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Average Girl

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Big day, big announcement

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Months later

“Alfie can you go get Annabelle for me please?” I looked over at the suited and booted Alfie, who was rather pale. He was not sick, no, just nervous because today was the day he would be giving his best friend away to a man she’d only known a matter of months. They was like one of the many modern couples who were compared to Romeo and Juliette.
“Why? Is everything ok?” He asked looking at me as I added the finale touches to my makeup, concern washing over his pale face.
“Everything is fine,” I said walking over to him “go ask her to come and you go get a cheeky Jack shot to calm those nerves of yours.” I straightened out his tie for him smiling slightly. The truth being I wasn’t nervous one bit, just excited – and maybe not for the right reasons.
“Ok if you are sure.” He kissed my cheek softly smiling before walking out. As soon as the door was closed I rushed over to my black vintage suitcase and got out the folder that I strategically packed so no one would see it when Annabelle and Alfie were doing checks to make sure I wasn’t bringing any of my work life to Las Vegas were Frank and I had decided to marry, it being a childhood dream of mine.
“George what’s wrong Alfie said you -” she stopped when she saw me holding out the black leather folder. “That better not be anything to do with work, because if it is I will take that folder and I will put it somewhere you will never be able to retrieve it.” Her tone taking a drastic turn from her previous up beat one that she had entered the room with.
“Annabelle, I need a favour.” I stopped her from saying anything, “you are one of the few people I trust with everything. I trust you with my health, my happiness and upon meeting Frank I trusted you with me love life because it was you who told me to meet Frank for that date after your birthday.” I looked up at her and held the file out to her as she snatched it from my hand and opened it hesitantly.
“What are these?” She asked scanning over the contracts that were in there.
“There contracts for you to take over my half of our business and my business I have by myself.” I told her, trying to remain calm. “I stumbled across some emails from Frank and his dad, he left himself logged on on the laptop and the email was up so no I wasn’t snooping.” I told her knowing that would be her question. “He doesn’t love me, he’s doing it because I suspect his dad is blackmailing him with his band. His dad has the intention of Frank marrying me then in a couple of months saying he fell out of love with me and thinks it’s better that we divorce, he then getting half of my businesses and selling his share to his dad who then would have 50 percent share in the companies, reducing my share in our company to twenty five percent.” I looked up at her face, which had the shocked look on it. “Frank doesn’t know I know this, he thinks I love him and that’s why I’m marrying him.” I rolled my eyes.
“How long have you known? Why have you not called the wedding off?” She looked at me, I could tell she wanted to ask more questions.
“I’ve known from about two weeks after he asked me to marry him. And I’ve not called it off because if he and his father thinks they can screw me over then they are not getting off lightly with a broken engagement. I intend to make them believe in the hope that they’re ridiculously devious plan will have worked before I drop the bombshell. This is why I’ve not signed a prenuptial because that ran the risk of giving my plan away.” I looked at her slowly. “I want to sign my businesses over to you just until I’m divorced; I know I can trust you that you will not sell or will not not sign them back to me.” I looked at her biting my lip.
“George, I don’t even know how to run a business let alone own it. That’s your field and what you going to do make yourself unemployed? He’ll still get half of your money.” She looked totally torn.
“You don’t have to run it, Lola knows what has gone on and she has agreed to take control, acting like your second in command. She will ask me all major decisions that has to do with it so it will still be run exactly how I intend it too. And I will not be unemployed I have a small job lined up in a coffee shop out in Paris. And as for my fortune, he will get none of it because it is all in separate accounts in the businesses name. When and if you sign the contract you will become the richest person in our city of your age.” I told her smiling a little.
“And you’ll become an average girl in Paris.” She looked at me sadly, “George won’t his dad come after me to sell?” She bit her lip.
“No, you see in this email it wasn’t just because of the success of the companies, it was because he didn’t like my father because he refused to do business with him shortly before he died.” I looked at the floor to avoid Annabelle seeing me cry. “He wants the business to ruin what I’ve built simply because of who I am, because I’m a Flowers. I understand it’s a big ask and I don’t want to pressure you or make you feel like you have too so it’s fine if you don’t.” I looked over at her biting my lip.
After what seemed like forever she spoke up “where’s the pen?” She looked at me, her mischievous grin present on her face. “And I’m guessing I’m not to mention it to anyone, that’s why Alfie doesn’t know?” she looked at me as I gave her the pen.
“You know what he’s like, he’d of told Frank or someone, I couldn’t risk it.” I watched as she signed the contract handing it to me. “I’m going to tell him in my wedding speech ok? So I need you to act normal and your speech to be the one about our love and honesty yeah?” I looked at her, giving myself a few more moments to calm down a bit.
“It will be.” She smiled before sensing why I was holding off, everything I’d built I was signing away to my best friend because of some guy I allowed to close. “George it’s going to ok I promise.” She put her hand softly on my shoulder as I signed away all my wealth and put the contract back in my case just in time as Alfie walked back in.
“You ready girls?” He smiled looking at us both as we looked at each other, with a knowing smile and nodded.

We got down to the hotel’s lobby waiting for the traditional music of ‘Here Comes the Bride’ to start playing, as Alfie linked me and Annabelle stood behind me smiling.
“You look beautiful Georgie.” Alfie looked at me smiling, “he’s a lucky guy to be marrying you.” He looked forward as the doors opened.
“Yeah, lucky in love.” I smiled as we started our well-practiced walk down the aisle, where stood my husband to be, the man who almost cracked the stone princess, but who did not succeed. The vows went smoothly, despite the difficulty not to laugh or show any sign of the news I was about to drop in half an hour when the vicar said ‘through richer through poorer’. We had our photographs taken and I threw my bouquet outside the reception.

Here it was I was married to my enemy, the family I hated the most and I was now carrying their poisonous name as part of my own. We did what every couple did, we greeted the guests, we had our well cooked meal, we even had our first dance and then it came to the bit I’d been looking forward to for 6 weeks. 6 weeks’ worth of planning was all coming down to this 5 minute speech that was going to shatter everything that they had planned. The speeches.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the groom is now going his speech.” Gerard spoke out after he and Annabelle did their touching speeches.
“Here goes.” Frank looked at me and smiled as he stood up holding my hand and looking down at me. “When I first met George, she was in a bar with her friends celebrating Annabelle’s birthday. I knew nothing about her except for this one interview I’d read and all I got from it was how passionate and dedicated she was to the thing she loved and I remember thinking that she was the kind of girl I’d never get a chance with but always wanted. She was smart, caring and beautiful so why would she need me? But I decided that I was going to keep trying, which I did. I waited outside the park on a cold Novembers day for our first date, whilst she was sat in her car hoping I would give up, I constantly went to her office and harassed her whilst she was on her lunch, I even made her take days of ‘sick’ just so I could hopefully make her feel just a fraction of that passion and love she had for her business for me. And well Georgina I don’t know whether or not I have succeeded in doing that, but I sure hope you know that as soon as I laid my eyes on you I knew there would never be anyone who could even come close to the love and passion I feel for you.” He smiled before leaning down to plant a soft kiss on my lips as everyone clapped. “Your turn now.” He chirped smiling.
I stood up as he sat down smiling, I looked down at my cards and put them down on the table slowly. “I remember, the morning after Annabelle’s party I woke up to a strange but beautiful man at the side of me and it wasn’t until I found out that you was an Iero that I freaked out. I vowed I’d never see you again and you would simply be a memory I’d forget, but you kept coming round – making it impossible for me to forget you, and instead make me come to love you.” I looked down at him and smiled. “You made me realise that there was more to life than my business, made me see all the love I was missing out on and that we didn’t need money or businesses to make us happy. You frequently told me that I should take days off work and spend time with you, that the business would be the death of me because I would work none stop, so I’ve decided to take your advice.” I looked down at him smiling and taking both of his hands in mine. “Today I signed my businesses over to Annabelle, she has been there for many years and I believe that she is the best person to carry on my work whilst I can focus on being with you.” I looked up at the shocked gasps coming from the guests and looked over at Frank’s dad whose face was of pure shock. “We have both agreed that there will be no selling for the minimum of five years and all the money I have has gone solely into the business accounts.” I watched Frank’s face struggle to look happily surprised. “I’ve got a job in a café away from here so when the divorce papers come through you and your father won’t get a penny of my father’s earnings.” My smile slowly turning sinister.
“Why would I divorce you? I love you not you’re wealth or businesses.” He said not hiding the crack in his voice.
“Everyone if you would like to reach under your chairs you’ll feel something under there, pull it off and have a read.” I looked out at their baffled faces as they did so, many of the woman’s turning into shock, hands over their mouths as they read the emails exchanged between the elder and younger Iero’s. “I don’t think Frank is to blame for this, I think it was his father’s idea, who used his son and didn’t care that he’d get hurt in the processes as long as he got what he wanted.” I spoke as I stared at his dad. “That’s why before signing my business over I made up a contract for Frank’s band,” I looked at him slowly “who was innocent in this, and if you want you can sign, the same deal you have with the company your with now only you get more freedom and choice in what direction you want to go because I am a fan of your music.” I said handing Frank the contract papers. “Stay away from me and don’t try to find me, because whilst I sympathise with your position Frank you are also fully grown man who should of realised this was wrong.” I said before raising my glass. “To a well and truly good screw up.” I smiled before drinking and walking out to the cab that was waiting for my exit outside.
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