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In A Closet? Really?

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Super Short, I think.

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Amber's POV
So like I said, I was tied up in a closet. Wanna take a guess as to who tied me in here? If you guessed Freddie, you'd be wrong actually. Though she did have a part in this trapping me plan.
"So, um Amber?" Charlie had turned to me after Freddie told me she was going down to apologize to Mikey. I faced him and he held up what, from my terrible sight, appeared to be a long rope of the red candy I enjoyed somewhat, "Yes, Charlie?"
"Forgive me for doing this, but Freddie is very special to me. I hope I do not ruin our friendship."
I gave him a strange look and he tackled me, pinning me to the ground as he tied my hands behind my back. I struggled, "What the HELL are you doing???"
"Shut up! Before she comes back, I havta get you somewhere no one will look. Uhhhhhhh, the broom closet in the booth! We don't need to clean anything, why do we have it?" He pondered this for a while, tying my legs and gagging me.
He dragged me into the closet and gave me a sorry look while he stood in the doorway, about to close the door, "Sorry Amber, but Freddie asked me to do this while she, um, 'took care' or things down there. I couldn't say no. I'm really sorry about this Amber."
He gave me a small, apologetic smile as he quietly closed the door and I was plunged into darkness. That was about four hours before this exacting moment. And I was hoping that the others where getting along better than I was.
Ray's POV
Everyone sat down at the small table, Gerard, Frank, and I guarding the girls and Bob standing next to Freddie, who was sitting very close to Mikey. I could tell he was uncomfortable next to a ghost who once wanted to kill him, so I addressed her, giving Mikey time to scoot closer to Ciarra, "So Freddie, what made you, reform yourself?"
She sat up a little straighter and folded her hands together on the table, "Well, I had a long talk with the man up there. He said I should love my enemies, not matter what they did. And so, I decided to change my ways and to start over with Mikey and the rest of you. I already made up with Amber. She and I are friends once again."
I looked at Eli and Ciarra, who both eyed Freddie suspiciously. Eli stood up, walking to the kitchenette and turning on the coffee maker, "So where is our dear Amber?
Freddie hesitated and we all flinched. But she recovered, "She's up in Purgatory. She was needed for a few days, so she'll be back in a while."
I could tell no one was buying this, but we didn't say anything. In fear Amber would be gone for good, again.
Hey! So really short one tonite because of my mom telling me to go to bed about 2 hours ago. I, not wanting to wake her at this hour, am trying to quiet my typing.
Anyways, be sure to check in the next few days for the newest addition to my collection of stories........ TITLE TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!! I haven't even written it yet, much less come up with a title
So farewell dear readers,
Amber (the author)
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