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In Your Shadow I Can Shine.

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Felicity Allen's P.O.V

Okay, here I was, just standing there waiting for Audrina, and that's when I saw that super hot dude just walking his dogs as any normal person would do. I know I'm such a weirdo. But he came up asking for a dollar, I acted totally like a fool, it was so embarrassing! Anyway his name is Tom, Tom Kaulitz to be exact. This is what happened!

Audrina: Hey, I know that face from a million miles away! you're in love!!
Felicity: Oh Shh..
Audrina: (She laughed) Ohh look!! he's coming over!!
Felicity: Do I look okay???!!!
Audrina: As beautiful as ever, I'll leave you and him alone!
Before I had a chance to reply to Audrina, Tom came over.. I got so nervous.

Tom: Hey, sorry to bother you, but do you have a spare dollar? I know you don't know me but I'm running low on cash.
Felicity: I... Ehh.. here... take it.. uhh.. yeah.. nice dog!
Tom: Uhm... Thank-You ?
Felicity: Oh Look it's my mom.... BYE!
(I walked over to Audrina with big rosey cheeks, I was totally humiliated)

Audrina: Hey Bitch, how did it go?
Felicity: AWFUL! I completely embarrassed myself!
Audrina: How? Felicity!! what did you say??!!
Felicity: I honestly don't want to talk about this at all. I need to go.

~Later on that night Ellen called me..~

....The Phone Rang....

Felicity: H-Hello...?
Ellen: Hey Feli, it's me Ellen, I Missed you so much!! any news??!!

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