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An Agreement

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Who's Eleanor?

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Frank’s P.O.V
Our day in bed had gone perfectly, I learnt much about like she preferred Bourne’s over Mission Impossible’s and that she liked Matt Damon, Heath Ledger and Kevin Bacon as well as Grease over Dirty Dancing. I’d arranged to meet her for lunch today at her office, so when I walked in to see a man I’d never seen stood in the office looking at her bum whilst she was looking out of the window was a bit of a shock.
“George what’s wrong?” I asked glaring at the mystery man that quickly looked away from her arse.
“Not to press you Miss Flowers but I need an answer right now.” The man spoke in a monotone voice.
“Yes I will be her guardian; I will ring through and get a flight myself.” Georgina spoke quietly to the man who left after telling her he would call Mrs Whit with the details of what was happening. It was only then when Georgina turned round her finger resting against her lip and her eyes all watery. “My cousin’s been in a horrific accident, he and his partner are on life support but they have a daughter, my goddaughter, they asked would I take care of her whilst they considered what was best for her parents. She will be living with us I hope that will not cause any in convince?” She looked at me on the brink of tears as I quickly walked over to her and pulled her to me in a tight embrace.
“Of course it will not, she needs you.” I stroked her hair as there was another knock on the office door, this time Lola entered.
“Oh I am sorry Miss Flowers but you told me to come in after he had left.” She spoke nervously.
“No it’s ok Lola, I need you to go down and tell the staff they finish at three today and that they have the rest of the week off, full pay and it will not be taken out of their holidays.” She looked at the young receptionist. “I will be leaving for Las Vegas, a family issue has arose and I need to head out there straight away so will you lock up the office and transfer my phone line her to my work mobile?” She asked gathering her stuff up quickly.
“Of course Miss Flowers I will do that right away.” She said getting straight on the job. “I hope everything is ok.” She smiled sympathetically to her boss who simply replied a quick ‘it will be’ and left, me quickly on her heels.
“George,” I said getting into her car with her “I will come with you, if you’d like?” she looked over at me, her eyes no longer holding in the tears as she nodded.
“Thank you.” She whispered before driving off home where we quickly packed.

We stayed overnight at a Las Vegas hotel whilst we waited for the latest on the incident that Georgina’s younger cousin and his wife had been in and because by the time we got there it was late and unfair to drag George’s goddaughter, Eleanor or Ellie who was 4, back to our home when she was so tired. But now we was back at the familiar surroundings of the apartment. We’d decided Eleanor would stay in the room I was in and I would stay in the room with Georgina, I mean it’s not as if we’ve not slept with each other plus my room was connected to Georgina’s so she could quickly go and comfort Ella should she need it.
“Aunt George I’m hungry.” Ella said quietly from her ‘aunts’ arms.
“You know, Frank is a really good cook and I bet if we ask him nicely he’ll cook us dinner whilst we unpack your stuff.” Georgina looked at her before turning to me smiling and putting the younger brown haired girl down.
“Frank pretty pretty please with sprinkles and cherries on top will you cook tea for us? Don’t tell aunt George but she can’t cook.” She laughed as Georgina squealed and chased her up the stairs, both of them giggling wildly whilst I went and cooked us all some Quorn chicken nuggets and chips. Half an hour later after we’d all eaten I told Georgina that I was going to go see Gerard and that I wouldn’t be long. I walked in slowly and was greeted by a lovely sight. “7AM the usual morning line up: start on the chores and sweep till the floors all clean, polish and wax, do laundry, and mop and shine up, sweep again and by then it’s like 7:15.” I watched as Georgina jumped around the front room, a long blond wig on her head singing the song from Tangled, and the wig I recognised as the one from the Disney store that the children could have to dress up as Rapunzel. I saw Eleanor laughing at her relative jumping around and acting foolish, when she looked over at me I put my finger to my lips and she nodded smiling watching her ‘auntie’ again who carried on singing the rest of the song until she turned round and noticed me and swiftly stopped and brushed her clothing down.
“Well Frank’s home now so time to say goodnight smelly Ellie.” Georgina spoke after a little cough.
“Night Frank.” The little girl hugged my thigh and walked to her room with Georgina who tucked her in and walked out slowly to me the wig no longer on her head, he familiar violet grey hair back into full view.
“I’m going to go to bed, yeah?” She looked at me smiling whilst getting a glass of water.
“Yeah, you sure I can stay with you?” I followed her to the bedroom smiling, having a quick look in to check on Eleanor who was fast asleep, snoring slightly.
“Of course.” She nodded getting changed into her Mickey Mouse pyjama’s, obviously a big Disney fan, whilst I got changed into my bottoms.
“Left or right?” she looked over at me then at the bed smiling.
“Right” I opted for the side nearest the door. I don’t know if it’s a man thing but I read somewhere that a man is most likely to go for the side of the bed near the door, in case of intruders means he can defend his family.
“Good choice Iero.” She smiled getting in her side but instantly cuddling up to me when I held my arm out to her. “Whilst you was gone she was asking all sorts about you, whether you was my boyfriend, if I loved you, if she could be a bridesmaid and so on.” George laughed slightly.
“What did you tell her? To all of them questions I mean.” I stroked he short hair smiling.
“Something like that, maybe and if I ever marry then yes.” She smiled drawing invisible patterns with the tip of her index finger on my chest.
“What do you think she’d say if I said yes, I love you and I hope she can be a bridesmaid where I can see her.” She looked up at me her smile slowly fading.
“You want to be my partner?” She whispered, uncertainty dripping from her voice. “You love me?” Her finger slowly stopped “what did you mean by the last part of that statement?”
“Yes, yes and I hope that maybe one day I would get to see her, maybe at a wedding that meant something to me.” I looked at her face dropping, “to soon I know but you are special and I feel like we’re pretty close even if we haven’t known each other that long.” I quickly reassured her. “I’m sorry just ignore I said anything.”
“What if I can’t?” She whispered looking up at me, her finger carrying on the masterpiece on my chest. “What if that’s what I felt but I didn’t want to say anything, I was scared of opening up to and about you.” She said quieter and quieter.
“Well then maybe we have an agreement.” I smiled kissing her hair.
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