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Ones Appearence

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This is when krauser first sees leon at camp. pairing none for this chapter. A hint of like.

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Chapter 1: One’s appearance

Jack was talking to his fellow comrades about their chief leader sergeant Ray.
Everybody in camp almost always had nothing nice to say about the guy. The newer recruits always whined that he was too hard on them. This only made the more professional group laugh and mock them. They knew that this was only the beginning for them.

“Ya know…” Krieg began. “Me, and Brad heard that the sergeant had requested more, “Fresh-fish.” Jack eyed him suspiciously. “So, he’s finally come to grabbing all what he can find, eh? I have to say, I kind of expected this to happen.” Krieg nodded and looked around the camp. “It’s to goddamn packed in here for more new recruits. The chief keeps this up; we’ll be as packed in as sardines.” Jack looked at him and smirked. “Sounds like someone’s claustrophobic.” Jack joked. Krieg only glared at him. “Why hell no! I just don’t want to have to share my damn bed with the babies’ is all. I hear enough whining from the lesser recruits as it is.”

Jack looked at him and laughed. He did find it a bit crowding now, that the camp was past its capacity limit, but it didn’t bother Jack the least bit. He looked around till he felt Krieg tap his shoulder and issue him to look in the direction of the truck driving into the camp. New recruits had been seen through the small opening of the back curtain flaps of the truck, and boy was it packed! The driver got out, and let down the latch allowing the recruits to walk out of the truck and onto the ground crowding each other as they jumped out next to one another.

Jack looked at the truck suspiciously watching the men herd in a group. They were mostly big and bulky with a good set of muscle on them

…..then all of a sudden, a smaller and more feebly built man stuck out of all of them.

He was so different and so much smaller compared to the others that you could pick him right out of the crowd. His hair was short, ash blond, as he had a set of bangs cover his left eye.

His eyes were what caught Jacks attention the most...

They were the bluest eye’s he’d ever seen in his life. It made him go almost breathless as he watched the man sling his head to the side, and toss his bangs from his face.

Jack didn’t know why the chief had picked such a small man out of all the other big men. It puzzled him. For the moment however, he let his pondering mind take a break, as he continued his long gazes on the younger boy.

“Check it out….” Krieg began whispering to Jack he nudged his shoulder nodding his head in the direction of the younger and smaller man. He laughed. “Fresh meat.” He said dangerously. This made Jack look at him in an odd way. “Ya know maybe sharing my bed won’t be such a bad thing…” He said inwardly still eyeing the small boy. “And here I thought you didn’t want to share your bed with the brats.” Jack stated. Krieg only looked at him for a second, and then fixed his eyes back onto the younger man that stood yards away from him. “Yea, but as long as I’m only supposed to share it with him.” Jack looked at him and let a small growl escape his throat, by accident. Krieg looked at him and gave him a curious look. “Alright man alright! Take it easy. You can have him if you want him...

...But I would choose your partner more carefully if I were you Jack. He’s a bit on the small side.” Jack only looked at him with an emotionless face.

“Nothing a few weights and some exercise can’t fix.”

Krieg looked at him and shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t gonna tell Jack what he should worry about, after all the man knew a lot of things, and could read most of the people he looked at, or knew pretty well. Maybe the kid could do more than what Krieg thought he was capable of, so he wasn’t going to Judge the kid on his appearance.

Jack knew the kid would serve him well as a partner, but he needed to know more about him. He would let the camp do most of his interrogating first.
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