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She said what ?

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Ellen's P.O.V

So, I'm working now. Jeez, it's so busy, I saw Felicity with two boys. I was like. 'Wow she got lucky' she walked over to me and introduced the two boys....

Felicity: Hey Ellen, this is Bill, Bill Kaulitz, my friend, and Tom. Bill's brother.
Ellen: Hey guys, nice to meet you.
Bill: Hey Ellen, Nice to meet you too.
Tom: Yeah what Bill said (he smirked)
Felicity: SO Ellen, can we get 3 latte's please. Extra sugar and a tiny amount of milk, Love yah thanks.
Ellen: Coming right up. And I'm at work I can't tell the costumers I love them.

(Bill and Tom laughed and Felicity giggles like a 5 year old meeting Barney for the first time)

Bill: Felicity what on earth was that?
Felicity: What?
Tom/Ellen/Bill: Your laugh (all of us giggles)
Felicity: Was it embarrassing ?
Ellen: Nah, it was funny though
Tom: It was quite cute though

(Tom took Felicity's hand and kissed her and me and Bill smiled and I gave Bill the Latte's and I got off work, We all walked out of starbucks and me and Bill sat by the tree's to get to know eachother, Felicity and Tom were basically in love, it was so cute, amazing actually.)

To Be Continued :)
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