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Just Business

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It was supposed to be just business, nothing more.

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“The stone princess they call her.” My dad said walking around his well-kept office. “Worth 7.5 million and she’s the stone princess.” He said with laughter in his voice. I didn’t find anything funny though. You see my dad, as successful as he is, always wants more. And she is no exception.
“What do you want me to do dad?” I looked up at him chewing on my lip ring.
“Marry her.” He simply stated like it was nothing.
“W-what?” I stuttered not believing what I just heard. Like my ears were playing tricks on me. He cannot be serious right?
“Marry her. She doesn’t have any family, they died in a horrific car crash back when she was sixteen. That’s how she got her first business with her best friend so young. Anyway the point is you don’t have anybody to impress, just her. This is the difficult bit.” He threw a magazine article at me which had a pretty girl on with a loosely scraped back quiff hair that was a violet grey colour, much like that of Kelly Osbourne’s. She was pale and her eyes were lined with think black pencil whilst soft pink covered her lips. She had a black business suit jacket on which was buttoned up in the middle of her petit waist and just a black bra was underneath. “Three years it took them to get her to do that cover shoot.” He looked at me “not because the figure wasn’t right, but because she is a tough private woman.” My dad carried on “her name is Georgina Flowers and she is 21. She owns a fashion business with her best friend where they also have a magazine that is one of the biggest selling ones in this area. She does the business aspect and her friend does the designing.” He began to pace up and down the length of his office. “She’s going out tonight for her best friend, Annabelle’s, birthday. That’s the only time she drinks.” He walked over to me with a piece of paper saying the name of the bar they was going I presumed. “All your drinks are on my tab, so I suggest you ring your little band buddies up and that they go out with you tonight and you woo this stone princess.” He smiled as if it was a done deal.
“Dad..” He looked at me sharply “I don’t think I can do this I mean, it’s nasty and well not really worth it for a business.” He whispered chewing on my lip ring nervously.
“No you’re right Frank.” He sat down nodding “just like your bands not really worth me helping to keep getting you better contracts is it?” he smirked that knowing smirk. He had me by the balls.

At the bar I quickly saw her group, well 10 girls and a guy who well was defiantly gay all in feathered bowers, crowns and all have wands weren’t really hard to locate. I spent all night looking over at their group every so often, trying to gain eye contact with her, but she didn’t look over, not even once. The drinks kept pouring in both our party and hers when an old woman walked in asking if I wanted to buy a freshly picked red rose for ‘that special someone’ she spoke with a Spanish twang to her accent.
“Frank this could be your chance to catch that girls attention you’ve been trying to get.” Gerard spoke, whilst the old woman pushed the basket towards me for my selection. I paid her but instead of bursting over to Georgina and declaring my fake love for her, I thought of a better way; so I shared my idea with the rose woman who then asked for more money before toddling over to the very tipsy birthday group and holding the rose out to Georgina and nodding in my direction. This was the first time I’d seen her eyes in person for the first time and what I saw in them made me freeze. They looked so soft and lost bringing a dramatic change from the ruthless, sexy stare that I’d seen on the magazine I finally looked away when I heard the birthday girl shout “Come on George invite them over!” and with a slight blush that’s exactly what she did. We all gathered are drinks and walked over to them in their little booth, Georgina talking to the guy of the group a small smile playing on her lips. “Come in! Come in!” the birthday waved spilling a bit of her drink on Georgina. “Sorry George!” She said ruffling the girls her giggling.
“Annabelle you are rather drunk” she giggled a little “sit down.” She looked up smiling.
“No no I need to do the introductions.” She steadied herself. “Hi, I’m Annabelle” She said putting her hand on her chest, “This is Georgina” She pointed to Georgina before continuing with the rest of the group.
“Hi, I’m Frank” I pointed to myself but looked at Georgina, “this is Gerard, Mikey and Ray.” I pointed the all out with a smile, noticing Annabelle was staring at Gerard, not really sure if she was trying to regain her focus or she liked him. We spent the rest of the night talking to the group, well mainly Georgina as she was the more sober one.
“Annabelle I’m going home now.” She held the girls arms tightly so she’d look at her. “I’ll ring a taxi to come and get you so I know you get home safe ok?” she smiled when the taller girl nodded. “Ok, happy birthday” she smiled hugging the rest of the group, Alfie – the only original guy in the group – whispering something in her ear about my bum causing her to laugh.
Gerard quickly nudging me in my ribs leaning in to my ear “walk her home, it’s late and dark and you’ll be he ‘perfect gentleman’ trust me.” He whispered smiling, causing me to jump up and walk after her.
“Here let me help.” I smiled helping her put her coat on as she was struggling with the feather bower on. “Allow me to walk home?” I smiled at her when she turned to look at me. She nodded smiling. I quickly grabbed my jacket and we walked out and down the street and to her house.
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