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Hmmmmm, suspicious

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Mikey's POV
After another minute of hesitation, the pressure of keeping Amber 'alive' wore down on me. My head fell from Gerard's shoulder onto the table and I racked my brain for a way to tell Gerard without actually telling him.
It wasn't an easy task. I quietly screamed every few seconds and Gerard picked my head up, "Mikey, what the hell are you doing?"
He let go and I put my head back on my hand, "Uhg, it's just something that's been bugging me for a while. It's nothing really."
He gave me his 'Don't be lying to me. I know you too damn well' look, which I hated and loved at the same time. I stood, walking over to the coffee machine and pouring myself a cup, hoping it would wake me up from this nightmare, "There's, uh, this thing."
"And it's a, uh, uh, a really big thing!"
"Go on."
"A big thing, that, would destroy the entire world if I told you!"
Gerard looked at me, a look in his eyes that asked me if I was crazy or just plain stupid, "Really? Are you sure?"
I nodded my head vigorusly, "Absolutly positively," and gave him a small smile.
He shook his head and mumbled something that sounded like, "My little brother's gone insane," and got up, standing next to me, "Um, Mikey, what kinda medication did you take to get this um, interesting idea?"
"I didn't take any meds!" Sighing, I thought of something. I figured that if I hinted, it's not really telling, it's just hinting, right? Either way, I decided to give it a shot, "Well Gerard, what's really going on is something about FReddie."
his eyes widened, "FReddie? What did she do to you?"
"Nothing, she didn't do anything. It's just, she's kinda, it's hard to explain..."
With a flash ofcold air, Freddie appeared and I stop in the middle of my stuttering. SHe smiled and leaned against me, "Hey guys, what's up?"
Gerard stiffened a bit, "Mikey's trying to get something out."
I gave a weak laugh and her eyes darkened slightly, "What are you trying to say Mikey?You can say it while I'm here, we're all friends."
Gulping, my knees started shaking slightly, "It's nothing really, just some crazy dream, idea, thought I had last night. More of my nonsense."
Gerard hummed, "Okay then," and walked away.
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