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The show

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Frank’s P.O.V
It was five minutes until we was due on stage and still no word of Georgina being here. I don’t know why I expected her to come I mean she hates my guts, and that was apparent from before when she told her assistant to come up and tell me that she was undoubtedly extremely busy from now until the end of time.
“You ready guys?” Brian our manager walked over to us smiling, “knock them dead!” he smiled and walked to the stage talking to Gerard and Mikey about something or other. I looked round for the last time still not spotting her before walking on the stage and slapping on my smile, from that moment on I decided not to think about Georgina or look for her so that I could give the fans a show they had paid for.

We had just finished Helena, the penultimate song of our set when I walked to the side of the stage for a new bottle of water when I noticed the three of them stood there watching us from the side of the stage. She’d been here all along, what did that mean? Did she care? Did she understand that I was sorry? Or had Alfie and Annabelle just talked her into coming and she still hated the ground I walked on? All these questions I had to ask her which would have to wait until we’d finished I’m Not Okay, and I’ve never been so relieved to finish a song, I threw out my guitar picks and did a quick, but casual, walk to the side of the stage the three of them were clapping at.
“Hi.” I said slowly a little nervous laugh followed as I grabbed another bottle of water just as Alfie pushed Georgina in front so she wasn’t hiding behind them.
I noticed her little eye roll to look at the sky before she spoke. “Good show,” she looked out to the crowd “they seem to love you all. You did play well I admit.” She said somewhat reluctantly.
“Thanks” I smiled to her “do you all want a drink?” I said getting a bottle of water out of the pack at the side of us.
“Actually, me and Alfie are going to go home, we really wanted to see you play and now we have.” Annabelle smiled “but George said she’d love to stay after the show, can’t keep this party girl away.” Annabelle chirped even more. “Thanks for inviting us.” And before Georgina could protest they was walking off. Not that that stopped her.
“I – guys - ” in the end she resulted into a little pft kind of noise and looked at me. “You need to shower?” she asked slowly. Well she was definitely trying to make conversation.
“Oh has your other friend left, Annabelle?” Gerard walked to us looking round.
“She’s in the bar down the road? Just look for the tall guy with a quiff and she’ll be with him.” Georgina looked at Gerard smiling, obviously he liked her.
“Thank you so much.” He smiled before rushing off.
I looked down at Georgina, who was slightly shorter than me, “I was wondering if you would like to come back to my house? I need a shower but I won’t be long.” I bit my lip again, sure she was going to scoff and tell me to stay away from her.
“Sure.” She smiled and looked up at me to lead the way, which I swiftly did before she could change her mind. “I’m not at home, cause like I said before I’ve been kicked out so I’m staying at a motel if that’s still ok?” I slowed myself down so I could walk beside her.
“You have actually been kicked out? I thought that was just a sob story to make me feel sympathy for you. I didn’t actually think you had been.” She walked closer to me, seizing the opportunity I slipped my arm around her shoulder slowly and catching her smile when I did so.
“Of course I have, I wouldn’t lie to you.” I smiled and steered her towards the motel that was kind of out of the way.
“That was because you took me as your date?” She looked up at me to see me nod, “did you know he would do this? Like cause you must have known he didn’t like me.” Once again I nodded “I am so sorry.” She held on to the hand that was around her shoulder.
“Don’t be I ran the risk of this but it was kind of worth the risk.” I smiled before kissing the top of her head softly and unlocking the door. We walked in and she looked round, as if to check she wasn’t going to catch anything before sitting down on the chair beside the small window next to a table that I was sure was covered in chewing gum underneath. “I’ll be two minutes yeah?” I said walking to the bathroom door. “Drinks and food are in the fridge and feel free to turn the television on.” I smiled when she nodded and walked into the bathroom, stripping quickly and taking the quickest shower I have ever taken.

When I walked out she had got us two cans of coke out and from what I could see a pack of pistachio nuts out. “Oh I heard the shower stop and thought you might what a drink and something to eat and these were the only things in date” she smiled looking over at me before slipping her phone into her jacket pocket.
“I am thank you.” I smiled sitting in the chair opposite hers and opening my pistachio nuts and giving her some, “so I have to say pretty surprised you actually turned up, I mean I thought if you did it would be to kill me or something.” I laughed whilst cracking the shells off the nuts and watching her struggle with hers, as she has no nails it was impossible for her to crack the ones that had hardly had a manufactured split in them open.
“I wasn’t going to. Annabelle and Alfie said they wanted to go so I told them they could and they said you’d probably just but my name down so they wouldn’t be able to get in without me, and they give me the whole soppy eyed ‘you’re so mean’ speech so I gave in.” She said before putting the unbroken nut on the table. “I feel awfully guilty, I mean I doubted your story and I think I may of over reacted.” She looked up at me slowly “you shouldn’t be here so I was thinking,” she looked away biting her lip before looking at me again, “I have a spare room and I know we haven’t known each other long but you can’t be a psycho so you can always move in with me if you wish.” She looked up at me biting her lip and with a little bit of hope in her eyes.
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