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Hey guys, I'm here to rage at you for a minute or two, because something, thanks to my tendancy to browse the MCR page, was brought to my attention. You know how our parents always said "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."? I disagree, because...There is somebody copying my work. Nearly word for word. They change minor details, but all the major stuff is still there. This author, MorningMotivation, took my first chapter, cut down some words, changed a few names, and slapped a title on it. S/he call's it "Adrenaline Danger" All I know is that the summary is a bit diffrent from mine, and I personally can NOT stand people plagarizing. I mean, it's fanfiction, it's not like it's that difficult to write (It can be a bit challenging getting started....)

I know that I did say that I had no problem with people starting "KillJoy Camp/Academy" fictions of their own, I just said that I thought MINE was the first of it's kind. Which it is, I spent all last night while I was up SICK AS A DOG,not getting a minute of sleep, digging through every friggin page. Every.Single. One. That being said, it doesn't give somebody the right to TAKE MY WORK. THat's unexcusable. Seriously. I'm glad s/he's a fan, but at the same time, I'm not glad that they've decided to copy my original stuff. Especially since I've worked long and hard on this, and you can ask a few writer buddies on here, I've had this idea, and the first chapter, written for a long time. I have emails, which are dated, to prove it to.

Look, I'm gonna give you the link to the story. I'm sorry to rant at yall for so long, but it just gets to me. I invite you to read them side by side, like I did, and then go "HUh....this IS the same story." So yes, the link is below.

I took the time to review and let her know this was my original work, and some other stuff. So, if you guys could check that out, that'd be great. The best part is she joined YESTERDAY. Look, I'm ddone with my little rant now, so you may go back to reading and writing your ORIGINAL fanfictions. As in, not stuff you copy, paste, change a few details and upload.

xoxo feck sincerly,

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