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3: Of Traitors and Talents

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"Maybe never. It's impossible to know."

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(The next morning, around 8:45 am.) (Sun’s POV)
I woke up, looking at Party, who was still sleeping. I quietly attempted to get out of his arms, failing miserably, as he only hugged me closer to him. He muttered something about me not leaving, about five more minutes.

“Party, we gotta get up, we have stuff to do.” I whisper to him, and he frowns in his sleep. Still adorable. “Party, get up.”

“No.” he says sleepily stubborn. I kiss him lightly, planting them all over his body. He starts smiling, and I keep kissing him. I bite at his jaw bone nicely, and he opens a single eye. “Mm. Nice way to wake up.” He says, and then opens the other hazel eye. “Why are your eyes grey?” he asks me, I hadn’t realized they were.

“Cause I’m just waking up, they lose their color when I do that.” I feel them start to tingle a bit, a weird sensation if there ever was one. “See? They’ll brighten up and turn when I get an emotion, or when I tell them to.”

“Its so weird. Grey eyes.”

“I can make ‘em glow like a cat’s. I figured that out two nights ago.”

“Sweet. Do we have coffee?” He asks, and releases me from his arms. I climb out of bed. “Why are you not wearing clothes?” he asks, sounding confused.

“We spent the night together last night.”

“Oh. I remember that!” He says with a sleepy wink. I shake my head, grabbing a pair of short’s I kept in his drawer here, pulling my underwear on quickly and quietly. He pushes himself from bed, grabbing his boxers. I turn to look at him after pulling my backup short’s on, these dark denim, with pieces of an American flag for pockets.

“I like those.” He says, messing with his jeans, tugging them on quickly. They really needed to get washed.

“You like them because they let you look at my ass.”

“I like shorts in general.” He says. “I’m a guy. Don’t blame me.”

I laugh at this explanation, and dig around for a shirt. I pass a long sleeved shirt to him, selecting one of the many tanktops I had. I choose a red one, and blue ribbons around the straps. The top been’s cut, recently.

“Party?” I ask and he raises his head when I look at him. “Did you cut this?”

“Yeah. It had blood all over it, it was kinda nasty.” He answers, pulling a shirt over his head. He walks over to me, where his shoes sit, ready and waiting for him. “Put it on real quick.”

I tug the shirt over my head, and it’s cut now to just above my belly button. He nods his approval. “Of course you like it. I’m practically naked now.” I say, looking down at myself.

“Change if you want.” He says, and I give him a hard look. “Wait… all your clothes are in your Block, and you don’t have time to change and fix your hair….” He grins evilly. “Sucks for you.”

“Shut it boy.” I say to him lightheartedly, moving over to the bathroom he shared with the block one over from him. We only used Block Golf for food, so nobody ever used this bathroom really. I grab a brush I’d stolen from one of the towns a few months ago, running it through my hair. It decided today to be messy, so I close my eyes. Willing it to curl like it’d been scrunched with friggin gel, I feel my scalp tingle as it starts to listen.

“Did your hair just change?” Party’s voice asked, I open my eyes, picking up a small shard of mirror. Surprisngly, it had.

“Yep. I can do it sometimes. I’m fuckin tired as hell when I do full body crap, but small shit doesn’t bother me too much.”

“Kobra came on radio while you were messing with your hair; he says he’s got coffee ready.” Party says I hand him the brush, which he tugs through his hair. “I have to go teach fight, you and I need to get going.”

“Where are my shoes?” I ask, and he hands them to me. I tug them on, hopping on one foot as we head out the door.

“Love you!” I scream as I run off for the Block labeled Oscar. When I reach it a few minutes later, Mikey stands outside, holding a cup of coffee for me. I grab it, and throw it back. The scorching liquid is black, and it burns my tongue. I yelp after taking a drink, and hand the cup back to him. “How’d you sleep?”

“Good enough. The kids were loud as hell. Why don’t you have makeup on?” He asks, and I shrug.

“Didn’t have time. Party and I got a late start. He needed to shower, but we didn’t have time.”

“The drains aren’t working in any of the blocks, so that’s probably good Neon.” A voice says behind me, and I turn, rolling my eyes already. “How was your night with Party?” Ghoul asks me, making a kissy face.

“It was better than any of my nights with you ever were.” I respond angrily. “Let’s go get everything ready.” I walk inside to the block, unlocking it with the keys that jangled off a clip on my belt loop. I walk inside, and then shut the door once we’re inside.

“Ghoul, go tune up you and Kobra’s instruments. They need it.” I say. “Kobra, go check we have shit for them to draw with.” He walks to a corner, opening a box. He dips his head inside, and then withdraws it.

“We’re good. Need more paint though.” He says, and I shrug.

“I’ll see with Defying can do next time I see him. It’s exhausting to steal.” I say bluntly, still tired as hell. My eyes were probably a dark green now, what with how tired I was. I don’t even try to change them into anything pretty, I was too damn tired for that shit.

“You ready to sort?” I ask them, they both nod, Ghoul playing with the guitars, tuning them by ear. He strums for me, and I nod. “Ghoul, we need to try to be friends around the students. You can hate me as much as you want when they aren’t there, and make all the comments you want then. But around them, me and you are friends.”

“Fine. Friends around them, you wanting me when they aren’t around.”

“Get it out of your system.” I huff, and Kobra starts to walk out. “Kobra, go wake them up.” He walks outside, closing the door behind him. “Take your best shot. I’m giving you the time.”

“Why won’t you just listen to what your body is telling you?” Ghoul asks me, walking over to me. He’d set the guitar back in it’s stand. As he approached, my breathing slowed. He looked really good this morning. I resist the urge to look him head to toe, knowing that’s what he wants more than anything. Other than to get into my pant’s again. That’s probably what the wants. “I feel you tense up when I touch you.” He reaches out, and touches my arm softly.

“Ghoul.” I say, and he moves closer. “Ghoul, just get to it.”

“I’m just saying, you know you were happiest with me.”

“We had a good run Fun, but it’s over.” I say to him. “I’m sorry about how it ended. It was messy and scary and emotional.”

“Why can’t you give me another chance?” He asks me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I hold back a whimper as he moves his face close to mine. Every cell in my body is telling me to kiss him. I beat those thoughts into the back of my mind quickly, pulling Party’s face to mind. “You want to kiss me. I can see it. Don’t lie to me, I know you do.”

“Ghoul, now is not the time to try and get me to cheat on Party. You know I couldn’t do that to him.” I whisper to him. He moves closer, and I am frozen. “Ghoul, please don’t do this.”

He pushes me away. “Why the hell won’t you admit to yourself you still love me?” he asks angrily.

“Because I don’t. Not anymore.” I say to him quietly, and he looks a bit hurt. Laughing harshly, he spits the last of the conversation at me.

“You’re a miserable liar. You do love me. I can tell. You wouldn’t have tried so hard to make me jealous last night if you didn’t.” He lets go of me. “We will be back together at some point. You know it, so do I. It’s really just a matter of time.” Just as he finishes those words, and I’m fighting back the urge to kill him, the door opens, and a group of KillJoy’s in training (Or KIT’s as we have nicknamed them) walks in the door. It’s Dancing Spark in front, blue hair bouncing next to Neon Tiger, whose sister is right next to her. Dark Shadow walks in, looking tired and sore. The rest of the group comes in, all looking equally sore. I clap my hands, bringing them all to my attention.

“Hey guys! I’m sorry about making you run so much. You’re in better shape then most of the classes so far have been, so you aren’t hurting near as much as they were.” I say to them, trying to sound happy. I will my eyes into changing to their normal color. No need to freak them out. “So, I’m sure a lot of you all have a talent. Some of you, are athletic.” I point to the two KIT’s who kept up with me last night. “And you’ll be given special training for that. Others are artistic, some have a combo of talents. I’m musical naturually, but with the BLI experiements, it made me physically talented to.”

“As Party Poison will tell you, she’s pretty good when it comes to physical stuff.” Ghoul says to them. I whip my head at him and glower. “She can out run him.” He says, covering the innuendo smoothly. “So, who’s ready to show off a bit? If you got musical talent, or think you do, move to where the guitars are. If you’re more of a visual arts feel, go to the windows.” The group splits, leaving behind five people who don’t fall into either group. I take it these are either my “I dunno” people, or my athletics.

“Sun,” Kobra asks, coming up behind them. “These five all crossed the finish line first.”

“Ah.” I say, remembering the boys and girls. “So, you guys can all run. Or atleast sprint. Anything else I should know?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah. I can fight like it’s not even funny.” Says one girl, who I remember being called Loaded Dice. “I’m strong, even though I don’t look it.” I turn around, acting like I’m about to talk to Kobra Kid, and instead suddenly turn and throw a punch at Dice, who just grabs my fist. It wasn’t even a hard punch, but she stills blocks it. I pull my hand back, and smile at her.

“You’re gonna be my fighter. I can tell.” I move over to the next person, who I look at curiously. The large aviators she has on cover her eyes, and her hair is messy and black. “you’re name?”

“Dead Eyes.” She says and I stare at her. “I’m blind. Legally.” I bite my lips, and she smiles. “I can partially see that dumbass.”

“Did you just call my Neon Sun a dumbass?” I hear Violet’s voice, and she walks in through a back door. “You’ll be lucky to survive the night. I think Ghoul got a nice kick in the crotch last time he called her that.”

“She’s got spunk. I like it.” I say. “What’s your talent?”

“I’m really fuckin smart. Smart enough to know you had sex last night.” I blush. “Oh, and I’m a human lie detector. Don’t even try to deny anything around me, except if my back is to you.”

“So…I’ll have you trained with interrogation. Possibly with the next level. If I decide to.”

“you will.” She says confidently, leaning against the wall, arms crossed. She looks rather smug for somebody who can’t even see. “I’m also older than you.” I ignore the comment, moving to the next girl. She looks like Dancing Spark, and just as I’m about to open my mouth to says something, I’m intturupted by the sound of somebody singing. My head whips, searching for the sound. It sounded a lot like me when I sang, but higher, more pop.

“Who did that?” I screech, and fingers fly to Spark. She smiles awkwardly at me.

“I can sing. I didn’t mention that did I?”

“No. No you did not.” I smile at her, and she smiles back. There’s something so familiar about her, but I can’t put my finger on it. “You’re really good. Go see Party Poison, tell him I sent you specifically to him for training. He’ll pair you with people who are musical. He’s pretty good at matching voices. You have a big voice for a little girl.” She runs off, and I notice something small and gold bouncing on her neck. It looks like a necklace. I’m just about to call out to her, when Ghoul shouts from across the room.

“Holy fuck.” He says. “Holy. Motherfucking. Jesus.” He says, and I run to the windows.

“What?” I ask him coolly. He points to Neon Tiger, who is drawing something intently. I can see it starting to take form, though it’s a rough sketch. She’s drawn, almost perfectly, Ghoul’s tattoo, one of the sleeves. “Jesus Christ… we have another tattoo artist in the making…” I groan, and Ghoul smiles. He had a trainee on his hands.

The rest of the kids go about their talents, all showing off. I see a few guitarists that I tell Ghoul about, and a few more singers that I mentally store, hypothesizing about their range and styles. There are a few more who can draw, one of them quickly drawing last night’s training run. A boy is tearing a song up on drums, his cover better than the original.

“You guys are all great, seriously talented.” I say, and they all group up. “A few of you,” I flick my head towards the group that showed me they were athletes, or in two cases, super observant and almost animal like in their instincts. They’d be useful as scouts. “will receive specialized training. How’s everybody liking it here so far?”They all nod, smiling at me.

“Good good.” I say. “Who wants to see your instructors talents?” I ask them, knowng Ghoul had us all ready. I hear footsteps behind me.

“I can draw. Sun here is the musical one. She’s got a set of pipes on her.” Violet’s voice says, patting me on the top of my head. “Oh, Ghoul and Kobra Kid, they can do the whole music thing to.” She says dryly. She takes the kids I point out as our new art talents to the windows, and sits them down.

“The rest of you, any songs you want us to do?” I hear a few suggestions. When I hear one I like, I look to Ghoul and Kobra. “You two know that one?” I ask. Ghoul nods his head. Kobra picks up his base, and starts strumming. I walk to the microphone, cranking the volume way down. I didn’t need it. “So, you guys want that song? You sure? I haven’t done that one in awhile.” I caution them. In reality, it was one of my favorites.

“Do it already!”

“Okay. So, Fr-” I motion to Ghoul, almost calling him Frank. Rookie mistake. I really neded more sleep. A tiny voice in the back of my head, one I haven’t heard in awhile, asks me something. Or is it you need more Party? the voice asks. I mentally throw the lil bugger against the back of my brain, where he rightfully belongs. “Ghoul.” I calrify. “You ready? I know it takes you forever to be ready for anything….” I trail off, giving the kids a wink.

“I’m ready. We’re starting after the weird beginning, because no drums.” He says shortly. He and Mikey take up the song, and I open my moth to sing. Oh please don’t miss this lyric. You miss it, it’s over. No redo’s, no going back. You’re done. Finished in front of my students.

“Well I’ve been holding on,” I ring out, letting it kinda just carry through the air. “Tonight. What’s the worst thing I can say, things are better if I stay.” I trill out the words, slightly dancing. I motion to the drumming boy wonder, and motion towards the drum set. He picks it up his sticks quickly, joining in right when I need him. “Well if you carry on this way, things are beeter if I stay. So long and goodnight, so long, not good night.”

Shit. Here comes the part I can’t ever do right. I silently send a prayer to the singing Gods, praying for strength. I make it through the next part of the song with out a hitch. Here comes that nice little note I never can hit… here goes nothing. “When both our cars collide. What’s the worst thing I can say? Things are better if I stay. So long and goodnight, so long, not goodnight. Well if you carry on this way, things are better if I stay.” I finsish the song up, breathing a tad heavier than normal. I catch a glimpse of yellow passing by the window. Flashes of neon colors go next, and my senses go into over drive, taking over. I motion to Frank and Mikey.

I see the door handle turn a moment before I should. It twitches, like whoever is turning it isn’t sure if they should open it yet or not. My instincts, superwired by BLI, kick in.

“EVERYBODY ON THE GROUND!” I scream to the kids, who all drop to the wooden floor without question. I hit the ground just as the door flies open, revealing a bunch of our student’s who all charge into the room, rayguns drawn. They pick up a few of the fresh recruits, smiling at them evily.

“Welcome to the Academy!” They all sneer at the newbies. I’d seen this before. They’d purposely strike dear into the hearts of the new guys, over dramatizing the entire thing. It was one big joke, but my senses were still kicked in. I see a boy I know to be a major player around this school touch Dancing Spark on the arm, see her cringe. I pounce at him like a cat, tackling him to the ground from behind. I quickly twist the arm that had held the young girl behind his back, straddling his back already.

“Touch her. I dare you.” I hiss into his ear. My sense of smell tingles, making my heart rate go from rabbit to hummingbird in the space of a few hundredths of a second.

“Sun?” Ghoul asks me. “Sun, get off, your boyfriend is here.” I clamber off the boy, who picks himself up weakly. I laugh and smile, trying to shake off the energy. I whip around, trying to find the redhead I knew so well. Where the hell was he? That was HIS mask I saw flashing out the window, I knew it.

“Looking for me?” A voice asks, from somewhere eon the ground. I look down, seeing that one converse clad foot was on Party’s leg. I remove it, pulling him up with one hand. He jumps, making it easier.

“Class dismissed.” I say, and the new kids all file out, having been released by their older, more experienced, and still laughing counterparts.

“I wanted to show the older kids something.”

“What?” I ask, hugging him to me. Hugs were all we could manage around the students. Anything more, they would know something was up. Not that Ghoul hadn’t already ruined that.

“This.” He says, and quickly kisses me fully on the mouth. When he pulls away, he looks to the small group of boys. “That’s why I made you boys fight me hand to hand. You know now why I get so touchy when you keep talking about ‘how much you wanna tap that.’ And her ass. That ass is mine. And don’t you even think or a single minute that I will hesitate to beat you the fuck down if you so much as touch her. You guys in the upper ranks may think it’s okay to go after other people’s girlfriends, but ask Ghoul over here.” He motions to the younger man. “When I steal girlfriends, I usually keep them for quite some time.”

“It’s true. I think he kinda stole Neon Sun from me.” Fun Ghoul explains. “I suggest not messing with him over Sun. Get your own slut. Party just happened to take the reigning emperess of the skanky mcwhorebags.” That’s it. I’ve had enough. I turn from Party’s tight hold on my waist, which, though it feels very nice, I know is more to keep a protective stance over me. I pull from it, and lunge at Frank. I get him on the ground, and he quickly flips me to my back. The boys and girls remaining in the room scamper out. Party and Mikey follow, leaving me in the room with Frank alone.

“You know you like it when I’m on top.” He purrs into my ear.

“The fuck I do!” I scream at him. Yes, I do know that the statement I just uttered made zero sense whatsoever. “I’m going to kick your ass from here to Korse’s office!” I scream at him.

“What was that? You do like it?” He smarms the words at me. That bastard. My hormones are screaming at me to kiss him, but the logical part of me is screaming Gerard’s name at me, over and over.

“Oh Neon.” He says, getting his face close to mine. “You know deep down…you like this.”

“No. I don’t.” I use every ounce of strength I have to flip him off our makeshift stage, sending us falling to the floor, a good two or three foot drop. He lands with a hard thud, on his back. I’m straddling him now, trying to decide the best place to hit him. His hand comes flying up, throwing a punch. Igrab the clenched fist with one hand, my less dominant one at that.

“Don’ play games with somebody who plays them better than you.” I coo to him.

“You wanna play games before I do you? Kinky.” He says to me dryly. He jerks his hips against mine, and I stifle a hormone enduced groan. No. I refuse to do that. I do that, my resolve is gone. He knew it just as much as I did. If he got me to moan, the entire world would go to shit.

“Not. Happening.” I growl out the words, and hit him squarely in the jaw.

“Someone want’s it rough today. Party to gentle with you?” He spits at me. “He wasn’t ever gentle with me. Maybe he doesn’t want to break his whore before he’s gotten his fill of her. Wonder what he’ll think if I tell him you were sleeping with me while you refused to sleep with him.”

“That’s a lie.” I spit.

“Ah, but he’ll believe me. I’m his bestfriend.”

“You were a fuck buddy.”

“And his best friend. I’m sure darling, he’s mentioned me a few times more than you’re comfortable with hasn’t he?” he asks. It’s true. I got slightly jealous anytime my boyfriend mentioned Ghoul. But, I push that from my mind, sending it into a recessed corner. Now was the time to beat the living hell out of Frank, not contemplate Gerard and his sexual encounters with each other.

“I’m going to hit you so hard.” I growl at him.

“I like it when you talk dirty to me.” He purrs to me. A flood of hormones start doing flips below my bellybutton. The black haired man under me quickly kisses me, slipping his tongue in my mouth. I slip mine against his, just starting to enjoy the kiss, when I pull back, suddenly remembering my boyfriend. “What? Want me to cut to the chase and get your pants off?” Fran asks, but I’m stunned into silence. Not by him, but by who’s standing in the doorway.

Party. He looks at me, eyes widening. I know in my heart that all he heard was the last line; all he saw was the kiss. I hope in my head that he saw me pull back. I hope that he’s being logical. “party.” I say weakly, climbing off Fun Ghoul. “Party, baby.” I walk to him, legs shaking in fear. “Party, please answer me.” I reach out, trying to touch his arm. He jerks it away just as my fingertips graze his jacket.

“Motherfucking bitch.” He spits at me, storming out of the room. He pushes Kobra Kid out of his way. I stand for a few minutes, totally shocked. Hearing a car engine start up, I go running after him. He’s climbed into a car. My car to be exact. And there is no way in hell I am letting him go this easy. I pass by Violet as I run for Party, though I’m almost a five or six minutes behind him. I hear him take off in the car, and I throw myself into The death Machine, squealing away from camp. I didn’t bother with a seatbelt, and the speed I was going to catch up with my hot tempered, probably now ex-boyfriend, I didn’t even care. All I could think about was an apology, a way to fix things.

Probably not happening.

(Party’s POV)

That little bitch. She was kissing my best friend. Not in her usual, friends-on-the-cheek way. But a full on kiss, on his mouth. She didn’t snap back until I stepped in the door either. My thoughts are racing, and I nearly pass Dr. D’s diner as I press my foot down on the accelerator, coaxing the little needle to nearly a hundred and thirty miles an hour. I yank my foot off, slamming down hard on the break. I fishtail to stop, coming to an angled parking job right infront of the diner door. I open the car door, and slam it closed after throwing myself out. I nearly get hit by the car that comes squealing into the space next to mine. I see the blonde hair bouncing as it exits the car. Turning away from it, I storm into the diner, throwing the door open. Neon Sun follows behind me, running after me.

“Party!” She screams at me. I ignore the little bitch. “Party please!” She screams. I hear the creaking of wheels, and know Dr. Death Defying is coming out of his room.

“What on God’s not-so-green earth is going on?” He asks, seeing me and Sun. I still haven’t responded to her, but instead turn to face the Dr.

“That lil bitch made out with Frank! I if hadn’t walked in on them she would’ve gone down on him, and they would’ve ended up doing it!” Sure, I’m making assumptions, and my anger is making me talk like a middle schooler, but what did it matter anyways?

“I did not!” Sun screams at me, getting defensive. “He didn’t see it all happen!”

“What really happened Sunshine?” Death Defying asks her. I notice now she’s sniffling, eyes a grayish white.

“I tackled Ghoul, cause he called me a slutty mcwhorebag-” She starts to explain.

“Which you so are.” I inturupt. She gasps. Suddenly, a man in a wheel chair is between us, leaving about five feet of space on either side of him.

“And then, I tackled him, trying to punch him. He got kinda mean, and he kissed me. Not the other way around.”

“And then,” I say, in a half assed imitation of her voice. “I stuck my tongue down his throat, and he made me moan, like anything that’s got a dick will.”

“Hi, My name is Party posion!” She says, imitating my voice surprisingly well. I see her whole body shudder for a minute, and I’m suddenly staring at myself, clothes and all. Mask on, ray gun in my pocket. “I won’t let anybody know diddly fuckin squat about me, pressure my girlfriend to have sex with me, even though she’s tired! Oh, and I’m so complex, and the entire fucking WORLD is against me. Boo hoo, I’m gorgeous and dating a girl that loves me so much, it physically hurts her.”

“Oh look, I’m Neon Sun. I never let anybody know that I’ve been purging for the last three months, because I have no self confidence, and think I’m fat and ugly. But, I’m just doing it for attention, because nobody loved me when I was little. And, I use my widely proclaimed sex appeal to make myself feel better. Oh, and I’ll fuck anything that asks. Because I’m a whore.” I spout in her voice. She shudders again, dropping my figure so I’m back to staring at her. If I wasn’t so fucking pissed, It’d be cool.

“You take that back.” She growls at me.

“I also just cheated on the guy I claimed to love.” I sputter, still using her voice. Her eyes are all black now. Dead looking almost. Scary as fuck, but I continue on. “And I had to just go and fuck things up, because I’m scared of letting anybody get too fucking close to me and knowing I’m not as perfect as I fuckin seem!” I’m screaming at her now, using my voice.

“You are a fucking asshole!” She screams at me, walking around Dr. Death Defying. He doesn’t stop her. “You motherfucking, god damn, cocky asshole!”

“At least I’m not a slut.” I spit at her. “A dirty, insignifigant, good for nothing but sex, whore. Who I never loved.” I spit the last words at her, and she pushes me against a wall. I shove back, sending her flying into the bar counter, and a sickening crack resonates through the air.

“You are such a bastard!” She screams at me. “He kissed me!”

“Yeah, and you only pulled back because you heard me come in.”

“I didn’t fucking hear anything from you Gerard!” Oh. She was whipping out real names. Time to play dirty was it?

“I’m Neon Sun, I’m so guarded, I can’t let anybody know what my real name is!” I trill in her voice. She looks at me from the floor. “I don’t trust anybody!”

“You just gave me several reasons not to trust anybody Gerard.” She spits from the floor. She stand sup, and punches me in the jaw. “You asshole. You know how I am about trust issues. You know why I won’t let anybody get too close to me. How could you say that to me?” Another punch.

“I think the words, and then I say them. It’s not a difficult process.” I pause for a moment. “Actually it may be hard for you to understand, because not only are you the biggest whore I’ve had the displeasure of meeting, you’re the stupidest of the bunch as well. Nothing really going for you, other than your body.” I say in mock sadness. Another punch comes flying at me. I’ve had enough. I slap her squarely, and she’s caught off guard. The slap sends her reeling, falling to the floor and I kick her in the stomach, catching her again with my foot in her jaw. When she looks at me, I see the blood trickling out of her mouth, and something sticky matting the side of her hair.

“Gerard.” Is all she says while she gingerly touches the side of her head, fingers shaking when she sees they’re covered in warm, sticky, dark red blood. “Gerard you hit me.” The realization of what I’d just done comes rushing to me. I’m sickened just looking at it.


“My name was Scarlet Winterson.” She states simply, still lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. “And my boyfriend, the guy I was in love with, just hit me.”

“Sunnie, baby.” I start to say, squatting down next to her. She cringes when I lightly touch her arm, and I withdraw my hands. “Sun, I didn’t mean to. I got carried away. It was a gut reaction. I’m sorry.”

Show Pony has, at this point, come scampering out of his room. I look up; see him skate over to Sun, who he then picks up, skating her away to a back room she used to live in. I stand and look to the doorway. A crowd of people stare back at me. Purple haired Violet, who looks frozen, yet angry. Frank, who I can’t tell what his emotion is. It’s halfway between bemusement and something close to pain. Mikey, my little brother, who looks horrified. Dr. Death Defying, looking like he wants to kill me.

“You just fucked up.” Frank says to me.

“You kissed my girlfriend.” I throw at him.

He laughs, the sad –you-sorry-dumbass I’ve learned only he can do.“Yeah, and she pulled back. She wasn’t going to sleep with me. I just wanted to get a reaction out of her.”

“What did I just do?” I ask myself. Violet responds first.

“You just hurt my friend.” Violet says to me angrily. “And you’re lucky Kobra took my ray gun when you threw that first slap at her, or you’d be dead right about now.”

“Fuck. Fuck damn shit fuck.” I mutter, sliding down the wall, head in my hands. I can hear Sun’s sob’s in the back room. “I fucked up. Oh my god. I can’t believe I said all that stuff…”

“You need to leave.” Defying says to the group. “Party and I need to have a nice little talk. Go on, get going back to camp. Tell the kiddies nothing has happened if they ask. That Party and Sun are fine.” He instructs, and they all turn to leave. He shuts the door behind him.

“Party. Look at me.”

“What have I done?”

“You just made a huge mistake. If you’d hit her any harder, or she’d hit that counter at a different angle, we’d be dealing with a corpse right now. She’s sobbing right now. I gave her morphine to ease the pain, and I bandaged the wounds up. I can’t do anything for the emotional shit you put her through.” Show Pony answers my question. “You owe her one HELL of an apology. Candy and sex isn’t going to cut it this time.”

“I’m gonna go talk to her.” Death Defying says, wheeling out of the room quickly. I stay slumped on the wall, head in my hands. Shit. I let my emotions and anger and jealousy get the better of me.

I can hear Death muttering to her, and hear her sobbing loudly. He mentions my name, and the sobbing grows in intensity.

“Sun!” I scream at her, letting my regret show in my voice. “SunI’msosorry!” It comes out as one word.

“Go to hell!” She screams back. The man in the wheelchair shushes her, and I hear the anguished sobs again. It tears my heart into tiny little pieces. What was I thinking? I hit her. I don’t hit girls. Ever. Especially girl’s I’m dating. I mean, I don’t even train the girls for fight.

“You banged her up pretty bad.” Show pony says, sitting down beside me. I look at him.

“Can it be fixed?”

“She’s a forgiving creature. She’ll forgive you if you apologize and mean it. But you have to be serious. No dancing around it, no ‘we’re both to blame’. No, you have to just say I’m sorry, and you have to mean it.” He cuffs me on the back of the head quickly

“I imagine I deserved that.” I say to him quietly. “When can I see her?”

“Whenever she asks for you.”

“When do you think that’ll be?” I ask, dreading the answer.

“Maybe never Party. It’s impossible to know.”

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