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Three Weeks

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What's happened to Georgina?

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“Georgina this is 127th message in three weeks can you please ring me to let me know you’re ok? Alright thank you, Annabelle.” Annabelle spoke again to the answer machine yet again. Georgina hadn’t turned up for work for three weeks, hadn’t answered her house phone or her mobile for three weeks and not answered her front door again for three weeks.
“Maybe we should go around again? Ask the apartment security to go in with his spare key.” Gerard suggested to a pale Annabelle.
“No I tried my spare key, it’s jammed, like there is a key on the other side. She’s in there, she has to be, she lives 17 stories up so she couldn’t of locked the door and jumped out of the window because we’d have to scrape her up off the pavement outside if so.” Annabelle spoke whilst Alfie tried Charles, after ten minutes of talking he established Charles too hadn’t heard from her. “This is all your fault.” The worried best friend glared at me, “if you hadn’t of refused to sign she wouldn’t of had to come looking for you and you both wouldn’t have had stupid sex that night and she wouldn’t of regretted it that much that she just falls off the edge of the earth like she has done now!” Annabelle bursted, as if she’d been keeping it in for some time now.
“They had sex?!” Alife screeched obviously not being informed. “Why didn’t I know this?” He sounded genuinely upset. “Well done by the way, it must have had some effect.” He looked at me smiling causing him to receive a forceful punch in the arm off Annabelle.

We sat there for half an hour trying to think of other places she might have been. Suddenly something clicked. “I need to borrow a car.” I said breaking the silence that had overcome us all.
“Why?” Annabelle questioned.
“I think I have an idea where she is.” I said standing up.
“Yeah Sherlock we worked out where she is, she’s in her apartment, the reason I can’t get in.” Annabelle rolled her eyes whilst letting out a long exhale.
“Frank, what do you know that we don’t?” Alfie looked at me with a serious expression that I’d never seen on him before.
“N..nothing, I just think I know where she might be.” I quickly recovered from my stumble before. However, not quickly enough as Alfie got up and was stood towering over me.
“Tell me now.” He looked down and I swear anger flashed through his eyes. I didn’t talk quickly enough for his liking cause he pushed me up against the nearest wall holding me up by my shirt collar.
“Hey hey let go of him! There’s no need for us to turn on each other!” Gerard interjected trying to pull the taller man off me. Unsuccessfully however.
“Fine fine.” I looked up at Alfie who loosened his grip slightly on my collar and I told them all about what she’d told me about Charles, where she took me that night and about the police. “What if he knew we’d been there? I mean for that much in there he obviously wouldn’t want somebody messing about on the site so he’d obviously have security.” I told them looking round once I could move away from the wall.
“Annabelle give him the keys.” Alife said turning to her. “He’s going to take me there and we’re going to get her back.” He said turning to look at me, his eyes telling me I had no choice.
“You’re not going by yourselves, she’s my best friend too and I want to help.” Annabelle said running out of the door, all of us quickly following. Once we was all in the car I started off driving trying to remember where she directed me and as I drove up the dirt track there were many cars outside where we’d parked that night.
“That’s his car.” Annabelle whispered as I reversed a little so the car was out of sight. “I’m going to ring the police.” She said pulling her phone out and doing just that.
“I’m not just sitting here whilst they have her. It’s obvious they have her.” Alfie said undoing his seatbelt.
“Gerard, take Annabelle somewhere safe, Alfie and I will go look for her.” I turned over my shoulder to look at him.
“I think you should wait for the police.” He spoke quietly, knowing he’d be going against the majority opinion in the car.
“And by that time they could have done anything to her. We’ll come back out I promise.” Alfie said getting out of the car slowly, me following suit leaving the keys in the ignition

After they’d drove of me and Alife made our way to the warehouse slowly, careful not to be spotted by the many people going in and out. We quickly found a side door which we slipped through leading to the very back of the warehouse.
“Shit how much is in here? I’m high just walking in.” Alfie whispered looking around as we walked forward behind the many boxes that was around the sides of the room. We got to some part which was down the side of the massive warehouse when we heard Charles’ familiar voice.
“You know what’s all this is packed up, we’re going to be gone and no one is going to find you! Cause I’m going to leave you here, go and pack your shit up and make it look like you ran away. That’s what you do best isn’t it? Cause mass destruction to those who love you then run away! You did it to that Iero and I can guarantee you was going to do that to me wasn’t you? You bitch!” He was screaming when we heard skin on skin contact and George’s muffled cries. I looked over at Alfie to see he had the look of pure rage on his face. “So what did you do once you’d shown lover boy this place? Did you go back to his house? Did you fuck? I bet you did. Cause your dirty like that you whore.” He said getting angrier and angrier with each question. “Well your precious thing isn’t here to save you now is he? Not much use is he when he can’t help you when you need it.” He laughed a laugh that was sinister.
“I’ve heard enough.” Alfie whispered pushing me out of the way quickly and opening the door.
“Oh look we have company.” Charles smirked noticing Alfie who looked furious. “Sorry we’re not entertaining today, Georgina’s a bit tied up.” He laughed at his own joke which quickly seized when I walked in the door way. “Oh look who it is Georgina.” He pulled the chair around she was tied to so she could see the door. “Looks like he proved me wrong he is here in your hour of need. How long for is debateable though dear.” He smirked as he pulled out a gun from his waist band on his dress pants.
“You don’t scare us you jerk.” Alfie snarled, causing Charles to push the gun to Georgina’s head, who had tear marks running from her blacked swollen eye and chapped busted lips which had a rag tied in between them.
“Oh he’s a feisty one G.” He laughed again. “Notice how lover boy isn’t speaking up though, maybe you don’t mean that much to him after all. Aww poor baby rejected from the guy she’s thrown everything away for.” He laughed his sinister laugh again, throwing his head back.
“Shut the fuck up.” I growled stepping further in the room.
“Ah Ah Ah back boy.” Charles warned sliding the gun down to George’s stomach. “You know being shot in the stomach is the slowest way to die, you lose that much blood but so slowly it also makes it painful.” He talked as though he was professional at this. “Imagine what it could do to a woman who may be pregnant.” He looked rather proud of himself. My face fell with the shock as did Alfie’s. “Now back up boys.” He smiled, messing about at the back of Georgina which we realised he was untying her hands but before she do anything he pulled her up off the chair with a hand full of her hair. “Now if you don’t mind, we both have somewhere we have to be.” He spoke holding the gun to her temple. I looked at her and noticed she was wincing in pain from the firm grip of hair he had hold of but I also noticed something else she had a look of in her eyes and what it was is not what I expected next. She quickly elbowed him in the guts, stamped on his instep and brought her hands up to his nose before elbowing him where every man doesn’t want to be elbowed, the groin. He fell to the floor quickly, well who wouldn’t, and she quickly pulled the gag down from her mouth.
“Thank god for Miss Congeniality now go!” She screamed at us as she went to run for the door, both of us doing the same.
“You bitch!” He shouted and the next thing me and Alfie heard was a gun shot. We both quickly turned round to see her white shirt turning red on the sides. “George!” Alfie screamed as she turned round the gun in her hand just as Charles fell to the floor and the police stormed in, in their group.
“Drop the gun!” The main one screamed pointing their guns at Georgina, which she did, until a light was shone on her and the officer ran over, “miss flowers are you ok?” He asked wrapping an arm around her pulling her to the door.
“Yes, yes I’m fine,” she turned to look over her shoulder at Charles, who was lay pale on the floor, blood coming out of his stomach, the exact position where he’d previously held the gun to her stomach.
“Don’t worry about him, we understand.” The male officers pulled her out slowly as the other officers rushed over applying pressure to Charles’ wound.
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