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Heart Beat and Heart Struck

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Leila is in hospital after her ordeal. But there's a surprise in store.

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The white lights were damn strong.

Leila had to screw her eyes up tightly as they opened. Her head was pulsing violently but she did not move her hands to comfort it. Am I dead? She thought is this heaven? She felt a soft surface under her limp and fragile body and a warm cover placed on her body. She then heard someone singing. It was so beautiful, so angelic yet sounded so familiar. Angels perhaps? Then she registered another sound, a rhythmic, metallic beeping which was quiet and calm. She knew the sound all too well. The beeping was her own heart thumping against her ribcage, amplified by the monitor and she knew where she was. She opened her eyes again and stared up at the blank ceiling. She was lying in a hospital bed in A+E. White curtain surrounded the room and the white light illuminated the many machines and wire which went into her body. The sight of the tubes stuck inside her, made her want to gag.

Then, she heard it more clearly now. The voice, the singing which, she now knew, wasn’t any angel. She slowly turned her throbbing head and her heart pace quickened, the beeping told her so. The angel was Gerard. It was he whose voice echoing in the quiet room, he was the source of the angelic sound of “Edelweiss” and it sent shivers down Leila’s spine. Gerard sensed her eyes on him and he looked up at her, his cheeks tear stained. “Lee?” he whispered, his voice was cracked and barely audible. “Oh lee, thank god you’re ok!” he gave her a gentle hug full of relief. The hug was so soothing; she had to hold back a whimper as the sensation was gone. “How are you feeling?” She considered the question, then answered “like someone hit me over the head with a baseball bat and drunk about 50 bottles of gin and tonic” Gerard chuckled a little and shifted his chair to her bedside ever so slightly. “What happened?” Leila asked “i remember falling down the stairs and hitting my head, but that’s about it”

Gerard took her through the events, he punching Dennis right in his stupid face, carrying her to reception and sitting in the waiting room for the ambulance. “I was so worried and scared” said Gerard “i mean, i thought you were dead. Then the ambulance showed up and they put you in on a stretcher. They stuck wires and shit into you and you wouldn’t believe how much i cried. So, i came with you in the ambulance and i never let go of your hand” he stopped and rubbed his eye. Leila sat up a little, feeling so grateful to Gerard; she couldn’t put it in words. In the end she said “Gee, thank you”. His eyes locked into her green eyes “ i cant thank you enough, i may have died if it weren’t for you “ Gerard smiled and lent over her, his hair tickling her cheek and looking her straight in the eye “it should be me who is thanking you” he said, softly “i would be lost without you”. Then. He came ever close “Leila” he said, and she was surprised he used her full name “I...” “Hold on” she interrupted and he fell silent. “I know what you’re going to say and the question you will ask”. Gerard looked at her in the sweetest way he could “and my answer is yes, i love you too”. Then, the gap between them closed, their lips connected, both closing their eyes at the touch. Suddenly, the curtains flew back and the young lovers pulled apart. A doctor was standing in front of the bed, a clipboard clutched under her arm. “Is everything alright, Miss?” she asked “the monitor registered a raise in pulse” Leila couldn’t help it; She and Gerard started to laugh. The doctor smiled and took a chair on the other side

“I’m Dr Norris” she said “how are you feeling?” “Fine” Leila replied simply “just a little pain in the head”
“Well, that was expected” she smiled “well, Miss Brook, you seem to be in stable condition, you should stay tonight and tomorrow then you may go home. But no extreme exercises or anything like that, you need to rest”
“Ok, thank you”

Dr Norris stood and looked at Gerard “sibling?” she asked “nope, just a friend” he replied. She then knew why the girls pulse had quickened and she gave Gerard a comforting smile “keep an eye on her” she said and left.
A mattress had been placed on the floor of the ward for Gerard to sleep. He refused pint blank to leave her tonight “if anything bad happens and I’m not here, i will be the one kicking myself” he had said. He had texted Mikey and let him know. Soon after, he got a text back

Hey Gee. Good to hear she is ok. I, R.T, F.I and B.B are coming to visit tomorrow. Hope that’s ok. Mikey xx

He had also put on a CD, The Scorpions – Hour 1 album. The music seemed to help the mood which was grey and gloomy, even though the light was bright and trying to make it more cheerful .They had received dinner at around 7:00. It was a completely silent, apart from the music which was one of Leila’s favourites “the future never dies”, as they ate “you should get some rest” said Gerard eventually, after he had finished. She had barely eaten anything “ok, Dr Way” she replied. He grinned, stood up and smoothed her bedcovers and fluffed her pillow “Gee!” she said, sounding embarrassed “oh, lee!”He said “I’ll only be your mother for a few moments”

“We've got to come together
Cause everybody needs a heart to hold
can’t you see it's now or never
Cause we've got nowhere else to go”

Leila’s smiling face froze and fell into a straight and sad look. Her eyes seemed to be looking beyond Gerard and as he finished with the pillow, she flopped down on it and turned away from him. Gerard was puzzled “Lee?” he asked. She shuffled a little, snuggling into the pillow. Have i said something wrong? He thought. He turned the light off and lend over the girl, whose face was smothered by fabric.

“Tell me why I'm alone
when we're lying here together”

“Goodnight, Lee” he said and kissed the top of her head very softly “sweet dreams, little angel”. He climbed in his mattress bed and lay there thinking I wonder what’s wrong with her. I have said something to offend or something like that. Well done Gerard the genius! Then she spoke, her voice muffled

“I love you Gerard and i will always love you forever and ever. Even when I’m lying on my deathbed or when I’m 6 feet under, i promise to always love you. I know you may not feel so strong about this, but you saved my life. You came to school and showed me respect and caring like no one else has before. You gave me hope that i could live to see another day and you let be friends with Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob. It may seem strange to say, but it feels like we were meant to meet, like destiny or like my mother said “written in god’s book of life”. I love you Gerard, i wouldn’t want anyone else”

Gerard was stunned to hear all these words. She really likes you Gerard and you do too. She is vulnerable to bullies and I’ll keep her safe, mark my words “goodnight, my little angel”

“In your eyes
the future never dies”
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