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Using Special Ghost Powers

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In which Mikey gets fucked

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Gerard's POV
I walked away, knowing something was up with Freddie and Mikey. But what it was, unbeknownst to me. I opened the door to my room and slipped inside, not waking the sleeping Eli. Laying back onto the bed, I stared up at the ceiling, hoping whatever was going on wasn't going to get Mikey killed.
Ciarra's POV
Waking up wasn't easy, seeing as I slept in the usually-meant-for-one-person bunk with Ray. I rolled onto the floor and Bob kicked me, "Wake up, Ciarra. And make breakfast or something."
I hissed at him, "I am not the cook here. Make your own damn breakfast!"
He turned his face into his pillow and spoke, the fluffiness masking his profanities I knew he was saying. Laughing a bit, I stood and walked into the kitchenette, where Mikey sat. I could tell something was wrong because he A. was not talking B. didn't have coffee and C. looked like someone died, again.
I sat next to him, "Hey love. You look down, anything bugging you?"
He sighed, "No, I'm fine. I just, wanna be alone I guess. Sorry, sis."
Mikey gave me a small smile and I clasped his hand, "It's okay, go ahead and be alone for as long as you want."
He stood and ruffled my hair, walking into the back and climbing up to his bunk, disappearing behind the curtain. I sighed, worrying about Mikey more then ever. I was afraid whatever was weighing down on him would soon crush him. Lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice Freddie appearing and sitting next to me, "Hi Ciarra!"
"Wah!!!" I jumped and held m chest, trying to still my fast beating heart, "God Freddie, you scared me half to death."
She smiled sweetly, "Sorry, I wanted to surprise you. So you know how Mikey's acting all weird around me?"
I let go of my chest and sat opposite of her, "Yeah."
"Well, I think that's because he.... I don't know.... likes me or something. He never talks about Amber anymore and he acts funny when I'm here."
"Mmmmm, I don't think so. No offense or ruin your dreams or anything, but I know he loves Amber. No way of getting out of that."
Freddie stood up and slid into the seat net to me, staring straight into my eyes, "No, Mikey loves me. Anything anyone else tells you is a lie."
I started to move back, disgusted that she'd say something like that even thought she's Freddie when something clicked in my head. She sounded, right. Whatever she was saying, it was true and I stared dreamily at her, "Yeah, you're right. He has been acting like a bigger dummy than usual. I think he does love you."
Freddie smiled at me and disappeared as I snapped out of the trance I was in. If Mikey was in love with Freddie, he didn't care about Amber, which would kill her even more than she was. It angered me that Mikey would do something like that, taking advantage of Freddie by loving her and Amber for technically killing her and now, not even being in love with her.
I stormed into the bunks and ripped open Mike's bunk curtain "Micheal James Way! What the hell do you think you're doing?!"
He was asleep and my yelling woke him and everyone up. He fell onto the floor and I grabbed his arm, pulling him up to face me. Rubbing the sleep away, he grumbled, "What are you talking about? Am I not allowed to sleep anymore?"
"You know exactly what I'm talking about! You are in love with Freddie, aren't you? Don't lie."
This apparently woke him up, because he stood up straighter, "What? I am not in love with Freddie! I still love Amber!"
Eli and Chanya came to stand by me. I knew the look of fear on Mike's face meant Eli was about to speak, "Mikey, what's going on here?"
We three crossed our arms and gave him 'The Look' and he melted back,trying to hide behind Frank, "Guys, I'm fucked! They're gonna kill me!"
Aw poor Mikey, Eli and Ciarra are gonna kill him!
Amber (the author)
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