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Promise Me That When I'm Gone, You'll Kill My Enemies

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meet-and-greets, crazy fan-girls and worrried mothers.

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Frank's POV
I walked into Sanity with Ray, Gerard and Mikey. There was already a large line of people, and it wasn’t supposed to start for another half an hour. Man, I loved meet-and-greets.
“Wow! What a show!” I said excitedly, and Gerard just rolled his eyes.
“What? Hey, do you reckon those girls you saw earlier will be here?!” I looked around the crowd, even though I had no idea what they looked like.
“Frank!” exclaimed Gerard and I burst into a fit of giggles.
“You laugh like a girl,” he muttered.
“Oh yeah, you can speak!” I shot back
“GUYS!” Ray yelled. We stopped as the first lot of fans walked towards us. Well, ran.
“OH MY GOD! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GUYS ARE HERE, AND I’M MEETING YOU!” screamed a girl, as she ran up to us.
“Hey, thanks for coming!” I said, maybe a little too enthusiastically.
“CAN YOU SIGN THIS!” she screamed, handing me a copy of ‘The Black Parade’.
“Of course!” I signed it, then handed it back to her. She grabbed my hand.
“Uhh, thanks…”
“Can you put your hands together!?”
I put my hands together so that my fingers read ‘Halloween’. She screamed AGAIN.
“Can I get a photo?” she asked, a little more calmly, and I nodded.
“Alison, take a picture of me and Frankie!!!”
She took the picture, and they moved onto Ray. As I was saying hi to the next lot of fans, I heard the crazy fan say, “OH MY GOD, RAY, I LOVE YOU’RE FRO! CAN I TOUCH IT?!”
I held back a laugh as I signed stuff and had photos taken.
Eventually, the line ended. We started packing up, when two girls walked up nervously. They were both very pretty, but the slightly taller one with the long black hair was beautiful. Gerard made a funny sound and I immediately thought of the two girls he had seen before.
“Hey! Are you the girls that ran into Gerard at the park?” I said, not even trying to be subtle. One of them went bright red, whilst the other nodded sheepishly, and I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it.
“Frank!” scolded Gee, which only made me laugh more. Kirrah and Meg giggled at me, then turned back to the rest of the band.
“Sorry about before,” Kirrah suddenly said, and Gerard smiled.
“It’s okay,” he said. He was talking to Kirrah, of course, but his eyes were on Meg the whole time. I rolled my eyes.
“Why don’t they just get a room?” I asked Ray, and he looked over at Gee and Meg and laughed. I let Kirrah and Mikey in on the secret, and suddenly we were all laughing at them. They stopped flirting with each other to give us all evil glares, then went right back at it.
The rest of us continued to talk between ourselves for a bit, and I was really enjoying myself. It was the most fun I’d had hanging with fans.
“MEG! KIRRAH! I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU EVERYWHERE!” someone’s shrill voice made me jump, and I looked up to see a woman storming towards us.
“Uh oh,” whimpered Kirrah.
“Uhh, who’s that?” I asked.
“My mum!” she replied, just as her mum pulled her into a hug. “Mum!”
“And why are you hanging with boys? You told me it was just Meg.”
“Yeah, um, well… how do I put this…?” she stumbled on her words, “This is Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray… From My Chemical Romance…”
Her mother’s eyes widened and she came to shake our hands.
“Hi, I’m Tania. I didn’t know you guys were here. Usually, Kirrah would know EXACTLY where you’d be,” she said, and Kirrah face-palmed.
“Well, she ran into Gerard earlier. At the park.” I said, trying not to laugh, and Kirrah’s eyes got even wider (if that’s possible).
“So that’s why you took so long to get back!” Tania laughed. “Anyway, we have to go home, it’s nearly dinner-time!”
We all looked outside to see the pitch-black, and my stomach started rumbling.
“Do you boys want to come over for dinner?” Tania suggested, while Meg and Kirrah just stared at her.

yay, update :D and sorta a cliffhanger type thingo :D
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