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A Special Day for Everyone with a Weird Ending

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Season finale!!!!!! It's finally here!

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Get ready everyone. It's about to get kinda sappy!
Ciarra's POV
"Amber, this is scary," I looked in the mirror, a reflection of my terrified face staring back at me. We were in our church back in Calipat, feeling almost like old times except for the fact we're 20 and I was getting.... ugh I can't even say it. After Amber was revived, we continued our tour and a year-and-a-half later, we were back home, Mikey, Amber, Ray, Gerard, and I a living under the same roof. Just like high school, only not as psychotically crazy. And now, a month later, we were here.
She smiled and smoothed the top of my super curled hair, "Don't worry, you'll be fine. Me and Eli and Chanya will be right behind you."
We smiled at each other and I heard the door open. Turning slightly, I saw Eli and Chanya walking in, wearing their grey dresses, both grinning at the sight of me, I think. Eli walked over, trying not to trip in her shoes, "Oh my gosh Ciarra, you look so beautiful! I can't wait for it to start!"
"Oh my gosh, I don't!" I started to hyperventilate.
The three of them circled around me and tried calming me down. I did and they all sighed in relief. I giggled and Chanya put her hands on her hips, "Stop freaking out, cereally. You'll be fine, this'll go great, and when it's over, you'll never havta do it again."
Amber and Eli nodded in agreement and I sighed, "I just wish the whole 'wedding' thing was over and we can all go home and relax. It's been a hectic year-and-a-half since Amber... you know. And with the tour, goodness I just wish we were home."
I turned around and looked in the mirror again. The snow-white, knee length dress fit perfectly, but it just didn't seem like it was supposed to be on me. Tugging at the short sleeves, I knew I would feel better when the whole ceremony was over and done with.
There was a rap at the door and Amber walked over, peeking out, "Yes?"
"Everybody ready?" I heard Ray ask timidly as Amber laughed. I could tell he was just as nervous as I was.
"Yep, just about. Go on out there, we'll be coming in a minute."
She shut the door and we a looked at each other and gripped hands, savoring the moment. I looked at each of their faces. Eli was content, happy I was going to be happy forever. Chanya was how she was normally, a faint glow of contained excitement I've seen whenever she was extremely happy. And Amber looked like she was going to burst. This was the first of her best friend's weddings, though she says she was watching Eli's, her being here made it extra special.
We let go and Eli covered her mouth with her knotted hands, "Okay, let's go."
She held open the door as we all walked out into the hallway where Gerard, Frank, and Mikey stood. I got in the back of the line and breathed deeply, trying not to pass out. I heard the starting music play through the closed doors and Chanya and Frank stood up straighter, walking through the the doors and letting them swing closed. I inhaled sharply as Amber and Mikey went through, I was getting closer to going through those doors.
Finally, Eli turned her head and mouthed, "Good Luck" to me. I nodded as she smiled and turned back before disappearing behind the large wooden doors. Then it came on, the special song they played as the bride came out. I picked my head up, inhaled, and opened the doors, walking out into the crowd.
Ray's POV
She looked stunning. Confidently letting the doors close behind her, she let her hands fall to her side as she walked in time to the music, closer to me. I grinned at her and she smiled back, trying to keep herself from walking faster.
When she finally reached me, the music stopped and everyone sat, leaving our family of eight standing beside each other.
I only partially heard what the minister was saying, I was preoccupied by staring at Ciarra. She had a nervous look in her eyes and I took her hands, trying to make her feel better. I pried myself away from her long enough to say a few vows and slid the ring on her finger and she did the same. Her hand shook as she did and I interlaced our fingers.
The minster folded his hands together, smiling as he announced, "Now by the power vested in me, by the state of California, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."
I turned to Ciarra and she smiled as I bent down to kiss her. It was a sweet 3 seconds as everyone clapped and cheered us.
I pulled back and we turned to face the crowd, grinning as we walked down the aisle, the others following behind us. We all walked into the large room where the girls sighed and wiped tears away from each other's eyes. They all laughed, for no real reason, and it was oddly comforting to see a normal event happening on such an abnormal day.
Ciarra exhaled with gratitude, "Oh, it's finally over!"
We all laughed and I grabbed her hand, "Let's go home."
Walking out the back door, joy overcome me. It was all finally done.
Amber's POV
When we finally reached home, I ran upstairs to my room, dying to change out of the icky dress. Mikey followed me and changed as well, laughing as I pulled on some jeans and a Anthrax shirt without taking the dress off until a the clothes were on. He giggled as I struggled with it, "Ha, you're failing at taking that dress off. To bad, it looked really pretty on you."
I looked at him as I finally got the dress off, shaking my head with a small smile, "Nah, I can't wear dresses and look pretty. Ciarra, Eli, and Chanya take care of that for me."
I turned to the closet to hang it up and put it away when Mikey came over and wrapped his arms around my waist, "Don't do that. You're beautiful either way."
I laughed shortly and we walked down the stairs hand in hand. The rest had also changed and we all fell onto the couch, sighing in relief as the world slowly revolved back into normalness. I looked around, "You know, knowing all of what's happened in the last seven years, makes me want to go back to 15-year-old me and relay this whole story to her, then have her laugh in my face and go off back to whatever she was doing before she found a life."
Ciarra scoffed, "You still don't have a life."
"True. Very true. But I have some resemblance of one."
Everyone giggled and then fell quiet. Mikey spoke first, "What if we did tell our 15 year-old-selves, or in Gerard and Ray's case, 18-year-old-selves, that in the next seven years we would all met, Ciarra and Ray would fall in love as well as Amber and I, Amber would end up dead, we would make a famous band, another ghost would try to kill me, Amber would come back, and Eli and Gerard and Ray and Ciarra would get married?"
This silenced everyone and we had confused looks on our faces. I shrugged and we went on, ignoring the fact that we had crazy, fucked up lives.
And that's it! The end of season 2! YAY! Season 3 is coming so don't worry. It's gonna be told from only 2 POVs, Eli and Frank's. I can't wait, you guys are gonna frikkin love it!
If you have a chance, watch season 3 of the show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' if you can and watch the episode 'The Zeppo'. It's gonna kinda be like that, only not with the apocalypse or any blowing up of the school.
It's going to be Eli and Frank having their own adventure away from what the stories are usually about, which is Amber (the character) and Mikey.
Anyways, thank you for reading another season of my continuing series of stories about My Chemical Romance. I hope you stick around for season 3.
Amber (the author)
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