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A Lie In Our Midst

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In which Mikey gets even more fucked

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Mikey's POV
They were gonna kill me. Ciarra and Eli had their 'death look' trying to bore into my skull and Chanya just shook her head in disappointment. I was hiding behind Gerard, using him as a shield to protect myself from there glares.
Eli stepped forward first, "Gerard love, if you want to live, I suggest you move out of the way. That goes for the rest of you."
Bob and Frank stepped back and I didn't blame them. Only Ray and Gerard stood in her way. Gerard went up to her and layed a hand on her shoulder, "Calm down girls. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation of whatever the hell's going on here. Do not kill my and/or OUR little brother."
She continued her hard look, eyes flicking between me and Gerard. After a second, she ripped her arm away and stepped back next to Ciarra, "Then tell us Mikey. Are you in love with Freddie?"
I shook my head, "No! God no! I would never! What- who- do you- okay. Who told you that? What makes you think I do? And do you really think I'd really love someone who wants to kill me?"
Ciarra shot back her answers, venom filling her voice, "Freddie told me you told her you loved her. She says it and I believe it. And you never talk about Amber anyways and you act weird around Freddie. There's something defiantly going on and I believe Freddie when she says you love her."
The smirk she gave me when she finished filled me with anger, "Now wait a minute"
It started the whole 'arguing-and-yelling-over-each-other' thing we did when we got mad. Or were deciding what restaurant to order take out from.
Apparently, sometime during our fight, Gerard and Ray got tired of our yelling. They stood in front of and the guys and Chanya covered their ears as Frank blew a piercing whistle. Eli, Ciarra, and I all stopped yelling to cover our ears and fall to the ground. The rest uncovered and Ray smiled, "Ah, much better. Now stop your damn fighting and let's work this out," raising his head to the ceiling, "Freddie, wherever the hell you are, get your ass down here!"
I knew he was pissed now. She appeared quickly, giving everyone that sickly sweet smile of hers, "Yes? I'm here, what's all the commotion about?"
Ciarra stood next to Freddie, "Mikey's denying that he said he loved you. You told me he did, didn't you?"
"Yep, he did. Last night, he finally admitted it," she gave me a smirk in response to my furious glare.
The three other girls turned to me, their stares smoldered onto their faces. I sunk into the guys behind me, trying to hide from them. Luckily, Gerard took my place, "You know girls, I think Mikey needs some alone time with us guys. We'll be back in a little while."
He ushered us into his bedroom and closed the door, turning and leaning against it, "Mikey, sooner or later, we're gonna figure out a way to keep you from getting into any trouble. Ever again."
I know. Random place to stop in a story!
Amber (the author)
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