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It's Time We Got Into This

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Finally! I'm back

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Frank's POV
"Sorry, you guys. I guess I'm just a magnet for trouble and bad luck," Mikey fell onto the bed, buried his face into a pillow, and screamed.
I went over, sitting in him, "Stop it! That freaks me out when you do that."
He picked his head up, "Sorry Frank," and I moved over next to him, Ray and Gerard sitting across from us. We sat in silence for a moment, trying to think of something, anything to say. Ra went first, "So Mikey, do you really love Freddie?"
Mikey got a horrified look on his face, "God no! I would never even think of liking someone who wanted to kill me!"
Ray held up his hands in defense, "Just askin'. Calm down, Mikey. We are just gonna figure this out, then we are gonna go out there and stop them from attacking you and explain."
Mikey rolled his eyes, "Yeah, like that's gonna work," he stood an walked over to the door, placing his hand on the knob, "I should just go out there and let them kill me because it doesn't even seem like I need to exist at the moment. So bye."
He turned the knob, but didn't get out the door. Gerard already jumped on him, "DON'T GO OUT THERE, MIKEY! THEY'LL EAT YOU ALIVE!!"
Mikey laughed and let go of the knob, "Fine then! I won't go out there and die!"
Gerard got off of him and sat back done, "So, how are we going to explain to them Freddie's lying?"
We all shrugged. The girls seemed so intent on believing Freddie was telling the truth, it was going to be impossible for them to change their minds. Five minutes passed and still no plan or sentence or noise at all. The only sound was the four girls laughing out in the kitchenette. I clenched my hands, "Ugh, damn Freddie. Why do you have to exist?"
My brain starting clicking, like it does when I usually get an idea, "I'VE GOT IT!"
The others jumped. Mikey walked up to me quickly, "What do you mean?"
"I mean that if one of us, I don't know, figures out how to get into Purgatory without dying, we could find Amber and she and Freddie could face off or something. Then Freddie would go away and we'd all feel so much better knowing that Freddie is gone forever and we aren't in any danger anymore. Ever again, I believe."
Gerard looked up from his hands, "How are we gonna get into Purgatory? Unless we die, which is not on the Options List, I don't think we can get there."
Leaning back on the door, Frank drummed his fingers on the wood, "What about anesthesia? That's the closest you can get to dying without actually dying."
"Well where are we going to get anesthesia in," Mikey looked at the small window above Gerard's bed, "Atlanta?"
Frank shrugged and I had a sudden idea, "What if we," I used my finger quote marks Mikey seems to like using, "'believe' Freddie and ask her if we could go to Purgatory to see what it's like, find Amber, and have Amber kick Freddie's ass."
The three of them looked up at me, their eyes widening. Gerard stood next to me, laying his hand on my shoulder, "That's actually a great idea, Ray!"
Frank and Mikey jumped onto me, making me fall onto the bed. Mikey hugged me, "Ray! You are genius! If you didn't have a fiancee, I would ask you to marry me right now!"
I gave him a look and they both got off of me, mumbling, "Sorry."
Gerard put his arm around my shoulder, "Gentlemen, I think we have a plan."
We all nodded as he turned the knob and we walked out, all three of them shielding me from Ciarra, Eli, and Chanya ran over to try and attack Mikey. I held Ciarra back while she thrashed about, "Ray, stop keeping me from killing this person!"
"No Ciarra, we came out here to say we believe you. Mikey admitted it while we were talking."
She stop moving and took a step back, "Don't think I'm not still pissed, because I am. Very, very."
The three girls went into the bedroom we just exited and Eli slammed the door, "Do not even think about coming in!"
We were left with Freddie, who crossed her arms, "So you guys are believing me?"
We all looked at each other, "Yeah."
Mikey walked up to her as the rest of us sat down, "What's Purgatory like? Wherever my girl is," I saw him flinch when he said that, "I wanna make sure it's the best for her."
She smiled, "You wanna go to Purgatory? You do know that it's a very boring place and we have no TV to speak of. It ain't that great."
"Well, we wanna go. All of us. Can you please take us?" He gave her his 'I'm such an innocent kid, please believe me when I'm lying' face that he used on everyone and made work.
Freddie shook her head, "Oh, okay. We'll all go to Purgatory and see the boringness."
Mikey smiled and called out the girls, who grimaced at the sight of him, and Freddie took charge, "Okay guys, close your eyes and do not open them no matter what."
We all closed our eyes and I felt a strange feeling, like I was being struck with lightning.
"Okay guys, open up."
Eli's POV
Purgatory was very.... clean and white. We were standing in front of a small, blue-and-white striped booth, the large sign hanging in mid-air above it reading "Information". Freddie leaned on the edge, slapping the bell. A guy came out, about seventeen, "Uh, hey Freddie! You back," he looked up at us, "and you brought friends."
She nodded, "Did you take care of the problem Charlie?" Freddie gave him a weird look, like the problem was a person or something.
Charlie looked down, "I fixed the leak in the closet. It stopped."
Freddie smiled, "Good," turning, she waved us past the booth and onward. I thought about Charlie and him 'fixing the leak'. I pulled Gerard back, "Um, I wanna see what's in the info booth."
He gave me a look and I grabbed his hand, taking us to the back door Charlie just exited out of. Inhaling sharply, I turned the knob and walked in, seeing the door, clearly marked 'Closet'. Gerard shut the door quietly and we went up to the closet door. We looked at it and he turned his head to me, "You wanna open it?"
"Nu uh. You open it."
"I don't wanna open it. You open it."
"But what if something bad's in there? Then it jumps out and attacks me!"
"Fine then, we'll open it together."
Nodding, we placed our hands on the knob and turned, shoving the door open and jumping back, in case something attacked me.
"Ugh, finally! I thought I was gonna be stuck in this closet for all eternity!"
We both squinted at the voice, "Amber? What are you doing in the closet?!"
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Sorry for the delay, I've been trying to write this CH with many interruptions that caused me to have to put off publishing this CH. No hard feelings?
Anyways, I need you to read Heymi's story, it's really really amazing!
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