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The morning after the night before

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Georgina’s P.O.V
I woke up my head pounding from the obvious drinks I’d had last night, but what I wasn’t expecting was the olive skinned, tattooed and pierced handsome guy asleep next to me. Topless as far as I could I see.
“Shit.” I whispered, causing the young man to stir, I held my head trying to remember what happened last night. That’s the thing with me, I don’t usually drink because I cannot normally remember the next morning, but it came flooding back in bucket loads; we was celebrating Annabelle’s birthday in the bar, his group joined us and he walked me home, he came in we had a bottle of wine just talking and then we started kissing and fumbling leading to us to going into the bed.
“What time is it?” The young man, which for the love of god of me I couldn’t think of his name, croaked out, rubbing his eyes.
“11 am.” I whispered getting up, “I’m late.” I quickly pulled the cover off the bed to wrap it around my naked body, forgetting he too was naked. “Shit” I screamed out turning to face away from him, when he rolled off the bed to hide his naked self.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He shouted fumbling with his boxers whilst still trying to hide his dignity.
“Who are you?!” I screamed from my en-suite bathroom, where I’d resided to safety.
“I’m Frank Iero, I met you last night at the bar where you was celebrating your friend’s birthday, I walked you home and then we had wine.” He said getting louder by the minute whilst walking to the bathroom door.
“You’re an Iero?!” I screeched out in disbelief. “I had sex with a stranger who’s an Iero.” I cried out. The Iero’s were my main rivals; they constantly tried to buy me out of my company with no avail. If this was Romeo and Juliet then they were the Montague’s and I was the Capulet’s.
“Yes I’m an Iero what is wrong with that?” He asked in a matter of fact tone.
“What is the wrong with that? Your family have been after my company for years. That’s what is wrong with that.” I stated in my stubborn tone, opening the bathroom door to meet his beautiful eyes. “I’d like you to leave please.” I whispered eventually when I tore my gaze away from his face.
“Only if you promise me something,” he smiled sweetly when my head snapped up “nothing bad” he laughed “well I don’t think it’s bad. Come on a date with me tonight? I’ll meet you at the entrance of the park at 7 tonight?” he bit his lip, a nervous trait of his I guessed.
“I’ll have to see if I’m busy.” I told him, no intention of going of course.
“Then I will maybe see you at 7 tonight.” He chirped walking out leaving me to call Annabelle to tell her about my not-in-my-schedule-morning.

“He’s still not leaving.” Annabelle said down the phone to me. She was sat in the café facing the entrance of the park watching Frank to see if he’d leave, but he’s still stood there – half an hour after we’d arranged to meet. “George I think you’re just going to have to go over to him. He might start setting up camp soon and he obviously likes you enough to wait this long in the middle of November, when it’s cold. He might not be that bad.” She tried to reason with me.
“He’s an Iero. They’re all that bad. They’re more than bad, they’re .. they’re .. okay I can’t think of the word but they’re more than bad.” I sat down slowly.
“Well go on the date whilst you think of the word.” She laughed.
“Fine.” I got out of my car hating the fact there was no other way out of this. “I’ll go on the stupid date, with the stupid Iero.” I muttered hanging up when I heard the response of ‘good girl’. I walked over to the park gates slowly, holding my ‘flasher mac’ around me tightly to stop the bitter cold air from nipping at my skin.
“How long have you lived here?” He looked at me smiling.
“Most of my life.” I ignored his chirpy tone, that must be his natural voice.
“So I’m presuming you wasn’t lost then?” he linked me before walking towards the opposite direction I’d came from. “Then that must leave the only plausible explanation of you tried to make me get tired of waiting and leave so that if I ever saw you again you could say that you had an appointment or something along those lines and you went to turn up but I wasn’t there and that you now have a boyfriend.” He looked at me with a questioning smile. “I’m right aren’t I?”
“The fact you even have that much in-depth knowledge of the subject suggests that you have had this done to you before or you have yourself done this to a girl.” I noted “and actually you’re wrong. I didn’t want to come on the date and it was my best friend who told me it was nasty on me to leave you waiting and I should just get it over with. Hence why I’m here.” I told him looking straight ahead, avoiding any eye contact that is as humanly possible.
“It has been done to me before, so I now have much in-depth knowledge of how you girls work.” He smiled, leading us into a cosy restaurant and getting us a table for two in the corner of the room. “So I know we’re doing this a bit backwards, I mean the date is meant to become before the sex but well yeah.” He smiled ordering two tonic waters with lime. My favourite. We chatted all night about him being in a band and how he has no part in his father’s business. After we had our food he slowly led me out of the comfortable, warm restaurant and onto the cold streets once again linking me. “So come on, I’ve read your interviews. You’re the hard business woman who takes no shit, but tell me the softer side of you? You can’t be so hard all the time.” He asked me smiling his handsome smile.
“Oh you’ve read the interviews? You mean the one’s where I’m referred to as the Stone Princess?” I mumbled. “My softer side? Let’s see” I thought once he nodded to the previous question. “When I’m down I listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the Eva Cassidy version because it makes me smile.” I smiled looking at the floor just thinking about the song. “On my birthday I take the day off, just so I can be alone. Me and my friends celebrate my birthday on the 9th instead of the 8th.” He looked down at me confused. “My parents got married 3 years before I was born on the 8th of February. I lost my parents when I was sixteen so that day I take out to well think about them.” I looked away biting my lip.
“I’m sorry about that.” He stopped walking and turned me to look at him. “That must have been hard for you.” He stroked a piece of stray hair out of my face.
“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” I smiled slightly.
“That’s true.” He smiled before carrying on leading the way of our path.
“I try my hardest at work because it’s my parents. They left me the money when they died and I bought the company. I don’t see it as my company I see it as there’s. That’s why I’m highly protective over it. That’s why your dad’s ridiculous offers don’t even get opened no more. I’m sure he thinks it’s because he thinks I’m just after more money but it’s not.” I laughed.
“Fair enough. My dad is ruthless but I stay away from his business.” He smiled at me “what about relationships?” He asked quietly, as if it was a taboo subject, whilst searching for his keys in his suit pockets.
“Relationships?” I let out a loud laugh before quickly covering my mouth. “I mean, I’m not an alien I have had them, just not good ones.” I smiled walking in after him, taking in my surroundings.
“Why’s that?” He pulled me into the living room, which was painted grey with black furniture and guitars all around.
“One word. Money.” I smiled “they just, you know, get with me then expect me to pay for their shit and dump me when I don’t.”
“Do you ever get lonely then?” He asked pulling me on his knee slowly.
“Sometimes.” I whispered “but I can deal with it.” I smiled before he kissed me softly holding my cheeks.
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