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I Can't Lie

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Frank gets a backbone

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We walked slowly away from the party towards the scattered beach huts around the beach. There was a silence that wasn’t awkward but wasn’t exactly comfortable. We got fairly out of the way, to any normal passer-by we’d probably look like a couple on a romantic walk.
“I’m telling you because I want to prepare you for it and because I think you have a right to know.” She looked up at me slowly. “But what I’m about to tell you, you have to promise me won’t go any further, I’m not even supposed to be telling you.” She had a look of unsurity in her eyes before I nodded. “Someone’s planning to offer My Chemical Romance a really big deal, in fact a deal that on the surface of it would make you all mad not to refuse.” I frowned slowly “but they will give it two weeks demand so much from you and tell you the direction in which they want you to go and you’ll have no choice but to follow that direction, cause in the small print of the contract it will say that you have to agree with their decisions. That company would be Charles’.” She said biting her lip harshly it was close to bleeding. “He doesn’t know that I know that Lola has told me. I’m calling you all in for a meeting tomorrow but I need you, should the rest of them chose to sign, to refuse to. I’m not going to lie that I’m doing this because I don’t want my favourite band on any other label apart from mine, but believe me when I say I’m not just doing this for my own personal gain, I’m telling you because as a fan I want what’s best for you guys.” She looked at the floor, “and before it crosses your mind that I have bad taste in men, I’m working with the police, they suspect Charles is rich illegitimately they want me to find out.” She looked at the floor. I waited for it all to process to respond. My own boss was tipping me off on some confidential thing.
“Of course I’ll refuse.” I smiled, tipping her chin up to look at me, “if you need to talk about this Charles thing I’m always here. I know I’m not the best person to talk to given our past, but I care about you.” I smiled reassuringly, now that I knew you could see in her face all is not what it seemed.
“Thank you,” she whispered smiling slightly. “I’m sorry about your fathers passing, I can imagine it was a great loss.” She seemed so genuine.
“I didn’t really speak after our wedding, I listened to him and wrecked the best relationship I’d ever had cause I didn’t have any balls to stand up to him.” I told her truthfully, stroking her cheek softly.
“I can’t lie, I’ve missed you.” She whispered. “I shouldn’t but you’re the best relationship I’ve ever had and I trust you completely with everything and I shouldn’t.” She looked completely torn and I leaned down softly and brushed her lips softly, glad that she didn’t pull away. We kept kissing until we heard a voice shouting out George’s name.
“It’s Annabelle,” I whispered pulling away slightly and looked at her eye as she pulled her lid down softly to make it look like I was checking her eye for something in it.
“George, Charles is ready to leave he couldn’t find you.” She said and give me a look that could of killed.
“Oh thanks, I was just telling Frank how I was sorry about his dad’s passing and how fond of Leathermouth I am.” She smiled rubbing her eye convincingly. “I must say not missed the sand going in my eye in Paris.” She added, a born actress if you ask me as it seemed to win Annabelle over.”
“Ok. Well I’m going to come round to the office tomorrow, sit in that meeting with you yeah?” She said pulling Georgina away with her as they chatted.

The next morning we was all sat in the meeting room, having just read over the contract.
“This is a fantastic opportunity.” Mikey said smiling looking at us all, “not that it’s not a fantastic opportunity that you constantly offer us.” He looked at Georgina worryingly, who just smiled.
“Don’t worry about offending me, it’s a dog eat dog world.” She smiled.
“And you can’t do any better than this?” Ray asked after a while to her, finally looking up from the contract.
“I’m sorry, but I work with the ethic of if you’re happy with the company, you will stick with us.” She bit her lip, this was what we all knew.
Ray just nodded before looking at Brian our tour manager. “What do you think Bri?” He asked looking for guidance.
“I think you should sign on the dotted line right now.” He looked at us all before smirking at Georgina, who he hated after our wedding fiasco.
“We all in an agreement?” Gerard asked drumming his fingers on the desk. The rest of the band nodded and I noticed Georgina hitch her breath slightly.
“No, I’m not.” I spoke up. “I want to stay on this label. This has been the one to let us do whatever we want. This label’s been good to us.” I said looking at all of them.
“Frank you need to let go. George has a new man now. Maybe moving label will be the best thing for that letting go process to happen.” It’s obvious that Annabelle didn’t know what Charles was really like.
“This isn’t to do with that at all Annabelle, this is to do with the band. And if I haven’t let go, I’ll let go when I want to and not when you want me to, okay?” I shot back giving her an equal glare.
“Frank seriously think about this, like Mikes said, this is a great opportunity.” Gerard said his hand gently on my arm.
“I’m not signing.” And before anyone else could talk me round I ripped the contract into little pieces and walked out.
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