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The Damage You've Inflicted

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dinner, dvd's and my chemical romance.

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Ray's POV
Everyone went silent. I didn’t see the harm in going round their house; I mean how bad could it be?
“YES!! I wanna come eat!” I yelled.
Everyone stared at me with their mouth hanging open. Well, Tania was the only one not staring.
“Oh, that’s great!” She told us.
“Oh, but we don’t know where you live...” Mikey said. All the others were still in shock.
“Y-yeah.” Meg managed to choke out.
“We can follow Tania.” I suggested.
“See?” Tania said. “Everything sorted, shall we go?”
“Yep! I’ll drive!” I said. Whooo, I wouldn’t have to cook!
I waved bye to the girls and thanked Tania. Gerard looked awkwardly at Meg and waved, whereas Frank wasn’t so subtle and went in for a hug with Kirrah. Kirrah sort of stepped back abit blushing and pointing at her mum, who was now looking like she wished she hadn’t just invited Frank over for tea.
I laughed and walked to the car, which was parked outside. I loved that car, a red ford Gt...And it still worked.
The other guys were still annoyed at me for saying yes to go over to Kirrah’s place.
“Why did you say that?!” Gerard yelled at me.
“Well, um...It’s food and um I sort of figured you’d wanna hang out with, um, that girl a bit more.” I said cringing away from him.
Gerard glared at me, and I was glad I was driving, he couldn’t hit me then.
Then he hit me.
“Ouch!” I yelled. So much for the not hitting me comment.
Frank and Mikey laughed.
“Chill Gee, it’s just a girl.” Mikey told him.
“Chill! Aren’t you guys freaked? We’re pretty much going around a random’s house.” He told us.
“Gerard, Gerard Gerard. You my dear friend sound paranoid.” Frank told him.
“You will be soon, when that car in front of us,” Gerard pointed to the car in front of us. “Starts stopping, you will have a heart attack.”
“Yeah right.” Frank told him.
“20 bucks?” Gerard said.
“Deal.” Frank agreed.
And Gerard was right, when Tania stopped Frank froze and his eyes went all wide and he temporarily stopped breathing. We all laughed at him and Frank slipped the $20 over to Gerard. Then Frank started freaking out.
“What do I say to her? She proberly thinks I’m an idiot! A-and her mum doesn’t like me!” Frank started ranting on.
“Frank. Frank! Calm down. It’s fine. Its tea, dinner, whatever you wanna call it.” Gerard told him.
“Calm down?!” He yelled at Gerard. “Yeah, that’s a good idea actually.” He added more calmly.
Mikey and me chuckled but soon stopped when Frank shot us both glares.
I tried covering my laugh with a cough but it didn’t seem to work too much. Kirrah’s car eventually stopped in front of a two-story red-brick house. It was quite nice actually.
We all got out of the car and walked towards where the girls were standing.
“So...” I began, trying to think of a conversation starter. “What’s for dinner?”
Tania laughed and then shrugged. “Proberly pizza...and chips.”
“YUM!” I yelled.
Everyone looked at me funny.
“He likes yelling.” Mikey told them.
The girls nodded awkwardly.
“And Pizza.” Gerard added.
“Ah. Makes sense then, Pizza is AWESOME!” Meg told us, emphasizing ‘awesome’.
“HELL YEAH!” I said to Meg raising my hand for a high-five.
“Whooo!” She yelled, hitting my hand with hers.
Tania gave me and Meg a funny look before inviting us inside. The house was really pretty; it was comfortable and homey.
Tania suggested we go to Kirrah’s room whilst she cooks dinner but Kirrah had alot of stalling tactics up her sleeve.
“Honey, why don’t you guys just head up stairs whilst I cook dinner?” Tania said to Kirrah.
“But the TV is bigger down here.” Kirrah told her.
“I don’t really think the boys want to watch you watch TV.” Tania replied.
When Tania had left for the kitchen Kirrah suggested we go look at her dog that was outside.
After we had been with the dog for about five minutes, Kirrah wanted to show us the TV she was talking about. She led us into a giant media room.
“We might watch a DVD or something in here after tea.” Kirrah told us, breaking the silence we were having.
“Why won’t you let us see your room?” Frank asked Kirrah.
“It’s,, well, y’know.” Kirrah started saying before blushing.
“It’s messy.” Meg quickly told us before screaming and pointing at a stack of DVD’s.
We all looked at Meg funny, except for Kirrah who looked embarrassed to know her.
Meg ran over to the stack of DVD’s before pulling one out and holding it front of Kirrah’s face, screaming.
“Has Meg found that DVD?” Tania called from the kitchen.
“Yeah.” Kirrah called back sighing.
“What movie is it?” I asked Meg.
Meg giggled then blushed and muttered something.
“What?” I asked her.
She coughed then muttered slightly louder.
“Doctor Who series six.”
“Doctor Who?” Gerard asked her and caused her to blush even more.
“Yeah.” She replied.
“Like the sci-fi thing with the time travelling thingy and the silver men?” Gerard asked.
“Yeah.” Meg replied quietly and going scarlet.
“I LOVE Doctor Who!” Gerard yelled, raising his hand for a high-five.
Meg ran over and slapped his hand, a huge grin on her face.
“Shall we go to your room?” Frank asked, winking at Kirrah.
She sighed “Fine. But I have to quickly do something first.” She told us before grabbing Meg’s arm and running up the stairs.
They were up there for about five minutes; I wonder what they’re doing. Tidying her room up?
They finally came down and Kirrah grudgingly let us into her room.
We stepped inside and everywhere seemed to be covered in posters and pictures of us.
In the in middle of the room was a double-bed with black sheets and above that was a ‘Black Parade’ My Chemical Romance poster. At the far end of the room was a dresser and bookshelf. From here there was a little shelf dedicated to MCR CD’s. Other than that only everywhere else was covered in My Chemical Romance posters.
“Whoa, this My Chemical Romance band must be pretty awesome for them to be all over your walls.” I said to Kirrah who turned a bright scarlet.
Frank laughed, and Meg joined in until Kirrah glared at her and Meg tried covering up my coughed.
“Sore throat.” Meg said to Kirrah, rubbing her throat, which made me chuckled.
Kirrah had just returned to a normal colour just before Frank pulled out a picture.
“Who are these kitty cats?” Frank asked, holding up a picture.
Meg looked at the picture and blushed too so I quickly ran over to see what the picture was; it was of Meg and Kirrah dressed as cats by the look of it.
“Us.” Meg whispered. Mikey had a quick look at the picture.
“What were you guys trying to do?” Mikey Asked
Meg and Kirrah blushed again.
“Being Catwoman.” Kirrah replied.
“Of course.” Mikey replied.
“Well, I think you look amazingly sexy.” Frank told them which caused Kirrah to blush like hell and Meg to laugh hysterically.
We all gave both of them funny looks, except for Frank who was laughing like hell with Meg.
They finished laughing after about 10 minutes, but every couple of seconds Meg would make this weird sound that sounded like was she was about to start laughing again.
Frank walked over to the CD case and put a disk in the stereo, then walked into a spare room that was attached to the bedroom.
Frank and Gerard disappeared behind the door and I heard them gasp. I quickly ran into the room to see the room all set up with drums, guitars and microphones.
“Do you play?” Gerard asked.
“Um...” Meg said, blushing.
“Mayyybe.” Kirrah told us.
“Who plays what?” Mikey asked them.
“Well I-” Kirrah started but I cut her off.
“I wanna guess!” I yelled
“Umm...OK?” Kirrah replied.
“Meg plays bass guitar and Kirrah sings.” I told them.
“Nope.” Meg said, grinning.
“Meg plays drums and does back-up singing. I play bass and sing.” Kirrah told me.
“Well, I got the you singing part right.” I told them hopefully.
Meg and Kirrah burst out laughing but stopped when Mikey told them that he doubt they could play.
Meg seemed to pull out some drum sticks from nowhere and she and Kirrah glared at Mikey.
“Bring it.” Kirrah told them.
Meg twirled her drumsticks and they both walked into the room looking like total gangsters.
Meg and Kirrah quickly tuned up before starting playing ‘It’ Not A Fashion Statement, It’s A Death Wish.’ and Oh My God were they good.
All of us had our mouths hanging open it looked like Frank and Gerard were in love.
Kirrah tried avoiding our eyes as much as possible as she sang and played her guitar; Meg looked up every now and then but had a perfect excuse to keep her head down. She was normally looking up when she sung, but wasn’t exactly looking at us.
After they had finished they started blushing again. They seemed to be blushing all the time.
“You guys are amazing!” Mikey said.
The girls blushed again and giggled.
“Awww thanks Mikey.” Meg said.
“Awww thank you Mikey.” Kirrah said.
Then they both ran up to Mikey and gave him a hug. Mikey looked over their shoulders to where Gerard and Frank were scowling, and then winked at them.
Mikey then chuckled as the girls let go.
“DINNER!” Tania called upstairs.
I was excited to eat with the girls and their mum but I read the others face and it seemed to say: ‘Gosh, how the hell is this going to turn out?’

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