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Eli talks and Frank gets hit

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Sorry for the super frikkin short one, but I gotta go Sleep in a few minutes. SO.......... here ya go!

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Gerard's POV
WE INTURUPT THIS CH WITH SOME BREAKING NEWS. Just a heads up, we will not be returning to Amber's (the character) for a few CHs. Maybe two, but all you need to know is that she's still in the closet. She's likely to stay there for sometime, not really doing anything. So we'll leave her to her lonely apathetic time in the closet. NOW BACK TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED CH.
After a few more minutes of awkward talk between us normal people and "ex"-psycho ghost Freddie, we all decided to get some sleep. Freddie bid us all goodnight and disappeared. Eli and I went into our back room, and she fell onto the bed, "God I hate her."
I layed down next to her and put my chin in my hands, "I'm gonna ask the stupid question. Why?"
She rolled onto her back and gently tugged at a lock of my bleached hair, "Because she's evil. I know she's not at all changed. Fredrika Gonzales is still the same evil, careless, bitch ghost that wanted to kill Mikey, I know it."
She sighed loudly and flipped back over onto her stomach, "I just don't understand why she's doing this. Is she trying to, ugh I don't know, get back at us? And what does she mean by Amber's 'held up' in Purgatory? What is she even doing?"
I pulled her closer towards me, "I don't know, but I'm sure we'll figure it out somehow. And for Amber," I looked up at the ceiling, "Well, she's a big girl, she'll get out of whatever she's in somehow."
Ciarra's POV
"Well this just sucks," I was laying down in Chanya's bunk, Frank standing next to us. He fiddled with one of his gloves, "What sucks?"
I turned my head and looked over at him, "What do you think, moron?"
Frank looked up for a second and, like an innocent sure, whatever child, "All my Skittles are gone and Chanya won't get me anymore?"
I set my palm on my forehead, "Yes Frank. That's exactly it."
Frank's mouth opened wide, "REALLY????"
Chanya and I both reached over and smacked the back of his head. He stepped back and grabbed his head, "OWW!!!! What the hell was that for??!"
He leaned on the bed once again and Chanya patted the top of his head, "Because you were being dumb."
I know, sorry for small CH. Let me explain them: I do stuff during the day I can't believe it either. I actually have a life sometimes. Which is a lie, my mom just drags me around places or I go to the library because Imma BOOKWORM 'oh hilarious Frank tattoo joke' and I don't have Internet on my phone or I'd be updating my CHs. So I have to use my computer from the hours of 8 P.M.-5 A.M, which is the time I havta be off the computer and in my bed, asleep, because my mother thinks that during the summer, I still have a school time bed time. So I, like a freakin awsum ninja, get up at a very early time to write my CHs. And that is why my CHs are always very short.
Anyways, thank you for reading this. I plan either tomorrow or Sunday to put up the new story. i need to start writing it which will suck because I still haven't thought of a title.
So goodbye for now! I hope you understand my explanation for the short CHs. I promise, one day, I will start writing much, much, MUCH longer CHs than I do now!
Amber (the author)
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