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City of Love

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A few years later

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When we heard that the much anticipated return of Georgina Flowers was just around the corner we decided that only one of our reporters was up to interview the young, determined woman who left 3 years ago after shaming her husband of an hour by revealing how he was only after her money. We sent Summer Kennedy to interview the fresh faced Brit, in her first interview since signing the contracts of her companies, finding out if she found a new beau in the city of love, what it was like becoming a waitress to live and all things in between.

When we interviewed her we expected a large entourage, telling us acceptable questions and stepping in if we broke them, but instead what we saw was two people walk in, one being Georgina and the other we was introduced to as Charles, or Chuck, as Georgina calls him and trust us he is stunning. This well presented man, donning pair of dress trousers and a shirt, turned out to be the man that made Paris all the while for Georgina.

Hi Georgina! What’s it like being back in the big apple?
It’s really weird, very warm and crowded but it feels good. When I got to Paris I never really gave a thought about NYC but now that I’m back I realised how much I actually missed this place.

Well we see you came home with a juicy souvenir, what was it like living in a different country without the support from your friends who stayed here?
It was a little daunting at first, having no one, but then I thought that I’d been through it once before so I buckled down and learnt bare minimum French to get me by. And he is rather juicy is he not? [She looks at Charles smiling].

Did you gain any new skills or bring anything back from your time in Paris?
I’ve come to realise to chill out a lot more, what happens happens you know? Now that I’m back I don’t intend to become a workaholic again, I’m going to take more days off and spend time treating myself.

Good you deserve it! Many girls now look up to you more so after your get back at your then husband, how did you feel when you did that? And when you found out what he was planning?
When I found out what he was planning, it did hurt I mean I was getting ready to commit to this man, it would hurt anyone so when I did what I did I hoped that I would fee satisfaction at causing him and his father humiliation but I didn’t I felt as petty as them and the satisfaction of seeing that look on his father’s face only lasted for a minute or so and then it faded, but like I said then I still maintain that I don’t think it was mainly his idea and he was in a catch 22 position. His band are doing fantastic which I’m thrilled with and although I’ve not been in contact since the divorce I’m sure he’s ok and happy.

Wow! Very forgiving, we don’t think we could be like that. So tell us about your new beau? Did you meet in Paris?
[Laughs running hand through her hair] Charles and I met when I’d gone over to England to see some family relatives. He was staying in the same hotel as me and we got talking and luckily he was on my flight to Paris so we just kept talking and meeting up and we ended up dating and here we are now. He’s more like a best friend than anything else.

You seem very happy. What are your plans now that your back? What can we expect to see from you now?
Well I’m taking time out to see me friends and then back into the swing of things with the business and then Darcy [Charles, we discovered she calls him Darcy because he’s like her Mark Darcy out of Bridget Jones’s Diary] and I are going to just spend time together over the summer I think.

Well we will look out for you, thanks for the interview and welcome home!
Thank you.

I read the interview as we went to the party the label was throwing. Great my ex-wife who I tricked into loving me was back, suddenly became my boss and was now in love with some other British person named Charles. How snobby that name sounded. But the fact remained that this could not get any more awkward even if it tried.
“It’s going to be ok, we probably won’t even see her anyway mate don’t worry about it.” Gerard spoke reassuringly, and I know that he will try his damned hardest to avoid me talking to her.
“I’m not bothered it’s not as if I can never not see her, she’s my boss after all.” I looked at him slowly as the car pulled up. The party was a beach party where all different kind of activities were being thrown, it was sort of a welcome home party for her.
“But Charles seriously, that’s a stupid stuck up name.” Gerard looked at me smiling before getting out of the car taking in the sight of many men in their swim trunks and many women in their swimsuits, mainly bikini’s. I scanned the crowd for her but to no avail, well she was bound to be late for her own party.

I’d just got a drink and talking to another band of the label when it slowly fell silent and everyone seemingly looking at the black mini pulling up and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen stepped out in a retro polka dot swimsuit, you know the ones with the little skirt, and a tall, brown haired man in swim shorts that looked like they’d been especially made for this occasion.
“George!” I heard the familiar voice of the woman who had been my boss, Annabelle and Alfie, who quickly ran over to their best friend and hugged her tightly whilst talking and smiling wildly. She’d spent an hour at least talking to the bands that was there smiling and having a glow to her, that I’d seen when we was laughing and giggling.
“Damn.” I whispered getting another drink.
“I know she’s a stunner right?” A thick, posh British accent asked from the side of me which belonged to her new guy, Charles. “Oh sorry how rude, Charles.” He held his hand out for me to shake, which I did.
“Frank and yeah she is. But there’s a rule about not fancying your boss.” I laughed desperately hoping I was hiding the discomfort in my voice.
“Yeah, gets you in shit if you do that.” He joked drinking his beer watching her. Shit she was walking over.
“Charles have you seen Annabelle, I believe a lovely young gent is wanting to pursuit her.” Her soft voice spoke out before looking over at me. “Frank.” She sounded surprised, “hey, how’ve you been?” She was being polite. Why couldn’t she hate me instead of being nice to me? It would of made it so much easier.
“I’ve been” I paused “ok, you? You look really good.” I nodded biting my lip. Why say that Frank why?
“Thank you, you do too, very tanned.” She laughed a little. “I’ve been good, I see you’ve met Charles already.” She moved to stand beside him.
“Yeah, I think Annabelle has gone getting ice creams for her and Alfie.” I looked at the ice cream van spotting possibly my escape route.
“Oh yeah thanks, Charles can you go tell her a Mr Way asked me to inform her that the beach cabin is going to be very lonely at 4 o’clock.” She looked at him smiling as he nodded and walked off. There was a small awkward silence between us whilst she waited for him to walk out of hearing distance. “Let’s go for a walk and talk yeah?” She looked up at me noticing the colour draining from my face. “I think it’s what’s for best for us and the band.” I nodded as we set off down the sands away from the party.
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