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You Told Me This Gets Harder, Well It Did

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coffee, girls and a whole bunch of awkward. {RATED FOR LANGUAGE}

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Gerard's POV
“Gerard! Coffee’s ready!” Mikey called. I wandered out of my room to the kitchen. I took my cup and sat on the couch, flipping through an old magazine. I sighed.
“Mikey! I’m bored!” I complained.
“Go for a walk or something!” he yelled back.
“Fine then,” I mumbled to myself. I put my empty cup onto the table, grabbed my hoodie and walked outside. I squinted at the glare of the sun as I wandered along the street. After a while, I ended up at the park. I sat down on the bench and listened to the birds, it was quite relaxing.
“Okay, OKAY!” I heard someone scream. I looked around the park to see two girls on the grass. One was on top of the other, tickling her. I sat there, watching them. After a while, the got up and raced to the swings. I realised I had been watching them for a while now, so I got up and started walking back. I had only walked a few steps when something shoved into me, and I fell to the ground.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” said a girl. I rolled over to see the two girls that were mucking around earlier.
“No, it’s fine… are you okay? Your eyes just went really… wide,” I said. she just continued to stare at me.
“Uhh… I, I just… uhh…” she stuttered.
“S-S-She’s j-just really s-sorry,” the other girl interrupted, “I-I’m Kirrah, a-and this is M-M-Meg,”
“Hey, I’m Gerard,” I said, holding out my hand to Meg. She was gorgeous! She took my hand and I felt her shaking. “Seriously, it’s fine. Are you okay? You’re shaking…”
“Y-Y-Yeah, I just f-feel really bad…” she said, blushing.
“Hey… it’s fine! Trust me,” I said, brushing my hair out of my face. We all stood there awkwardly for a while. Suddenly, ‘Famous Last Words’ started playing and Meg’s mouth popped open as Kirrah quickly grabbed her phone, trying to silence it. I stood there awkwardly, listening to my voice ring from her phone. She brought the phone to her ear.
“Hello? Mum! Okay, now is not a good time… Okay fine! See ya,” she hung up, “That was mum, she’s ready to take us shopping…”
“I better be going…” I said, and I turned back and walked home.
I walked in the door and found Mikey, Frank and Ray lying on the couch.
“Gee! You’re home!” said Ray, and I nodded.
“Where’d you go?” asked Frank
“The park,” I replied, “There were these two girls there…”
“Oh really?” winked Frank
“Ew! No! Shut it Frank!” I complained, “Anyway, I was chatting to them for a bit, then one of their ringtones went off, and guess what it was?”
“MISFITS!” yelled Frank.
“Uhh, no. It was Famous Last Words!”
“You’re joking! Did you get their numbers?” asked Mikey.
“No! Come on guys, how much of a whore do you think I am?” I asked. They all looked at each other, then burst into laughter.
“Hey!” I crossed my arms and sat on the couch.
“Aw Gee! We’re just messing with you!” said Ray, hugging me.
“Yeah, sure.” I smiled.
We all shut up and watched the movie.

hey guys! chapter two is up!!!! yay. i wrote this one, i know it's short but it will get longer :D
R&R :)
- Kirrah xx
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