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chapter nine

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Escaped demons,and Gerard struggles slightly with his feelings...

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NOTE. Hi, not sick of me yet? Anyway, I personally kinda like this chapter, what do you all think? If anyone here reads my other story the sequal to i don`t love you like i did yesterday, I am in need of some help and there is a new chapter up. Also, I will be continuing one of my mini frerards-my chemical school after finding it again and people saying that they wanted me to. I don`t know when I can write it as I already have so much on the go at once and when I`ve finished Dander days:Bob`s story I have a 9/11 fic and a history fic or 2 to work on.But I really want to continue it, so I will at soempoint. Hope this chapter isn`t too long, let ,me know if it is. Hope you like it, please let me know what you think
Frank`s pov.
“You`re coming with me, I`ll get you cleaned up.” I don`t know what made me say it- I barely knew the guy. For all I knew he could be a serial killer, but for some reason I trusted him and wanted to, no, needed to help him. Gee, how I wished I knew his real name, stared at me, jaw threatening to drop, poised to argue with me.
“No, you…I err-“
“Gee, your hurt, at least let me make sure that your wounds are seen to and get you a drink and some food, if nothing else.” He sighs, before mumbling something I didn’t quite catch. It was probably a good thing I didn’t; he was probably cursing me or something.
“Fine. Where do you live?” he sighed again and followed me over the road and over to my two bed, medium sized house. Neither of us spoke until we reached the old tree, Gee looked up at it, then at the window which I had excited through earlier, then down at me sceptically.
“You climbed out of the window and down the tree onto the ground?” I look away, something I often did when having been caught doing something I knew was wrong or dangerous.
“yeah.” I shrug, deciding it was best to act s though it didn’t bother me, as though it was something I often did.
“Oh.” Gee returns his attention back to the floor, as I begin to tell him the best route up the tree. I wasn’t sure if he was listening, but they guy was hurt enough as it was and I dint want him falling out if a tree.
“I have climbed trees before.” He snaps. As he starts his slow climb up the tree, using only one arm I notice, I`m left desperately trying to figure out what I had done to make him snap at me. I can’t help but feel more than a little hurt.
When he had reached the top of the tree, I begin to follow, keeping an ear out for mum, hoping that she hadn’t heard anything or went in to check on me and noticed that I wasn’t there. I highly doubted it-it was the early hours of the morning, but I was still worried all the same.
“So, this is my room.” Gee nods, looking around the messy room, eyes wide and biting his lip nervously.
I walk past him heading for the light switch on the wall, wanting to actually be able to see clearly, when he puts a hand on my shoulder, casing me to shiver, and stops me.
“Can…do we really need the light on?” Gee asks, not making eye contact, in fact it was almost as though he was looking everywhere apart from where I was stood next to him.
“Well, don’t you find it a bit, I dunno, dark?”
He shakes his head, hair falling forward into his face covering almost all of it. “No.”
“Really?” I question, one eyebrow raised. It was almost pitch black inside my room, the only source of light was from the thin sliver of a moon outside.
“I don’t like the light.” his tone unnerves me for some reason, so does his choice of words. What did he mean he didn’t like the light?
“Huh?” his eyes flicker towards my face for a split second, then he is staring at the window again, staring at the tiny silver sliver of moon.
“The light shows you for what you really are; I don’t want people, especially you to know who I really am.” He pauses, and the odd sentence echo’s inn my head. What did he mean by that? Why did he say especially me? IA wiser person would probably have questioned him, but I didn’t. They would have also probably left him there sitting in the garden, but I cared too much, for whatever reason.
“I`m ashamed, I guess.” His face screws up for a minute, he was clearing thinking very hard about something. “No, I know I`m ashamed, very ashamed.”
Gerard`s pov.
“No, you…I err-”
“Gee, your hurt, at least let me make sure that your wounds are seen to and get you a drink and some food, if nothing else.”
Shit. Didn’t frank get it? I couldn’t go with him. I sure as hell wanted to, but i knew that if I did, he would recognise me. Or maybe not…. Surely he would have by now. Then again, the lighting out here was hardly brilliant, the street lamps were old, only a few were working and there were very few stars out. Maybe he couldn’t see me clearly, after all, the only reason I could see him so well was because of my new ability to see in the dark.
Plus, I had changed a fair bit since last summer when I was still breathing. Back then I had short black hair, now it had grown out to my shoulders, in a very shaggy, untameable kind of style. Heaven didn’t exactly have top hairstylists working there so we had to all embrace the natural look. I hadn’t grown of course, but I think I was even paler, due to the lack of sunshine up in heaven. (We got our light by artificial means, messed up, right?) The only thing I feared would give me away was my eyes. They had a very unusual colour, but I doubted that when I had attended school hat Frank had ever looked at them, or even noticed my existence. Maybe he wouldn’t recognise me…
“Fine. Where do you live?”I knew fine well where he lived, just across the street, but I couldn’t let him know that. He had to think that I was some random person off the streets who had never seen him before.
He smiles, and my stomach does one of those weird little annoying, yet at the same time kinda nice flips. I may be dead, but I still was a teenager, one who was in love with someone at that. It was hopeless though, for so many reasons, even if I was still alive, it would be hopeless. I had long ago accepted this, but my stupid heart still hadn’t quite learned to stay out of things. It`s job was to pump blood around my body, granted it didn’t need to anymore, so it should just stop poking its nose into everything else.
Frank leads me across the road and over to his house. We walk in silence, but I get the feeling that there is something he wants to say, to ask me maybe, but he doesn’t.

“So this is my room.” I nod, surveying the messy room, taking in all the magazines and clothes littering the floor, the huge pile on Cds by a state of the art player, the posters covering the black painted walls. I smile noticing that we both had similar tastes in music, glad to have found someone who liked the same kind of stuff I did. My brother had been the only other person I had met who had.
I can feel Frank staring at me, but I don’t return the gaze, fearing he would recognise me. Maybe a small part of me actually wanted him to; it would mean that he had noticed me when I had been alive.
He walks past me, over to the wall nearest the door. Seeing the light switch on it, I freeze then place my hand on his shoulder, ignoring the tingling on my hand as I touch him.
If he switched the light on, the chances are he would recognise me. At least in the dark he couldn’t see me properly.
“Can…do we really need the light on?” I ask, unable to look at him.
“Well, don’t you find it a bit, I dunno, dark?” he raises on eyebrow. God damnit! Did he have to look so fucking cute?! He looks at me, confusion filling his eyes.
I shake my head, purposefully getting my hair to fall to cover most of my face. If he saw me…I didn’t even want to think about what might happen.. “No.”
“Really?” Frank questions, amusement and confusion clear on his face.
“I don’t like the light.” I speak in a quiet voice. I can tell that I am starting to make him feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it. He could see me, he couldn’t recognise me.
“Huh?” I sneak a peak at him from und the dark curtain of hair, then turn away to face the window, not finding the moon anywhere near as interesting as Frank.
“The light shows you for what you really are; I don’t want people, especially you to know who I really am.” I pause, not sure how much more to say, surprised at what I had already said. I didn’t know any of this was true until I had just spoken it. “I`m ashamed, I guess.” My face screws up in concentration, searching for the right words. If I had to tell him this, I wanted to get it right. “No, I know I`m ashamed, very ashamed.”
Normal pov.
There were several dark, hooded figures standing there, some were crouched over slightly, others were surrounded by a fog of smoke, its source a cigarette held in their pale, thin hands. They were each wearing identical cloaks, all black made of some unusual, almost shimmering material, all with the hoods up, obscuring their pale faces. Some chattered quietly amongst themselves in small groups, most stood alone. Their eyes were all the same deep pools of crimson, and they all looked…hungry.
“We did it, then, eh?” one of them, a girl, laughs, lowering her hood and taking a long drag on her cigarette.
“Yeah,” another, a guy this time speaks up, he too lowers his hood.
“Told ya we could fuckin` do it.” Another says in an almost teasing voice. She lowers her hood and removes the cloak, chucking onto the floor.
“They said it could never be done, all them goody two shoes bitches.” The first girl laughs, taking off her cloak and chucks it carelessly to the floor with the other. “Hell is a prison from which evil cannot escape from.” All the figures laugh this time, each slowly remove their cloaks and dump them in the pile. “We fucking proved `em wrong.”
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