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getting to know someone.

by zombiesJustWantHugs

Krauser makes an attempt to fully understand his new comrade Leon.

Category: Resident Evil - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Leon S. Kennedy - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2011-07-05 - Updated: 2011-07-05 - 512 words

Krauser eyed his prey from the back of the training room carefully. He didn't understand why he just couldn't work up the nerve and get his big ass to move in leon's direction. He wasn't nervous. Of that he was damn sure. Still.....something really made him wonder about that cop....Leon S kennedy. Hell, the name fell off of his tongue whenever he mentioned it. Still it wasn't right for him to be acting like this creepy stalker guy he was being for the past week. It just wasn't right.....

Finally when leon made his way to the door, he found himself blocked by a big mass of muscle almost two times his size. Leon only looked up. Krauser wasn't that much bigger than Leon, but he still found himself needing to look slightly up to set an eye to eye gaze with the man. Krauser only smirked slightly, and held out his hand. "So, you must be the new guy. Leon right?" Leon looked at him, and politely extended his hand as they both shook each other's hand for a second. "Yea. Im sorry, but I'm not entirely sure who you are though." The smaller man said. Krauser just crossed his arms and closed his eyelids half way resting them. "He. Im Krauser." Leon only smiled and looked up and down the man in front of him. He was huge no doubt. His face was almost perfect......except that scar that ran down his eye, and chin. Leon tried not to stare at it.....but failed.

Krauser blinked his eyes, as he saw leon gazing at the scar on the side of his face. He knew Leon wanted to know what happened, and how it even go there, so he just smirked. "This happened a while ago, with my friend Krieg. We were supposed to be playin' around, but the damn fool, always is near cutting someone or something off. I'm just glad I didn't go blind." Leon only nodded his head, and turned red. He didn't mean to be rude, and stare.....maybe he just couldn't help but stare....or maybe he just wanted to reach up and feel it under his fingertips. The fantasy in his head kept him silent as Krauser kept explaining his story, of how Krieg gave him the scar.

"Anyways." Krauser began. Leon shook his head a bit, as his fantasy in his head was interrupted, and snapped him back to reality. "You have anyone to sit next to at lunch?" Leon only shook his head. He never had another place to sit, after what happened with the others when they snuck up behind him. They had to get the chief to pull Leon off of them. Krauser smirked agian, and nudged his head near the door that lead out of the training range, as Leon went ahead of him. Krauser opened the door for him, as he walked out first.

Oddly enough Krauser was really curious about how his lunch would be with him and leon. Somehow he wasn't going to regret it.
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