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Can i be the only hope for you?

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New chapter! Mr Iero and Mr Way for you wonderful people!

Gerards POV
It's colder now. My blanket isn't keeping me warm enough. I was okay before. I reach over expecting to feel soft olive skin next to me, instead i just feel the sheet. I instantly start to panic. He's backed out hasn't he? We can't even be friends now. Let alone share anything more. Not that i expected we ever would anyway. Still, i wanted him to be here. I was getting that feeling again. I needed to get this feeling out, i needed my razorblades. I crept over to my chest of drawers and rummaged around for them. They're gone. I was certain i had hidden them in there.

Just then Frank came through the door, topless with grey sweatpants on revealing his tattooed torso. "They're gone Gee. I just threw them now." He said gloomily sitting on the bed gesturing for me to join him. I cautiously tiptoed towards him and slowly sat a metre or so away. " Gerard, come closer. I'm not going to hurt you." I edged closer to him and looked into his beautiful eyes. They were filled with undoubtable sadness. I threw my arms around him as he began to cry. " Why are you destroying yourself, like this?" He wept. " My Mom was destroyed and now you're going to be too." His breathing came quick and ragged. " Frankie, i'm going to get better. I just need time." I was crying now too. " Your Mom wants you to be happy and she loves you, you know that." I said into his neck.
" But i'm happiest with you and you're going to ruin yourself and leave me like she did." He cried even harder than before. " Frankie, i will never leave you as long as i can help it. I'll be right here as long as we both live." I promised and i knew it was the truth too.

2 weeks later

Gerards POV
I won't lie. It's been rough lately. I still wake up in the night. Sometimes screaming because i keep reliving the horrors of Eliza and Isaac or the others purely because i get lonely and can't sleep without something else. Something missing. I'm getting better slowly though. I can feel it. No drink,no drugs and no cuts. To celebrate two weeks of being completely clean i went to my Grandma's grave earlier. I laid flowers and told her of all the bad, good and ugly things that had happened to me since she'd departed. We reminisced and i even sang for her. I knew she liked when i did that.

By the time I was your age
I'd give anything
To fall in love truly
Was all I could think
That's when I met your mother
The girl of my dreams
The most beautiful woman
That I'd ever seen

She said "Boy, can I tell you a wonderful thing?
I can't help but notice you staring at me
I know I shouldn't say this, but I really believe,
I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me."

Now son, I'm only telling you this
Because life, can do terrible things

Now most of the time
We'd have too much to drink
And we'd laugh at the stars
And share everything
Too young to notice
And too dumb to care
Love was a story
That couldn't compare

I said "Girl, can I tell you a wonderful thing?
I made you a present with paper and string
Open with care now, I'm asking you please

You know that I love you
Will you marry me?"

Now son, I'm only telling you this
Because life, can do terrible things
You'll learn one day
I hope and I pray that God shows you differently

She said "Boy, can I tell you a terrible thing?
It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks
Please don't be sad now, I really believe
You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

Slow, so slow, I fell to the ground on my knees

So don't fall in love
There's just too much to lose
If you're given the choice
I'm begging you choose
To walk away, walk away
Don't let it get you
I can't bear to see the same happen to you

Now son, I'm only telling you this
Because life, can do terrible things

The terrible thing it did to me was to take her, but the wonderful thing was i'd found something in the form of Frank Iero and he was saving me.

Franks POV
"Bett, come on! One more push!" The Midwife screamed.
" You're doing great honey, you're doing really good." Jesse said holding her hand and kissing her cheek trying to calm her down. Ray and I were nervous yet horrified that she had gone into labour in the kitchen, i guess soup was not on our priorities right now. Rays face expression was scrunched up and i couldn't help but let out a laugh, receiving a glare from everybody but my cousin in the room.
"AAAAAH!" Bett screeched and the midwife picked up a small bundle from the floor, rubbing the pink wrinkly little newcomer in a fluffy towel and handing her over to Bett as the bundle continued to scream. " A little girl!" Bett announced tears running down her face as she beckoned for Ray and I to join them. I could only look at her in awe, she was so perfect. So tiny. So new and unknown.
" Alanis" Bett whispered. " Like your mother, Frank. I want her name to be Grace Jeanette Alanis Toro. If that's okay with everybody."
" We love it!" All three of us said at once. My Mom living on through this little girl, what an amazing thing. The little one was already showing Rays curls had been passed on and she had familiar eyes. Warm and pleasant. They only reminded me of one person. Mom. This little girl was her all over, and then i knew she was destined for great things.

Gerards POV
"Congratulations!" I said to Bett and Jesse Toro as they came into our hall with their latest addition to the family. " Hey big brother!" I said to Ray, poking him because now he would know exactly how it feels to be the responsible child of the family. Than again, this was Ray we're talking about. He's responsible sometimes just game absorbed most of the time. My Mom and Dad were smitten with the baby. This was also their new godchild and i could tell they were absolutely thrilled. Almost as happy as the Toros!

Ray went straight upstairs to get his gaming on with Mikey. Where on earth is Frank? I thought. And just as disappointment was to strike a familiar petite silhouette started up my driveway displaying a wide smile and a small box wrapped in paper and strings. " Hey Gee!" He said simply. " I think we need to have a serious chat about something." That made me nervous, last time it was because he didn't love me.

We sat down in my empty, ivory lounge. Frank took the sofa and i took Dad's armchair. He could definitely tell i was nervous. " It's just a small chat Gee. Don't look so worried." He half smiled, he was nervous too. I waited in silence as he began to speak in that innocent voice of his.

Franks POV
I was so nervous. But i had to do it, i couldn't just take this anymore. I knew everything was on the line but this was my life and my feelings. I had a right to them after all. Plus, this was going to impact it massively. I wasn't letting this slip, this person meant the world and more to me.
" Gee.... I can't fight this anymore." I said shaking. " I know you're still fragile but you've done so so well and i'm really proud of you. I'm glad to call you a friend of mine and all but there's some feeling i can't make sense of." I continued feeling his pretty face twist in confusion as his bright emeralds bore into me.
" I know this sounds crazy but i think i love you Gee. I want to be with you. I want you to be just mine. Seeing you with Eliza killed me, Gee. And after last time i don't blame you if you don't feel the same because you tried to forget after i was lying to your face about my feelings-"
He stopped me. " Just kiss me, will you?" He smiled coming over to me and pulling me up by my wrists gently. " That's my line" I laughed as we stood there kissing. His tongue searching my mouth as he chewed my Lip ring and ran his ghostly hands through my hair. I had never felt this much before and i knew this was the start of something true.

Yay! They're together now! Thankyou lovelies! :) x
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