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Purely Pleasure

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Georgina discovers some truths

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Georgina’s P.O.V
“I must say I’m rather surprised that you and my step-son are dating.” Frank’s step-mum laughed playfully hitting my arm, which she seemed to do a lot.
“Oh why would that be?” I smiled politely before looking round trying to relocate Frank who was stood with his father.
“Well with him being an Iero and his band turning down your contract.” She told me giggling more whilst asking for another alcoholic beverage from the waiter.
“His band?” I asked slightly confused, surely I’d recognise someone I attempted a business deal with?
“You know My Chem-” she started until it clicked.
“My Chemical Romance.” I said bitterness in my tone which I quickly tried to hide. “Well that was business and this is purely pleasure.” I smiled before quickly excusing myself and walking over to Frank. “We need to talk now.” I whispered harshly in his ear holding onto his arm.
“Georgina Flowers?” I heard Frank’s dad question, the small smile that would be playing on his face evident in his voice. “Well I never, you and my son?” he waited for me to turn around “have you changed your idea about my latest offer, I have a contract in the office that you could willing sign right now.” He smiled at me, whilst Frank looked at the floor.
“Iero, you should really give up because you will never get your filthy, disgusting hands on my business even if you offered me all of your prise possessions.” I told him, my lips curling up in a snarl kind of look that I do when I’m defensive and angry. “And that includes your son.” I stared him in the eye before turning and walking out in a pace that didn’t draw more attention to myself.

“Georgina” I heard Frank call out running after me “Georgina! Georgina!” He ran down the street to me until he caught up. “Come here.” He pulled me to him so he could wrap his jacket around my petite shivering frame, as well his drape his arm over my shoulder. “What was all that about hey? With my dad and the whole we need to talk? What’s wrong?” He asked walking with me, towards his house.
“What was that about?” I looked at him in disbelief, “did you bring me here so your dad can have another attempt at buying my company?” I didn’t wait for an answer before I carried on “you know the company I told you about? The reasons why I wouldn’t sell! Why it was important to me?” I took a deep breath knowing if I didn’t I was running the risk of crying in front of him, and that was something I was not prepared to do. “Also thanks for sharing that you was in My Chemical Romance. Let me guess daddy said he could offer you a better deal? What was it more records would be manufactured and distributed?” I spat “well I’m glad you all turned down it down because I don’t have people who are just fame and money hungry, I only want people who care about the music and nothing else.” I told him and threw his jacket at him before walking off towards my house.

“George I’m so sorry.” Alfie said the next morning when him and Annabelle came round to see how meeting the Iero’s went, and for our usual Friday morning massages. “We can go out and drown your sorrows? Hook you up with another nice hunky man. One who maybe doesn’t speak English?” Alfie laughed looking at me whilst I was busy reading and signing many new contracts with many new bands.
“I’m not sorry. And I’m not upset. He was just a stupid guy that sadly got away before I could crush him and get my revenge.” I told them handing the signed papers to Lola.
“You sound so evil when you talk like that George honestly.” Annabelle spoke finally, truth be told I thought she was asleep.
“That’s because I’m the stone princess remember, nothing but cold hard stone my hearts made of.” I told them rolling my eyes and finally relaxing into the massage when I heard the soft knock at the door.
“Miss Flowers, there is a gentleman asking to come speak with you, he says it’s urgent. It’s the same gentleman from the other day, the one who brought you them lilies that you gave to Miss Annabelle.” Lola spoke quietly when she heard my soft come in.
I let out a annoyed moan “Lola tell him I am too busy to deal with his immatureness at the moment and if he wishes to speak with me to make an appointment, in which everyone he suggests say I am busy, and if he is to ask when am I available you make up a date next year. If you would please.” I told her my plan carefully and expecting that to be that.
“You look very busy right now Georgina.” I heard his voice come from the door. “You look so busy your rushed off your feet.” He said sarcastically. How dare he.
“I’m spending quality time with my best friends and relaxing whilst receiving some much welcomed relief to my back which has arthritis in the bottom of it causing me a great deal of pain given the current winter season we are in, not that I need to explain myself to you. However, before you sit down.” I spoke without lifting my head sensing he was sitting on my sofa in front of me “you can leave now, because I don’t want you here and I am sure this is a violation of privacy or something. So run along to your dad would you?” I said feeling rather proud of myself.
“I can’t he’s kicked me out of my apartment, because he paid for it, turns out he wasn’t exactly thrilled with my date choice, given the fact she’s his rival and she spoke so rudely to him and one of the parties he was hosting at.” He spoke settling down on the sofa as if he was invited.
“Well he shouldn’t of made yet another move on my company and I’m sure you can move in with someone else. Don’t think I didn’t check the records on how many records your band has sold of each of their albums, you’re not short so move in with one of them or buy your own place. I don’t know and frankly Frank I don’t care as long as it’s not here that you intend to stay.” I lifted my head to glare at him.
“George maybe you should just hear him out.” Annabelle said to me softly, as if to convince me.
“No I don’t want to.” I got up holding the towel around me. “I was actually genuinely starting to fall for you.” I glared at him “actually thought you was an alright guy, until last night. So no I won’t hear him out.” I looked at the floor “please just leave.” I said in a softer tone, still not looking at him as I felt Alfie wrap his arms around me.
“I just want you to know that I never wanted to hurt you, I really like you. I’m sorry what my dad did at the party and I told him he was out of line and we had an argument, one of the reasons he kicked me out. Give me another chance to show you I am an alright guy and that my bands not just in the business for the money. We’re playing a show tonight and I’d like it if you three could be my guests to watch us.” He looked up at us all before looking at me, “it would mean a great deal to me if you could be there Georgina. I feel there is a strong connection between us and I’d like hopefully a relationship to blossom between us because your different to every other girl out there and I really like you.” He said before walking out, leaving the tickets on the side.
“Don’t say a thing.” I warned my two best friends before I walked out of the room and up to my bedroom, my sanctuary.
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