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A Midnight Visit From Freddie to Mikey

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In which Amber (the author) reveals the newest story!

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Ciarra's POV
We all laughed at Chanya's comment. Though Frank didn't seem to think it was all that funny, "Ha ha very funny. So really, what sucks?"
I rolled my eyes and lowered my voice, lest Freddie be trying to listen in on our conversation, "Freddie being here, acting like she's going to be all 'buddie-buddie' with us now that she's 'reformed'. She's full of it, I know she still wants Mikey uh, ya know," I drew my finger across my throat.
Chanya turned onto her stomach, "Well, can we do anything about this?"
Frank shook his head, "I don't think we can. She's a ghost and we're mortally human. The only way we could expose her is if one of us was a ghost and talk to Him I guess."
"Well, how do we become a ghost without being dead?" I asked, waving my heads in the air. The three of us shrugged, sure that any resemblance of a plan was far from out minds.
Mikey's POV
Freddie's sudden appearance scared me. What was going to happen? Amber wasn't here to stop her from doing anything. I mean, I'm not fifteen anymore, I can take care of myself. But while she was a ghost, and another ghost after me, I didn't feel all that safe alone.
The bunk was quiet after Frank and Ciarra left Chanya's bed and I hated the silence. It reminded me of the times I was completely alone. No Gerard or Ray or Frank. And especially no Amber, because the only time I was alone was when she was dead.
I rolled out of bed quietly, not wanting to wake anyone. The bus was was humming slightly and I looked out the window, the lights of cars streaking across the highway. I lost focus of them and looked at the window, seeing another reflection other than mine. Whipping around quickly, I tried sinking farther into the seat cushion, "Freddie? Uh.... hi.... what's ya want?"
She gave me a glare, her grimace large, "Don't even give me that. You know exactly and I'm just tellin' ya here and now, you're not getting out of this. If I go to Hell for this, at least I'm taking you with me."
I started shaking a little, "What about Amber? Don't you think when she gets back, she'll know what you're up to and put a stop to it?"
She threw her head back and laughed, "Aren't you the stupid one? I had a friend of mine tie up your skank and throw her in a closet. She's not going anywhere for a very long while. Which means, I get you all to myself."
Freddie walked forward, closer to me and I tried running. I didn't get very far, seeing as we were on a bus about the size of an RV. I tired running for the bunks, but she put her arm up as a barrier to stop me, "Mikey, you can't tell anyone this. It'll ruin my friendship with them. Along with my plans and your girlfriend."
I gave her a look, "What do you mean my girlfriend?"
"I mean, you tell anyone that I have my secret plans on killing you, Amber won't live as a ghost to see tomorrow."
"You know how to kill ghosts?"
"No, but I know someone who does. And I'm sure I won't have any trouble convincing him that Amber needs to go," Freddie relaxed her arm and extended it to me, "So do we have a compromise? I won't release Amber into wherever dead ghosts go and you won't tell them," she swung her head towards the back at the others, "our little secret."
I sighed a little, taking in my thoughts. After a slight hesitation, I slapped my hand into hers and we shook, "Deal. Can you just leave now?"
I jerked my hand away and Freddie smiled, "Remember Mikey, I'm a ghost. I'm everywhere, I'll know when you're a little betrayer." She vanished after a small wave a evil laugh.
I was exhausted for some reason now and climbed back into my bunk. The clock in the kitchenette said 12 AM and my head hit the pillow hard. Now, I thought, this has gone way too far. It's time to do something. Little did I know, that something was going to be alot bigger than I expected.
HELLO PEOPLE, HAPPY NEWS!!!!!! Today, not only do I believe this is a longish one, but today is also the release of my newest story! It's going to be a shortish one I believe, somewhere between 15- 20 CHs. Yes, that is short to me!
Anyways, thank you for reading this lovely little story!
Amber (the author)
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