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Why are you here?

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You make me so happy!

Gerards POV
The sky is a dusky pink shade, the barbecue is still going. Mrs McCracken and Mrs Toro talking about the baby she's having someday soon. They're discussing names. I've heard things like Violet and Rose, but i personally like the name Bandit for a girl. Not that i'd expect Mrs Toro to approve or select that name for her daughter. She seems certain she's having a little girl, although i know my Mom is convinced it's another son for the Toro's. Frank is downstairs waiting for me, i promised him i'd come down and see how things go. I have him, Ray, Mikey and Bert but i'm still really terrified. Nobody but Frank knows whats happened today and i know Frank wouldn't hate me if i chickened out but i know he'll be proud of me if i do this and maybe it'll be good for me too.

"Aww hey sweetheart, you're down here finally. The food's nearly down now, you're just in time." My mother greets me at the bottom of the stairs with a peck on the cheek and her usual lipstick stained smile. I walk into the garden to join our guests, the greetings aren't quite as gentle as that of my mothers. " GeeGee!" Bert rugby tackles me to the floor the second he sees me. " Oh i've missed you!" He squeals. He should have been a girl, i'm sure of it yet i love him as he is. The eccentric, slightly feminine, lovable Bert McCracken. " Bert, stop killing my brother, you've already bruised my back from doing that." Mikey moaned, he and Bert have a very strict love hate relationship but it works perfectly for both of them. Frank sits and smiles widely at me before he gets up and pats me on the back, he comes closer to me and whispers in my ear " I could kiss you right now and boy do i want too." I smile at him, wishing he would just forget the world and take my breath away again. Hopefully, i wouldn't have to wait much longer.

Mikeys POV
Dinner was just being served as the Bryars came in with my Alicia. The Bryars and the Simmons family are neighbors, although only Bob and Alicia actually speak. Bob's parents aren't overly fond of Alicia's. Bob bear hugged everyone and ruffled my hair like he always does, he definitely gave Frank a welcome and a half! He latched onto Frank and hugged him excitedly as Frank giggled to himself, Gee seemed to get oddly protective of Frank as this happened. "Bob, Franks sensitive. Come on, you could hurt him." He said smiling though. Gee loved Bob, we all did. Finally it was my turn to be greeted by Alicia, she always says hello to me last because our greetings take the longest. She embraces me as my grip tightens around her small waist and our lips meet and stay there for minutes. It's Bert who ends this, with a water pistol. "We don't want love kids! We want War!" He screamed, that boy was really.....special we could say.

Franks POV
I watched as Mikey and Alicia frolicked. I softly took Gee's hand. It was so unfair, we both wanted this. We both could handle this but just because it so happens we are both male it's not possible as of yet. Gee's family believe he is bi now, as a result of dating that mistake. Yet when he was gay they were completely accepting and they still are. Bett and Jesse? They would FREAK! Bett especially. Its times like these when i really wish i had my Mom still.

Bert broke up the love saying we needed war. War? War means dares and so that's exactly what we did. Bert's dares were cunning, disgraceful and downright wrong. I got the war part now, i was surprised he still had friends after landing them with his definition of a dare. " Alicia!" Bob exclaimed. " And just because we love you Bert will choose your dare." Bob smirked as she sat up from Mikeys Lap and gave him the finger. "Alright Bertie Boy! Hit me with it!" She said. " Go to the garden and ask for some whipped cream." was his reply. We all looked around confused. ".....Naked!" He finished. The poor girl looked horrified. " That's slightly wrong, Bert." Mikey said getting protective.
"The forfeit is a french kiss with me." Bert said winking at her and saucily licking his lips.
" Screw that! Mikes, take care of my clothes!" She ordered and began stripping off until she was stood there in her birthday suit. " Okay." She breathed as she did as was required. Everybody looked horrified, but it wasn't half hilarious! " Ok, well now thats over with and i have the reputation of hooker in disguise let's move on. Frank's turn." She smiled snuggling back into Mikey as she struggled back into her mini dress. " Bob, you're daring Frank." Ray announced patting his blonde head. " Alrighty then! Frankie! Frankie! Frankie! I dare you...... to kiss Gerard with tongue for thirty seconds!" He screamed delighted with his idea! Ray and Mikey looked amused while Bert was up to something. " Oh! You have to do it properly." Bert added. " Frankie, on Gee's lap. Gee arms around Frank's little ass." He smiled. I desperately tried to hide my delight at this dare and Gerard tried to contain himself as a crimson colour began to flood his ivory complexion. The deed was done and everyone applauded. I was simply on Cloud Nine. " Dinner's ready!" Mrs Way called and with that we all raced to the end of the garden.

A few hours later

Gerards POV
"Thankyou for coming! It was great to see you!" Mom called as the McCrackens walked down our driveway to their car. Alicia and Bob were still outside with Mikey and Ray. Me and Frank had gone back upstairs to get our beds set up.
" It's done Gee!" Frankie called as i reached my doorway.
"Oh." I said stunned. " Well done, it looks right." I added.
" Are you okay?" Frank asked cautiously eyeing me with suspicion, his hazel flecked eyes glinting in the light.
" I'm fine Frankie." I smiled. " It's just i was kind of hoping you'd come in bed with me." I admitted the heat rushing to my cheeks. I was blushing, yet again.
He smiled and walked over to me. " I thought you'd never ask." He said giving me a quick kiss on the forehead, his scent filling my air. Guitars, cigarettes, mint and passion.

[*I hope this is okay for you lovely people! If not im so sorry! Thankyou for all your kindness! I really don't deserve it! Lots of love!
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