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Fixing Everything

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So, the next CH will be season finale! *I've decided to call it that since I'm continuing on with this whole series.* Excitment?

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Amber's POV
Freddie gave a confused look and I pulled her to the ground, dragging her down the street, the others following behind.
She kicked and screamed, trying to break free of my grasp, "LET ME GO! DAMN YOU, YOU FREAKING PERSON! LET GO OF ME!"
I kept forward, marching in the direction of the Info Booth and kicked open the back door. The closet door was swinging slightly and I yanked it open, Gerard coming over to me and holding the door open, "Um, Amber, what are you doing?"
I continued to pushing Freddie into the closet, ignoring Gerard's question. Mikey asked what the hell we were doing in the closet and Eli relayed the whole story to him. I didn't a hear what she said and when I turned to the left blank wall, they all looked me with the normal, 'crazy' look the seemed to give me at least once everyday.
I raised my hand and knocked on the wall. It was quiet for a few seconds while I waited, then a booming voice came from the other side of the wall, "Amber? I knew you'd be here soon. And with your friends, too. Well come in."
A part of the wall opened like a door and I pushed Freddie in, waiting for the others to enter before addressing Him, "Hi. So Freddie's still evil, but you probably already knew that. Yeah, she made Charlie tie me in a closet and tricked Ciarra into thinking Mikey loved her. Something needs to be dealt with in her quick."
He smiled and Freddie back away, "Please don't kill me!"
"Okay, 1. You're already dead. I can't kill you and 2. I wouldn't kill you. What is going to happen to you is you shall spend the rest of eternity in Purgatory, never reaching Heaven or going to Hell."
Her eyes widened, "Oh no! Please don't! Take me anywhere! Just not here!"
"It's already done. You're stuck here forever."
"NO!!!!!!!!!" She sank to her knees and a snap was heard. Charlie came in and picked her up by the shoulders, escorting her out the door.
"Now Amber. I know what you really want.
I looked down, kicking my leg back and forth.
"And I know how you died. And I think it just to give you a reward in return for putting your life on the line for your love."
Snapping his fingers again, a little wisp of light flew from nowhere and floated it's way next to me. I looked at it and back at Him, "Um, no offense, but what is it?"
"Take a guess. Or grab it and see."
Hesitantly, I reached out, it hovering just above my out-stretched palm. It lowed itself and a shock sent through me, like a bolt of lightning decided to take refuge in my body. It hurt, alot.
Mikey's POV
Amber fell and I wanted to run up to her and help, but Ciarra and Ray held me back. After a few moments of her writhing in agony, she stopped moving. Standing up with shaking knees, she looked at herself. Turning around, she put her hand to her chest. A second passed and a huge grin grew on her face, "GUYS! I need coffee, like, right now!"
And that could mean one thing.
I ran up to her, embracing her in a huge hug. I felt the others rushing over and wrapping our arms around each other. Ciarra, Eli, Chanya, and Amber sobbed, they were happy to be back together again. When we all stepped back, Amber wiped her eyes and turned around, "Thank you. Really. Just... thank you."
"It's my pleasure. Now, you all must be off. You're nearing you destination and you don't want to be late for your concert."
We all laughed and exited through the door and out the Info Booth. Charlie was with Freddie, who wailed on about being here forever. Amber tapped him on the shoulder and he looked up, giving her a small smile, "Ready to go?"
"Yes, finally. And, I won't be coming back for a long while so, bye Charlie."
They shook hands and Charlie snapped. Another flying feeling and we were back in the bus. I looked around, seeing the normalness of our lives, then seeing Amber, alive and well again, in our tour bus. It was... something I can't even explain to see her here with us again.
She walked into our kitchenette and pulled out the coffee, "So, it seems like everything's gonna go back to normal. Ciarra, when are you and Ray ever going to get married?! It's been quite awhile since you last spoke of this and I want to know when."
They both blushed and we all laughed, thing returning to the 'as-normal-as-we-can-get-it' way it was back in high school.
SO the next CH is gonna be kinda funny, yet weird to write. And it will be the last CH of this season!
Anyways, I have a question pertaining to the next season. Who's you're favorite character?
Amber (the author)
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