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Beauty spot

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Frank learns some likes and dislikes of Georgina

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Frank’s P.O.V
“So then I said to her you’re not going to let me see the beauty spot near your bum again and well she showed it me again.” I heard Gerard choke a little on his coffee.
“Well at least she can’t mistake the direction of that request. And please refrain yourself from describing her body to me, I’m not really into the whole listening to the details of my best friends sex life yeah?” He said playfully. “When you seeing her again? I mean 4th base in two dates you’re so in there dude.” He realised what he said “no pun intended.”
“I don’t know I need to flatter her though, you know she opened up to me last night, I feel awful but my dad you know he always stands by his word.” I confided in Gerard.
“I don’t know what to say, I mean do you even like her?” Gerard questioned.
“Of course I do.” I thought for a moment “I think. It’ll take time. Plus as dad keeps saying It’ll be over as soon as it started because of the divorce. Then I plan to move away double quick smart.” I said mainly to myself then my best friend on the other end of the line. “I’m going to go anyway, going to send flowers to her office and need to go see if she smiles or not.” I told him before disconnecting and going to the florist picking out the biggest bunch of lilies I could find and had them delivered to her office block whilst I went and got coffee for us both and walked round slowly.

“I know Annabelle but this isn’t like me. Yes he’s charming and handsome, not tall but no one’s perfect.” Both girls laughed at the joke of my height causing me to smile. “But you know what it’s been like in the past with the others, I just don’t think I can go through that again. I mean Ethan screwing me over nearly sent me psychotic.” Her soft voice suddenly became serious. “I’m not cut out for this dating crap, I need a ready-made husband that won’t screw me over, that works himself and that understands me and that loves me for me and not my bank balance.” I could sense her rolling her eyes at that last sentence; she told me a lot last night how this Ethan was an ex and he made her feel like she’d always wanted to feel until one day she came home early from a business meeting in Chicago and found him in bed with another girl, which turned out to be a whore, which she paid for because he took the money from her account. She told me exactly how she felt about him, how she loved him and had even bought a wedding magazine thinking he was the one. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt when she told me.
“Not all men are like Ethan and you have to remember how dedicated he was when you left him waiting last night. Ethan wouldn’t of done that.” I heard Annabelle speak up just as Georgina’s assistant knocked on her office door holding the flowers.
“Erm, Miss Flowers this came for you.” She held them out to her.
“Get them out! Get them out!” I heard Georgina scream just before she sneezed. “Lola do me a favour and go and put them in Annabelle’s car for me please?” She spoke softly again. I can’t believe she was giving my flowers away. “And send the gentleman hiding around the corner of the door in please.” I heard the smile in her voice and I walked in slowly blushing. “You would make a useless spy.” She looked up at me smiling.
“You threw my flowers away? I’m offended deeply and I think the only way I can be unoffended is by you agreeing to come to a dinner with me tonight.” I smirked, noticing the little twinkle in her eye.
“Actually it should be George that is offended.” It was Annabelle who spoke this time “she hates lilies, the smell, the look, the texture, she just hates them.” She smiled at me standing up gathering her stuff “try pansy’s or sunflowers next time or even poppies.” She giggled, “thanks for the flowers they were beautiful.” Annabelle kissed my cheek giggling before walking out.
“I’m sorry about the flowers.” I sat in the recently vacated chair facing Georgina “I just thought everyone liked lilies.” I blushed a deep shade of red I could tell.
“That’s perfectly fine, however I will accompany you to this dinner you came barging in here requesting I go with you to.” She smiled looking at her computer. “I hope you are well by the way, I forgot to ask.” She turned the screen off and looked at me over the top of her black framed glasses. “And thank you for a wonderful night last night, as much as it makes my toes curl when I say this, I actually really enjoyed myself so thank you.” She blushed looking down then back up at me where I just nodded, words not needed I felt.
“Tonight, I will pick you up at 8, it’s a black tie event and people can’t wait to see my new girlfriend.” I kissed her softly looking at her “that’s if you want to be my new girlfriend, and I know it’s a little forward but I know you like me, despite my height and I like you and we opened up a lot to each other last night so I think maybe we got to that stage?” I looked at her nodding head smiling.
“Maybe we have reached that stage and I can always find a new guy I guess.” She joked, a soft blush covering her cheeks.
“Good” was all I replied before turning on my heels to the door. “Oh and my dad will be there.” I said walking out leaving her to her continuous streak of obscenities that would put the best of them to shame.
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