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Another Gerard and Mikey Conversation

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Mikey's POV
I woke up the next morning, still wound up about the... conversation and the deal I was forced to make with Freddie. I didn't want anything to happen to Amber, but having to keep this from Gerard, my brother, and Eli, my sister-in-law. Along with Ciarra and Ray, all four would kill me if they knew I was hiding something this big that effected our lives.
Stumbling out of bed, I sat down at the table and put my head in my hand, wishing there was another way to stop Freddie from doing anything stupid. Gerard was the first one up after me, walking into the kitchenette amd turning on the coffee machine, "Mornin' Mikes. Sleep good and/or at all?"
I groaned in reply and he sat next to me, "How ya doin'? Anything you need to talk about cause you seem like you're in that kinda mood."
"No, I'm fine. Everything's frikkin' fine. Fine, fine, fine."
Gerard held up his hands, "Okay, goodness gracious. Calm down."
I leaned my head on his shoulder, "Sorry Gerard. I just.... am really worried about Amber."
"That's not the only thing bothering you. What is up?"
I hesitated, wondering if I should tell Gerard or not.
Okay, I'm writing this on Ciarra's phone, so this one is so frikkin short. I'm reall really sorry!
Amber (the author)
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