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Been Holding On Forever

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Embarrassment, Sanity and Crazy Fan Girls.

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Kirrah's POV
I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier with Gerard! Oh my god, that was sooo embarrassing!! I mean, Meg was still blushing from it and it happened about 10 minutes ago. Plus, it wasn’t even her phone! I mentally slapped myself. We were both walking in silence and I wondered what Meg was thinking. I looked at her and she had her arms around herself, her eyes glued to the floor. But, if Gerard was there then the rest of My Chemical Romance couldn’t be too far off....
“Whoooaaa...That was awkward.” Meg finally said. I laughed at her.
“That's the most you’ve said in a while, normally you never stop talking.” I joked with her.
She grinned at me and nudged me with her elbow before turning all serious again.
“Thanks for helping me out earlier.” She said, looking up at me.
I smiled and slung my arm over her shoulders.
“Don’t worry about it; it’s what I’m here for.”
Meg placed her head on my shoulder and we got home. My mum was in the car waiting for us.
“How long does it take to walk to here from the park?” She joked.
Me and Meg looked at each other.
“Longer than 10 minutes?” Meg said. My mum just laughed.
I looked over to Meg and rolled my eyes. She shrugged and gave me a 'What-was-i-supposed-to-say?!' look. I rolled my eyes again and noticed mum looking at us both through the mirror in the car. i grinned at her and she looked away blushing, i had never seen my mum blush before so it was pretty funny, i chuckled and Meg looked over to me, cocking her head to the side. I pointed to mum and she laughed and trying putting on a serious face before epically failing and bursting into laughter.
I laughed along with her and it seemed like seconds before we reached the mall, the Gerard incident gone from our minds. Well, until Meg brought it up again.
“If Gerard was here, do you think the rest of My Chem would be here to?” She asked me.
“I dunno, I was thinking the same thing earlier. Maybe, you never know.” I replied.
Meg looked very deep in thought for a second before looking like she had a spaz attack; arms failing everywhere and the sudden intake of breath.
“What?” I asked her, putting on my totally bored and annoyed face.
Meg was silent for a bit until she decided that she forgot what she was going to say.
“You forgot what you were going to say? How the hell do you do that?!” I asked her incredulously.
“Well, it did involve going to Sanity but then I thought it looks a bit packed.” She told me, pointing in the direction Sanity was.
And my god was it packed, must have been a meet-and-greet but there were so many people neither of us could tell who it was.
We didn’t care though; it was probably some local band we weren’t into. Anyway, we were here to hang out, not to wait in line for an hour or two just to be able to see who it was. We both linked arms and walked off in the direction of EB games, Meg needed to obsess over when Modern Warfare 3 was coming out...
After an hour or so, we had finished in EB games, so we decided to go clothes shopping, because Meg seriously needed to update her wardrobe. Also, she was staying for a bit longer and needed some clothes because we didn’t realise she was staying for longer than a night; even though her mum apparently told her aaggges ago that she was staying for a week. But that’s Meg for ya! I sighed as Meg read over the text again.
“I’m so sure she didn’t tell me!” Meg told me for the tenth time this second.
“I’m sure she didn’t.” I told her.
“Don’t be so sarcastic with me!” She said. I looked at her and grinned, she knew me to well.
She smirked at me before running off into Hot Topic. I laughed and ran after her. We had both just walked into the store as a screaming fan-girl decided she’d run into Meg. I laughed at her as she tried to get up but the girl wasn’t budging.
“Oh My God!! Do you know who is out there?!?!” She screamed at Meg whilst I stood near the counter practically peeing myself.
“No.” Meg told her, trying to get as far away as possible from her whilst still being pinned down.
"I'll Give you a hint...They are amazing hot!!"
"Still no clue." Meg replied, looking totally grossed out.
"HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW!!?" The random yelled at her.
“Well, that is a lot of people,” I pointed out.
“No, these guys are HOT!” the girl screamed, emphasising the word ‘hot’.
"I'm sorry!!" Meg yelled back.
"YOU SHOULD BE!" The random yelled back at her.
"I am!! Can you please get off me!?!?!" Meg said, looking mortified
"GUESS!!" The random screamed at her.
"I DON'T KNOW!" Meg replied.
"GUESS!!!" Random random replied.
“Just guess Meg!” I laughed
"AHH, um.. SHORT STACK!" Meg replied, sounding slighty hopful.
"HELL NO! YOU REPLUSE ME!" The random yelled getting off from Meg.
"What's wrong with Short Stack?!?" Meg called after her.
"YOU LISTEN TO THEM?!" The girl replied.
“Whoa, if I knew it would be that easy I would have said that at the start.” Meg told me.
I would have replied with something witty and funny but I was so close to peeing my pants that I couldn’t quite manage anything.
Meg cocked her head like puppy’s do when they’re confused then scowled at me.
“It wasn’t that funny.” She told me.
“Yes. It. Was.” I managed to choke out before quickly hobbling my way to the bathroom.

new chapter guys! Meg wrote this one, thus it being better than Chapter 2. anyway, enjoy the chapter! R&R is accepted ;)
- kirrah xx
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