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chapter eight

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Frank and Gerard talk and Mikey is continuing to search for him...

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Note. Hey, I meant to get this up sooner, but my dad stole the laptop.Hope you still like this story, and just in case you didn`t see the note I put up yesterday, in just under 3 weeks I`m going on holiday and probably won`t be able to do any writing. But anyway, hope you like the chapter, Let us know if you do
Frank`s pov.
“Can you answer me?” I ask the stranger, hoping for an answer this time. Not only was it rude to not answer when someone asks you a direct question, but I was also very worried about this guy, for whatever reason. I couldn’t see why myself, I didn’t have a clue who he was and so far he had mostly ignored me, save for a slight nod of the head. No answer, what a shock. As much as I wanted to help him, I was getting cold, and fed up of waiting for him to speak. Maybe he didn’t want my help; maybe he was quite happy to be sitting outside in the cold in the middle of the night.
“I…I`ll just…go then.” Sadness suddenly overwhelms me, and I cannot understand why. If this guy didn’t want my help then surely I had better leave. It was what any normal person would do. The only problem with that was that I didn’t want to leave him sitting there, clearly freezing cold and bothered by something. I smile at him reproachfully, but he doesn’t even look up at me. Sighing, I turn on my heels and start to walk away; ignoring the huge urge I had to look back at him.
“W…wait, please!” he calls after me, struggling to his feet. I turn back round and run over to him, helping him to his feet, shivering slightly as the cold, goose bumped skin of his arm brushes against mine.
“I…I`m sorry, I didn’t mean to seen rude.” He shuffles his feet, apparently finding the scuff marks on them interesting. “ said your name was frank?” he peaks at me from under his dark, dishevelled hair.
“Yeah, I`m frank.” I pause, desperate to know his name, but not wanting to push him, glad to have finally got a few words out of him. “Can you tell me your name?” he freezes for a second, then looks me directly in the eye for the first time.
“Gee, you can call me Gee.” I find it strange that he didn’t give me his full name, but do not question it, though I must admit I am a little disappointed.
Gerard`s pov.
I watch Frank from under the dark, messy canopy of my hair, peering out from under it as he turns around slowly, almost…regrettably, and walks away. I feel a sharp twinge of guilt as I watch; wishing I could say something, even just one word. I had always wanted to when I was alive, but never had the courage to. But what did I have to lose now, I was dead? Oh, yeah, that’s what was stopping me now, I was dead, I wasn’t supposed to be here still, I was buried six feet under in a stupid coffin. A single tear slides down my bloody, bruised cheek, it wasn’t fair. What had I ever done to deserve this?
“W…wait, please!” I’m struggling to get to my feet, though I know it’s pointless, frank was already nearly out of the gate, he wouldn’t turn back now.
But he does. He runs back over to me, and helps me to my feet, seeing as I was still struggling. I was still in so much pain; I was beginning to doubt it would ever go away. His skin brushes against mine again, and I see him shiver slightly, must be from the cold.
“I…I`m sorry, I didn’t mean to seem rude.” I can’t look him in the eye, so instead focus on my feet, shuffling them slightly, wondering how my converse became so scruffy looking. “Y…you said your name was frank?” I chance a peek from under my hair, feeling rather dazzled by his beauty. It was hopeless though, I knew it was. I also already knew his name was Frank; I just wanted an excuse to hear him speak again.
“Yeah, I`m Frank.” He smiles at me shyly before continuing with the question I have been dreading.
“Can you tell me your name?” I freeze for a second, mind suddenly completely blank of names. I couldn’t tell him my name was Gerard; he would surely recognise the name as the one belonging to one of the Way brothers who had been found dead. He would know who I was, and think he was going mad. I finally decide on a name, the old nickname Mikey had given me, knowing it would be one I would remember, one I would answer to.
“Gee, you can call me Gee.”
Frank is quiet for a moment, then smiles widely. “Gee, cool.” I force a smile back, it had been so long since he had called me that, I couldn’t tell if I was more happy, or more sad to hear it again.
You aright?” he actually looks genuinely concerned, it’s almost as though he actually gives a damn about what happens to me, even though he barely knows me. “it`s just you look a bit…sad.” I smile sadly, of course I was sad, I had been robbed of my life, my family had all but forgotten me and my little brother hated me. I wasn’t exactly going to be skipping around singing stupid love songs or something like that.
“I’m okay, just tired and a bit sore.” I tell frank, shocked that he actually seems to care. Of course the bit about being a bit sore was the understatement of the century.
“Oh, shit!” frank cries out, scaring me for a second. “I didn’t even realise it, your hurt!” he leans over me, despite his size I feel like a small child again. I`m reminded of all the times when I would graze my knees or cut myself and my mother would clean my wounds. I can’t help but wonder now if that was all just for show, maybe it was all just an act.
Frank inspects my bloodstained jacket with wide eyes, beautiful, stunning, warm eyes. I shake my head and groan; the stupid thoughts wouldn’t leave me alone!
“C`mon.” Frank orders me. i just stood there clueless as to what I was supposed to do.
“You`re really badly hurt and those wounds need seeing to.” he frowns, noticing that the floor where I had been sitting earlier was now covered in red patches.
“You may even need t go hospital.”
“No.” I say with such power in my voice it causes frank to look at me oddly. I couldn’t go to a hospital. A everyone thought I was dead and B the doctors would probably want to know why I had no pulse or heart beat. “I’ve always been afraid of hospitals, plus I`m fine, just a little sore.” I pause, before continuing, feeling the sadness that had momentarily vanished since speaking to frank return. “I`ll be fine, you should probably go back home, don’t worry `bout me.” I force a smile, trying to let him know I meant what I had said. Kinda hard considering I hadn’t.
“no.” frank shakes his head. “Your coming with me, I`ll get you cleaned up.”

Meanwhile, back in heaven.
Mikey`s pov.
That idiot, that fucking idiot. She STILL hadn’t found him, and she was supposed to be the best.
“There is still no sign of your brother, perhaps he has died of his wounds?” I shake my head. Gerard would be alive still; it took a lot to kill a fallen angel, even a newly fallen one.
“well, maybe a demon had finished him off, or maybe another hunter.”
“A demon? They don’t normally touch fallen angels, do they?”
“No, but recently everything has gone…rather crazy. Angels abandoning their posts and all that. Plus…” the hunter paused.
“Go on.” I glare at her, speaking through my teeth. Her orangey brown eyes narrow, but she continues.
“Demons and fallen angels have been…talking to each other instead of fighting, there has been more angels falling than usual and…”
“I said keep going.”
“There has been a mass break out of Hell.”
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