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The Beginning of The Final Showdown

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It's the final countdown!

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Amber's POV
"Amber? What are you doing in the closet?" Gerard and Eli's reaction to my being in the closet was extremely funny. They gave me the best "Oh my gosh, what the hell are you doing? Please stop doing it so we can continue with our lives and never speak of this again' faces.
I laughed, "Well if ya'l untie me, I can tell you guys how this happened."
They pulled me up and picked at the knots. Eli pulled at a piece of red candy, sticking some in her pockets, "So Amber, how did this all start? Kinky games gone wrong?"
I flailed my hand at her, trying to make contact with her arm, "No you dirty person. A few days go, when I first took Freddie here, when she came back she was all nice and whatnot. But when she left, Charlie, the info booth guy, tied me up and stuck me in a closet. He said it was to keep me from getting Freddie before she did her dirty deeds. Charlie only did it because her likes Freddie and she asked him too. He's a good guy who fell in love with the bad girl."
I felt the candies slid off my arms and I pulled them around to my face, examining the small bruises forming around my wrists. Rubbing them, we walked out of the closet and out the door, into the blinding light of Purgatory. Eli and Gerard stood in front of me, shielding me from Freddie's prying eyes that might be looking for me.
While we walked down the streets, Gerard told me the entire story. Freddie lying to Ciarra, the girls wanting to kill Mikey, Ray's ingenious idea, and how they planned to get me though the rest of this day with anyone getting killed again. Searching for the six others, we were hoping they wouldn't succumb to anymore of Freddie's lies. But I trusted my best friends, they were too smart.
Ciarra's POV
I knew Freddie was telling the truth, she's good now, why would she lie?
As we walked along the full streets of Purgatory, she told us more about how boring it was there, "We have no food or anything fun..."
"Where's Amber? You said she was here, right? Shouldn't she be somewhere here?"
My question threw her off and she turned around, "Um, she could be around here anywhere. Why, why, why would you ask?"
Chanya stepped forward, her suspicious look on her face, "Because we want to see our best friend."
Freddie tensed up and backed away slightly, "Well, I don't know where she is-"
"I;m right here dammit!"
We all turned to see Amber, in the flesh, walking towards us, a hand-holding Gerard and Eli in tow. I saw Mikey's face light up and I suddenly remembered Freddie and him. Running up to her, we embraced tightly, "Amber, I'm so sorry to say this but-"
"Freddie was lying this whole time. Mikey doesn't love her, she still wants to kill him, and she's been using her ghost powers on you."
A fog lifted from my mind and I felt light headed. Tipping back a little, Ray caught me and I looked up at Freddie, "So, you tricked me?"
Before she could speak, Amber strode up to her, "She's been lying to everyone. Haven't you Fredricka?"
Freddie looked stunned. And Amber took this chance to grab her wrists, "C'mon Freddie, let's finish this how it was meant to be finished."
SO!!!!!!! This story, as you can tell, is almost done! YAY! But, Eli gave me an awsum idea and now I wanna make another sequel. Is that okay with you guys??
Amber (the author)
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