in front of her. “You don’t mind if we join your group do you?” asked one of them. This boy was tall and had very frizzy hair which came down to his shoulders “course you can” she said and gestured to two chairs “I’m Leila Brook and this is...” “Mr Gerard Way” said the other boy. He was quite tall as well, blond hair and bright blue eyes “we know Gerard, he used to go to our Primary school” Gerard looked round, gave a big boyish grin and turned back round. “I’m Bob Bryar” said the boy with the blond hair “and this is Ray Toro”. Leila nodded and smiled “what do you play?” she asked “I play the guitar” said Ray and indicated a Les Paul “and Bob is a wicked drum player” Leila smiled and tapped Gerard on the shoulder “nice little group we have huh Gee?” Gerard looked up and that boyish smiled came back to his face “ look who’s getting into the nicknames now” The four of them laughed and they got down to work.

40 minuets later, Bob, Ray Gerard and Leila left the class with high spirits and huge grins. Mr C asked everyone to show what they had done so far and he had been very impressed with their work and predicted they would get high grades. Bob and Ray said there goodbyes and headed off to the playground while Gerard and Leila stayed in the block on the staircase. “You play so well” said Gerard, referring to her piano playing “I’ve only done it for a year” she replied, leaning against the railing of the stairs “you sing much better than me. Anyway, I’ve got some lyrics that I wrote in class, you could probably make better use of them because you sing like an angel” Gerard’s face flushed with red , then he checked his watch and stood beside her, still smiling.

That’s when Ryan and the demons showed up, their faces full of menace. “What do you want Ryan?” said Leila angrily “Fuck off and leave us alone!” Ryan grinned “ no can do, emo freak” Then he turned to Gerard “ Hey emo boy, slit your wrists with emo freak yet?” he spoke so casually like he was talking about the weather “ shut up” said Gerard quietly, through gritted teeth. Ryan smirked “gonna go and cut each other and help tie a noose to hang yourselves and...” Leila then pushed herself on the railing and stood straight in front of Ryan “look you little prick!” she shouted “I have been taking you shit all the years I have been here. I haven’t told, complained, hurt you back because I’m too stupid and scared to! But if you DARE touch Gerard, I’m going to fucking kill you with my bare hands!” Silence fell over the gang, Gerard’s mouth hung open. Then “right emo bitch, you dead!” Dennis ran forward and shoved her hard on her shoulders. She fell backwards, yelling as she went down. Falling, falling, it seemed in slow motion and ended at the bottom of the flight of stairs with an almighty crash. Leila lay on the stone floor, her body face down. She didn’t hear Gerard scream her name, his running footsteps or see Dennis backing off looking petrified. Then she felt another sensation, blood was running down her cheek and the source came from her pounding head, running through her black hair. Leila then saw him, Gerard face looking at her, terrified, before she let the pain take her into sleep.

Gerard knelt beside Leila, her eyes were closed and her blood spilling over the floor. Slowly, he raised her head into his arms. “Lee?” he whispered, no reply “Lee!” he screamed her name out so loud that it could be heard 2 flights up. Her head lolled into his chest and Gerard saw a red stain on his hand. He looked up, murder in his eyes. Dennis backed off even further and Gerard raised himself off the floor and walked up the stairs slowly “ don’t” he said, breathing heavily through each word “ you-ever-come-near-me-or-lee-again!” he shouted the last word and threw his fist forward. It hit Dennis right in his face. He staggered back round the corner of a wall in a connecting block. Gerard turned and walked down to Leila, tears in his eyes. He scooped her up off the floor, out into the sunlight. Luckily, no one was around. He took her to reception and the woman behind the desk gasped and jumped up “oh my...” she began “Miss, call 911, QUICK!” She picked up the phone and ran into another room. Gerard walked behind a screen, where a load of chairs were lined up and sat there with Leila still in his grip. “Lee” he said to the unconscious body “You’ll be okay, I promise”

In the music block, no one knew what happened to Dennis, only when Ryan came to look for him did they find what had become of him. The punch Gerard had inflicted on him had blinded him temporarily and he had stumbled to another staircase and raining. Dennis’ eyes where still open, unblinking and heart not beating, his neck twisted as he gazed up the 3 flights of stairs he had fallen down.
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