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Georgina explains what business is Charles' business.

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After I walked out of the meeting I decided going to a little bar that me and Georgina used to go to when we just wanted to get away from the real world. It was out of town and very rarely busy and we had our own table. I walked in to see the familiar black walls with tacky pictures and other things that were in the place since the last time I came here, which was with George. The strong smell of stale beer and smoke filled my nostrils and I smiled walking over to the bar and sitting on the tall stool waiting for the bar owner to come over to me and serve.
“Hey, what can I get you? Not seen you around here for years, where’s the misses?” He asked smiling as he went to the fridge to get out my bottle of beer I’d just ordered.
“I’m not with the misses no more, long story.” I smiled sliding the money to him and taking a long swig of the beer.
I must have been sat there for about half an hour before I felt someone sit down beside me, it was a female cause they were wearing a skirt and black tights, along with some dolly shoes. “Thought you’d be here.” She spoke softly before ordering me a beer and herself her usual tonic and lime. “Gerard’s been trying to ring you, he was a bit worried so I said I’d come find you.” She pulled out her phone to text Gerard of my safety, I was guessing. “Thank you.” She put her hand on my forearm, stroking it with a soft touch of thumb.
“I need to know what’s going on George. I didn’t think Gerard would look worried like he did.” I looked at her slowly biting my lip.
“Ok, but not here.” She looked round “come on.” She looked at me slowly and finished her drink before standing up and looking at me. I did the same and we both walked out, “is it ok if I drive with you? I got a taxi here.” She looked at me slowly as I nodded and put my arm around her waist guiding her towards my car, noticing the small smile playing on her lips. We got in the car and she told me where to go leaving me to direct myself there.

When we pulled up at the chosen location it was a warehouse that was in the middle of nowhere. “Where and why are we here?” I said getting out slowly, looking round the brightly lit areas illuminated by the security lights that were turned on. Instead of answering Georgina just got out and walked to the warehouse door, that was tiny compared to how large the building was. I quickly followed as she walked in, brightly lit already my eyes nearly popped out of my head out of the amount of illegal drug plants that were lining the floor of the massive warehouse.
“George?” I looked at her as she was biting her lip hard. “Is this his?” I whispered softly.
“Yeah, it is.” She whispered looking at the floor, “this is what the police are interested in.” I instantly remembered why she looked so sad.
“You’re thinking about your cousin?” I asked her softly referring to her cousin who overdosed from drugs. She simply nodded before leading me back out of the warehouse.
“They are waiting for him to make a move with it and then they are going to move in and arrest him.” She whispered.
“Come on let’s get out of here.” I whispered wrapping my arm around her waist and guiding her out of the door we’d came through. She quickly locked the door and we got back into the safety of my black car. We drove back to the main street in silence, Georgina was staring into the night streets with her head resting on the window, the look on her face indictating deep in thought.
“Can I stay with you tonight?” She whispered so quietly I almost didn’t register her saying it. I looked over at her to see something on her beautiful face I never wanted to see again. Fear.
“Of course, do you want to stop by your place to get some clean clothes?” I asked putting my hand on her knee in a soothing sort of way.
“No thank you, is it ok if I borrow a top please?” She put her hand on mine slowly, not looking back from the window. I said of course and quickly changed the route in order to get to mine quickly. Once we got in, I told her to go make herself at home whilst I made up some food and drinks for us, after hearing her stomach in the car it was obvious she’d hardly eaten. I decided on cheese on toast knowing she used to love that when I lived with her, she quickly ate the two pieces thanking me in the process.
“It’s ok, do you want to go to bed or watch a film or anything?” I asked once she’d come back from putting our plates in the dishwasher.
“Is it ok if I just sleep, I’m so tired and just wanting to shut off.” She looked at me slowly smiling.
“Come on I’ll show you up.” I said holding my hand out to her and gently pulled her out of the living room up to my bedroom, which was bland with its red walls and black accessories around the room. I quickly got her an oversized Green Day top and a pair of my clean batman boxers before grabbing spare pillows and putting them under her pillow knowing she has them ridiculously high. I then got the rest of the spare pillows and the spare blanket and got changed into my batman pyjama’s before she came back from getting changed in the bathroom. “If you need anything just shout down to me yeah?” I looked at her confused face as she put her hair up into a loose bun on the top of her head.
“Why where are you going?” She questioned slowly.
“I’ll sleep on the sofa, you can have the bed.” I stated as if it was obvious, which it wasn’t.
“Why? I don’t mind sharing a bed with you, I’ve shared much more.” She looked at me a small smile playing on her lips as she walked over and took the pillows and cover off me. I don’t know why but I pulled her back softly when she turned to get in the bed and kissed her softly.

The next morning, Georgina quickly took off in order for her to get home so she could get in work on time. No sooner had she left Gerard came and let himself in with the key I’d given him. “Dude?” He shouted, a seemingly nervous tone to his voice.
“In the kitchen!” I shouted as I made my second round of coffee in my boxers. Gerard walked in slowly and sat down at the breakfast bar. “Hey, what’s up?” I turned looking at him whilst getting another cup out filling it with the thick strong liquid that Gerard loved.
“I’m sorry about the meeting. You have the right to disagree and if it’s because you still have feelings for Georgina then that’s fine because none of us have been in your position so we don’t know what it’s like. It’s not as if her label hasn’t been good to us as a band.” He looked up at me so genuinely it took everything I had not to tell him the real reason why I disagreed.
“It’s not because of that, I just thought that maybe it’s best for the band to stay on the label and see what she does with us now that she’s back you know? Maybe it will change and be good.” I told him as he just nodded.
“You can tell me the truth you know. I mean if you’re not over her I can understand I might be able to help.” He prodded again.
“Gerard, I’m over her.” I told him looking him square in the face.
“Is that why her shade of lipstick is on that coffee cup and her phone is there?” I pointed to the two offending objects leaving me speechless for a moment. Shit think Frank think. “So why has she been here? And before you say anything I called round before and she was just leaving, wearing the same clothes as yesterday, clearly been here all night.” He questioned with the statement I knew was coming.
“You can’t tell the guys, especially not Brian.” I looked at him with pleading eyes. “Please he’ll kill me.” I stated what would be the actual scenario.
“I won’t, I won’t” Gerard said in his truth voice, “but I want you to tell me why.” He looked at me with the serious expression on his face meaning he meant it.
“Ok we slept together ok, she came and found me, we got tipsy and one thing lead to another. And before you say it I know she’s moved on and got a new boyfriend that’s why it was only a onetime thing. Trust me it won’t be happening again I promise.” And with that he just nodded before talking about new album idea’s he had.
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