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I saw him again.

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... Not saying a word...

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~The continued part~

Ellen: OMG who is he??!! tell me!!
Felicity: I don't know his name yet, I'm so humiliated I can't believe I screwed up!!
Ellen: What did you say??!!
Felicity: I rather NOT talk about it... Anyway.. will you come with me to the shop.. I'm embarrassed to go myself....
Ellen: Yeah, of course, no bother.. let's go.. But I have to go work.. I got a crappy little job in 'StarBucks'
Felicity: I'll call Bill to meet up with me when you're working. Okay?
Ellen: Bill? Bill who? who's Bill ?
Felicity: (I smirked) My friend.
Ellen: Oh right, Okay..

So we walked into the city and shopped and there he was. TOM! I hid behind Ellen and I saw my best friend. (Bill Kaulitz) with him! I was like. HE'S FRIENDS WITH HIM?? Ellen walked with me to StarBucks .. and I called Bill and said ....

Bill: Hello ?
Felicity: Hey Bill it's Feli.
Bill: FELI! how are you?
Felicity: I'm good, uhm.. where are you?
Bill: In around the city.. shopping with Tom, my brother.
Felicity: Oh I saw you.. and he's your brother??!!
Bill: Yeah, he said this crazy girl like said random stuff to him
When he asked for a dollar off him it was quite funny actually.
Felicity: Oh.. Okay.. that was me..
Bill: OH MY GOD! well he has a crush on you. He thinks you're hot .
Felicity: He does?? OMG will you and Tom come to starbucks with me??
Bill: SH-YEAH! I saw this girl I really like. She's the waitress. She's so sweet.
Felicity: Well Okay, let's go..

To Be Continued.
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