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Smashed to Smithereens

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He moves in, she opens up.

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Frank’s P.O.V
“So you can either have the bathroom down the corridor or you can share my en suite with me. I’m not bothered what you choose as long as you lock my side of the door when you’re using it.” She smiled “and don’t mess about in the morning because if I’m late I will kill you.” She once again laughed trying to mask the seriousness of her statement. “Oh and if you want something we don’t have in for tea you can go out and buy it and if you the last of something put it on the list that is on the fridge cause I don’t look when I’m going shopping I have my list.”
“Yes boss.” I said watching her a small smile playing on my lips whilst I put my bag near the wardrobe, my room was kind of boyishly decorated. The room had 2 white walls and 2 blue grey walls with a black carpet and a plain black bedspread. “I like the room by the way.” I smiled sitting on the bed slowly.
“I decorated it because my cousin’s used to come over and stay and then so did Alfie, however Alfie’s now normally so drunk the stairs seem like Mount Everest to him. “But now my cousins married and has children so I don’t have them staying here anymore.” She smiled still standing in the door way.
“Ah ok well it’s very nice, is there anything else I need to know?” I asked smiling. I don’t why I was so smiley I mean she’s just a girl I’m using but still she’s nice.
“Yes actually there is, when my office door is closed you do not enter. Even if the house is on fire you do not come in and if the phone is ringing in there and I am not in there you do not answer it. Alfie and Annabelle made that mistake once and they got a very large contract thrown at their heads. It’s just a reaction I have.” She blushed when recalling that story. “And you can have the guys around as often as you want because I normally work late, in the bath or watching Friends or my English programmes or my soppy chick flick movies in my room.” She laughed.
“My god my mother wasn’t this flexible when I was living with her growing up.” She laughed at my statement. “If you’d like I’ll cook tea? I mean I’m not a bad cook.” I smiled remembering the bands statements on the last time I cooked for them.
“If you wish, I’m going to my office, I mean I’ve missed a day of work for you. I don’t miss a day of work for a funeral.” She totted out of my room before stopping and looking at me over her shoulder “oh and you clean your own clothes separately from mine because I am not having some boxers rubbing up against my clothes sweetheart.” She laughed before walking off to the room next to hers which I presumed was her office.

I was in full swing cooking mode that I didn’t hear her walk in and sit on the counter and it was only when I turned to get the salt and pepper, where she was sat in front of the cooker, that I noticed her. “Oh hey, it’s going to be ready in 5 minutes.” I smiled moving her out of the way slightly to get the salt and pepper.
“It smells nice, what we having?” she questioned looking at what was cooking in the pan.
“You’ll see in 5 minutes.” I laughed as she frowned slightly, “but judging by your fridge contents and what’s on your list and what you had to eat on our date my detective instincts tell me you’re vegetarian.” I looked at her pretty smug.
“I didn’t realise I’d moved Sherlock Holmes into my house, but you’re right I am. I have been since I was 16.” She smiled jumping off the counter getting plates out for me.
“So have I actually.” I smiled and pulled out the mushroom and sweet corn pizza with the golden chips that looked perfect.

After we’d ate the pizza and chips which Georgina was thoroughly impressed by, we sat and watched some crappy film with Colin Farrell and she slowly moved closer to me with each break until she had her head on my shoulder. “What do you want to ask me?” She asked looking at the screen still as I messed with her hair slowly. How did she know I wanted to ask her something? That was what I first asked her. “You kept opening your mouth as if to say something and you’d close it again as if not sure to say it or not suggesting it’s a question.” She smiled. “Whatever it is you can ask.”
“Ok, I just was wondering if you’d like to talk about your parents?” I felt her tense up. “It’s just because I get the feeling you don’t open up about them and maybe it might help you to.” I looked at her slowly to see her eyes glazed over staring intently at the screen.
“I - ” she coughed to break her voice back to its usual soft one. “I don’t tend to talk about them because it upsets me, but you’re right I haven’t ever talked about them to anybody. It was forbidden whenever Alfie and Annabelle asked me about them.” She told me truthfully. “I was 16 when they died. They was going away to a family party but I didn’t want to go.” She frowned softly “I was really quiet in my family and we had family who lived away and I didn’t … I wasn’t really close to them so I was always dead awkward whenever I went to a party.” I stroked her hair softly, “they’d kissed me goodbye and they went. They got about an hour away and bang!” she clapped her hands together “they’re gas tank had leaked and something caused a spark and the car blew up.” She looked at the floor and brought her knees up so she could hug them whilst she carried on “I got a phone call off an unknown number telling me about the accident.” By this time I had my arms wrapped around her waist and she was messing with my fingers softly careful not to hurt me. “The social services tried forcing me to live with my uncle and auntie back in England cause my mum’s brother who lived closest to us didn’t want me, he was an alcoholic and he thought they’d left me no money and that he’d actually have to feed somebody that wasn’t liquid, anyway I refused to go, the last will and testimony was read out and I was the sole benefiter and I carried on living where I was.” I stroked her stomach softly with my free hand. “The memories got too much, so I bought this place 5 months later. I still that family house I just can’t face living there, it’s not right. Maybe someday if I have my own family then I would go back cause it’s a family home but not alone.” She looked at me, red lines running down her cheeks from her puffy red eyes, a small smile on her lips. “I’m so hard and unattached to people because that’s my wall that I built when they died. I taught myself not to drop this guard because I never wanted to feel the loss I did when they died. I taught myself never to get to attached to somebody before. I mean my friends, especially Annabelle, I am close to and my guard was dropped for Annabelle and Alfie but that’s because with Annabelle I lived next door to her and her family were my second family and Alfie saw me in school once, I was sat in the science room crying whilst doing my work and we just talked and we soon all became close, all three of us.” She paused. “With guys I’ve never dropped my guard. I nearly did once with Ethan, I assume you remember him, and although it wasn’t fully down my guard it just needed one more push; but it seems that each time I get hurt the wall builds itself up stronger and it’s harder to smash down.” She turned in my arms to look at me as she whispered the last bit. “But I really want this wall to be smashed to smithereens” she whispered moving closer to me “I’m not cut out for dating, I can’t date or flirt, but I want someone there for me, someone who loves me, someone who will marry me and make me give up working as much as I do, someone who will make me through a sickie and not play by the rules who I can just spend all day in bed with laughing and giggling at nothing important.” She laughed a little looking at my face, her eyes lingering on my lips but moving to look me in the eye as I kissed her softly.
“Maybe I could be that guy.” I whispered kissing the corner of her mouth “day off tomorrow, say you came down with a fever and spend the day in bed with me.” I kissed the top of her jaw “and I’m not asking you I’m telling you to do so.” I smiled before kissing her with more need.
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